British School Algiers


Location: Algeria
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through with sixth form
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 4 - 18 years

About British School Algiers

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The British School Algiers, the first British international school in Algeria, opened in November 2020. Approval to establish the school was granted under a joint agreement between the Algerian and British governments signed in March this year.

This co-educational day school is for 4 to 18-year-olds and, in our first year of operation, we will be recruiting students for Years 1 to 10. Our students will be British, Algerian and from all over the world. The school will offer the Cambridge international school curriculum. Religious Education will not be taught.

This academic year, we have been operating an Algerian private middle school in anticipation of the opening of the international school. Its students and staff will transfer to the British School Algiers (BSA) in October. We are now looking to recruit staff with experience in UK or British international schools.

Whilst the British School Algiers school is an independent school, it is under the supervision of the British Embassy, Algiers. The Embassy requires the school to be registered and inspected under the UK government's British Schools Overseas(BOS) scheme.

The school is also in the process of seeking accreditation as a Cambridge international school. Further information on the curriculum can be found on the school website;

Students are to take the initiative and responsibility for organising extra-curricular activities. In this way they can create opportunities for themselves and their fellow classmates to broaden their range of skills and interests. The school is in the process of becoming an independent award centre for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

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Address: Lot 36, Kaouch Villa 17, Cheraga, Algiers, Algeria
What people say about us

CSA is a place where teachers and students appreciate and respect each other. Now we’re looking forward to welcoming new teachers to the BSA team.”

- Teacher

Working at Central School Algiers redefined teaching for me. The work environment, the culture, and the supportive management have meant I feel enormous job satisfaction.”

- Teacher

Since I’ve been working here, I don’t feel that going to work is an obligation but a pleasure.”

- Teacher

I have never been in a more positive and productive work environment…It has been fun and fulfilling.”

- Teacher

I really enjoy working with my fellow teachers. They are very supportive and are ready to help with anything at anytime. Also, they genuinely care about the school and the students.”

- Teacher

What I really like is how everybody gets along, and how we get all the support and help we need whenever we ask.

- Teacher

My kids have been enrolled at Central School Algiers since September 2019 and I can say that this is the best school they have attended so far. The pedagogical approach is innovative and student oriented. It’s focused on developing the student problem solving skills and critical thinking as well as teamwork and communication. Each student is considered individually with his strengths and weaknesses. The teachers are very competent and dedicated. The administration is very attentive and understanding. And most of all my kids have never been so motivated as they are now. They literally love their school and the teachers. They enjoy doing their homework and working together with their classmates.

- Dr B. Parent

Before our visit to the Central School last mid-October, we were experiencing a stressful situation as we were no longer satisfied with the quality of teaching at our daughter’s school. She was no longer happy but frustrated. This situation even made us think about leaving the country to find the ideal school for our children where they would be happy and above all fulfilled! On returning from a trip abroad, after a final discussion with my wife, we had to make up our minds. That's when she convinced me to visit your school. I called the same morning to make an appointment. Everything was simple, natural and spontaneous. A meeting with the administration gave us an idea of the spirit of the school and answered all our questions but what convinced us was the surprise visit to the Geography class with the teacher involving the students in the lesson as a group. For us, we had found the right school for our daughter. Despite the distance and all the logistics necessary to be able to adapt to this new situation, this sacrifice was worth it. This is confirmed by the joy and good mood we notice in our daughter. Now she goes to school with pleasure. She works. She is making an effort. She is interested in studying again! What happiness for her and for us of course. Thanks to the whole team. You are very dynamic and very motivated. We hope to enrol our two other children as soon as next school year starts.

- Mr & Mrs M. Parents

We are parents of three children, one of whom is at Central School Algiers. The two eldest are at university and at secondary school. Through our three children, we have been able to experiment with different types of pedagogy. We came to visit Central School and were convinced by the pedagogical approach they take. The constant monitoring and follow-up of the teaching team, using learning methods which have proven their worth, gives confidence to our son. He is taught by enthusiastic teachers who transfer their enthusiasm to him. This motivates him to learn. They know how to get the best out of our child. Central School is an ideal school and one that adapts to the needs of the child, not the other way round. Every night we find our son happy, positive, matured, and eager to learn. He wants to go to school every day! Central School Algiers gives our son a maturity, a civic education and a sense of responsibility and brings us, his parents, a serenity and confidence that allows us to see our child's future with optimism and a great chance of success. We thank you very warmly for this and we can only encourage you to continue in this way with your students.

- Mr & Mrs C. Parents

I am very satisfied with the time my son has spent at the CSA. Even though the programme is the national one, the methodology is clearly different and more advanced, which allows the children to be more interested in the classes and therefore more engaged. We really feel that the teachers and the administration are very close to the students, especially in terms of their education. The most important thing for me is when my son comes home excited and happy with what he has learned during the day. Something I have never seen in his previous schools. I thoroughly recommend the school.

- Mr B. Parent

Central School is more a family than a school and a place where my daughter feels very happy. The administration is close to the students and parents, always listening and always ready to improve the teaching and learning opportunities for the students every day. I have noticed the improvement in both my daughter’s Arabic and English. Thank you for the serious approach to study without being overly strict; the quality of teaching without overloading the curriculum/timetable; the teaching methods you use which are very much appreciated by both the students and me.

- Mrs K. Parent

My children feel very fulfilled at the school. They study while having fun and by structuring their own learning. It is marvellous. With your methods, you have re-imagined the school programme. The children are able to retain an important amount of information, thanks to your techniques. In addition, they are learning the universal language of English. At the administrative level, it's just wonderful. The teachers are adorable. In short, we are very satisfied. Thank you.

- Mrs D. Parent

I am very pleased to learn that the bilateral agreement between the Algerian and British governments has been signed and that the opening of the first British international school in Algeria, the British School Algiers, is underway. Personally, I am very satisfied with the quality of teaching at Central School. I find the teachers very competent, serious and attentive. Moreover, I intend to enrol my second child as soon as you begin the process. With every success for the future.

- Mrs M. Parent