Volver melodrama AQA Edexcel

Volver AQA Edexcel melodrama promotes essay writing skills for A level students studying Volver and its styles, melodrama, thriller and comedia.

This 18-page resource includes an essay model divided in chunks and provides your students 7 activities to build in their essay writing skills. The essay analyses the combination of melodrama, thriller and comedy in Volver. Group, pair and individual activities as well as peer review are included in this lesson. This resource is ready-to-go and has been designed for the busy A level teacher. **The different activities have been saved individually making this lesson easy-to-adapt to online teaching. **

Lesson outcomes are:

  • Understanding of melodrama, thriller and comedy in Volver
  • Development of essay writing skills
  • How to include evidence in students’ essay
  • Using a wide range of vocabulary and verb tenses
  • Identification of main aspects in a paragraph
  • Writing a paragraph from main ideas
  • Reflection on the title Volver

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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

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