Spanish ArmadaQuick View

Spanish Armada

The Tudors This is the nineteenth in a series of lessons I have created on the Tudors. The aim of this lesson is for the students to understand the causes and prioritise the reasons for the failure of the Spanish Armada. As the students are posed with the question, ‘why did the Spanish eat rope?’, they make up an explosive cocktail to understand the main causes of the invasion. As the story unravels as to the failures of the Spanish invasion fleet, students have to analyse and prioritise which were the main reasons for English success, against Spanish superiority in numbers and firepower. The plenary requires students to evaluate the Blob bridge and explain which blob represents the best fit in this story, from an English sailor, the Spanish public right up to Queen Elizabeth and King Philip. The lesson is differentiated and includes video evidence as well as an interactive diagram plotting the route of the Armada. The lesson is enquiry based with a key question using a lightbulb posed at the start of the lesson and revisited to show the progress of learning. The resource includes suggested teaching strategies, retrieval practice, differentiated materials and comes in Powerpoint format if there is a wish to adapt and change.
Spanish Alevel Summaries TrainingQuick View

Spanish Alevel Summaries Training

These are 2 series of resources, one for Y12 and one for Year 13 to train students to deal with summaries. The Year 12 includes a Reading Assessment (version A and B) with 5 questions in each one: Reading comprehension with answers in Spanish Synonyms Summary T, F, NM Translations into Spanish After this assessment, we did a Summaries training session to get better at it. The Year 13 one includes a power point + students notes in which students practice changing from the I/we persons to the he/she/they persons. The aim of this lesson is to get better at manipulating the language.
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Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet

Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet. This booklet (120 pages) provides a very comprehensive study of the main grammar points needed at A level (sections of the booklet can also be used at GCSE level). Each section includes an explanation of a grammar point and a variety of activities to consolidate knowledge and understanding. The booklet is divided into the following sections: 1. Nouns 1a. gender 1b. number 2. Articles 3. Adjectives 4. Comparatives and superlatives 5. “Por” and “para” 6. Contractions 7. Negatives 8. Questions 9. Personal a 10. Relative pronouns 11. Possessive adjectives and pronouns 12. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns 13. Direct object pronouns 14. Indirect object pronouns 15. Direct and indirect object pronouns used together 16. Apocopation 17. “Ser” and “estar” 18. Conjugating verbs 19. Present tense 19 a. regular verbs 19 b. irregular verbs 19 c. stem-changing (or radical-changing) verbs 19 d. reflexive verbs 19 e. “gustar” 19 f. back to front verbs 20. Preterite tense 21. Imperfect tense 22. Preterite vs imperfect 23. Present perfect 24. Past perfect (or “pluperfect”) 25. Future simple 26. Conditional 27. Commands (the imperative) 28. Present progressive (or “present continuous”) 29. Present subjunctive 30. Passive voice (and how to avoid it) 31. Conditional clauses Verb tables
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Spanish Cover Worksheets

A set of 13 time-saving worksheets to set quick, simple cover work. Suitable for younger students. Each worksheet includes bilingual vocabulary lists and simple activities (with instructions in English) for the students to complete at their own pace.
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El ciberespacio - A level Spanish

A range of activities covering the A level topic of “el ciberespacio”. These range from reading tasks to translations and summary skills. Two of the activities link to Teach Vid exercises I have put together.
Spanish Time WorksheetsQuick View

Spanish Time Worksheets

This booklet is made up of 10 worksheets and is for any year groups who are just starting the topic of time or need an extra bit of revision.
Spanish Christmas Quiz 2021Quick View

Spanish Christmas Quiz 2021

Spanish Christmas Quiz 2021 for KS3 or KS4 Students. Versatile, editable Spanish resource for either an Online virtual lesson or a more traditional classroom based lesson. This Spanish quiz includes a wide variety of different rounds including: matching rounds, photo rounds, linking rounds , number round, multiple choice round , designing round, word search, anagrams and much more… **Just added for ONLINE LEARNING - NEW DIGITAL ANSWER SHEET - Student can fill in their editable PDF answer sheet and can also self mark with built in tick boxes and score counter. Contents of Quiz ☞ 1 x Professionally Designed PowerPoint Quiz ( Containing 10 Different Rounds and over 50+ Questions) ☞1 x Set of certificates for winning students (Gold, Silver and Bronze) ☞ 1 x Full set of Answers (Animated at the end of the Quiz) ☞ 1 x Student Answer Sheets they can fill in during the quiz ☞ 1 x FULLY DIGITAL STUDENT ANSWER SHEET ☞ Quiz can be done as an individual task or in small teams. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ How could you use it for Spanish? Use for a Live Zoom / Teams Lesson Assess Prior knowledge or introduce a new topic As a class based activity / Lesson An educational ’ Treat Lesson ’ For your students. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Who are Cre8tive Resources? We are a not-for profit Community interest social enterprise made up of Teachers. We invest in developing more free and paid resources for students. Product Code: C8/QZ/323 ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ You may also want to check out these other popular PSHE and Science resources for your students ⇨ Women in Science ⇨ Scientific Discoveries ⇨ The Heart Revision Task Cards ⇨ Science End of Year Escape Rooms Bundle ⇨ How to Draw Graphs in Science ⇨ Organic Chemistry ⇨ Genetics - Biology ⇨Electricity Science Escape Room ⇨ Careers in STEM ⇨ Exploring SPACE
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Preterit tense worksheets Spanish

Preterit tense worksheets Spanish This 18 page packet includes conjugation practice, personal questions, sentence writing, and writing and answering original questions with all verb types in the preterit: regular, spelling change, stem -change, irregular. Pages 1-3: Practice with preterit tense of regular verbs (conjugations, fill in the blanks, change the verb from present to preterit, personal questions). Pages 4-6: Write 15 original sentences with the preterit tense (regular verbs) with the guidelines provided. Pages 7-9: Write 12 original questions with the preterit tense (regular -ar, -er, -ir and reflexive verbs using the guidelines provided). Page 10: Spelling change -car, -gar, -zar verbs: Conjugate 3 verbs and answer 10 personal questions. Page 11: I-Y spelling change verbs: Conjugate 4 verbs and answer 7 questions. Pages 12-13: Irregular preterit verbs: Answer the 20 personal questions. Page 14-15: Irregular preterit verbs: Write 14 original sentences with the guidelines provided. Page 16: Ir stem change verbs: Answer the 10 personal questions Pages 17-18: Ir stem change verbs: Write 14 original sentences with the guidelines provided.
Spanish Grammar Escape RoomQuick View

Spanish Grammar Escape Room

A very fun lesson to boost grammatical understanding in Spanish following the popular Escape Room format. Barely any preparation time is required from the teacher. It includes a series of tasks covering a range of GCSE topics (school, local area, holidays and world of work) where students need to apply their knowledge of the present, preterite, present perfect, imperfect, conditional and future tenses of both regular and irregular verbs whilst developing their reading and translation skills covering different CGSE themes. This Escape Room has the perfect level of challenge to prepare them well for their exam and develop their grammatical skills. The lesson includes a vocabulary bank and a grammar knowledge organiser, to support students, making it accessible to all KS4 and AS students. A very enjoyable lesson to develop team work, which includes regular progress checks so that teachers can consistently check understanding and progress. Instructions in English and Spanish for both teachers and students as well as answers included.
AS level Spanish Revision BookletQuick View

AS level Spanish Revision Booklet

For A level students having studied the AQA AS spec, this booklet covers all the topics with particular focus given to examples students can use in their speakings. Also covers key information in the textbooks, as well as coming with a revision checklist. Topics include: Los valores tradicionales y modernos El ciberespacio La igualdad de los sexos La influencia de los idolos La identidad regional en Espana El patrimonio cultural
Spanish A level Translation WorkbookQuick View

Spanish A level Translation Workbook

A workbook (with an answerbook included as a separate document) for A level students doing Spanish and needing translation practice. There are exercises on each theme from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. The themes include: • family structures, modern values, friendships, relationships • youth trends, personality and identity • educational and employment opportunities • regional culture and identity in Spain and Spanish speaking countries • media, art, film and music in the Spanish speaking world • migration and integration • cultural identity and marginalisation • cultural enrichment and celebrating difference • el franquismo • post civil-war Spain, historical and political repercussions • coming to terms with the past Suitable for any exam board
Spanish - Physical description (worksheet)Quick View

Spanish - Physical description (worksheet)

This could be used as homework or as cover work. This worksheet includes: -Introduction to basic vocabulary about physical description (1) -Introduction to basic vocabulary with short description examples (2) Two short listening activites for students to identify the person that is being described (you could describe different people or get students to play who is who at this point or later during the lesson.) Grid fill where students need to describe people in TL and fill a grid that they could use for revision later on. Grammar section (verbs + adjectival agreement.) Reading exercise (vocabulary search and reading comprehension questions.) Audio files included.
GCSE Spanish speaking gamesQuick View

GCSE Spanish speaking games

8 Origami games for each module at GCSE covering all 3 themes. Numbers included so they game can be traditionally played, but pupils must complete tasks too. To start, key vocab to either translate, conjugate etc Next level, Foundation level questions Final level, Higher level questions. For low ability pupils, they could repeat the middle level rather than opening to the Higher level questions. As an extra element, pupils could be required to speak for 30 seconds/1 minute to answer the question. Hope your pupils enjoy practising!
GCSE Spanish Codebreaker LessonQuick View

GCSE Spanish Codebreaker Lesson

This is a fun revision lesson for Year 10 or 11. It consists of a series of activities which aim to recap key GCSE grammar and vocabulary. In order to ‘crack the code’, students must complete 9 activities. Each activity will provide students with a code word. Once all 9 activities are correctly completed, they will have 9 code words from which to form a sentence in Spanish. They will then have to translate this sentence into English to crack the code. Worksheet and accompanying powerpoint included. I did this recently with my Year 10 class and they absolutely loved it!
Pointless GCSE Spanish Vocabulary GameQuick View

Pointless GCSE Spanish Vocabulary Game

Designed for GCSE. Can be used as a starter, revision, introduction to a topic, plenary, motivator and lots more. Gets the whole class involved and keeps them engaged. <br /> <br /> This is a fully interactive game which incorporates lots of GCSE Spanish vocabulary and cultural knowledge. <br /> <br /> click on the box to launch the pointless animation <br /> the slide will automatically go back to the previous screen<br /> reveal the answers by clicking on the points circles<br /> show an incorrect 100 points screen by clicking the background<br /> play in teams for a fun revision activity<br /> great for starters to motivate the students
Weather in Spanish using “Si” & “Cuando”Quick View

Weather in Spanish using “Si” & “Cuando”

Here you have a complete lesson to teach the topic about weather in Spanish using “Si” and “Cuando”. You can use the activities with Year 7, 8 and 9. All answers for all activities included. This contains: Different slides with the photo of the weather and how to say it in Spanish. Activity to practise when to use “Hace, Hay & Está” when talking about weather. Si & Cuando short explanation and first activity to practise the difference. Sentence builder and activities to practise translation (Rock climbers, Sentence Stealer and a differentiated translation activity)
Racismo - A2 Spanish resourcesQuick View

Racismo - A2 Spanish resources

This is a pack of reading resources on the A2 Spanish topic of Las actitudes racistas y xenófobas. All the questioning used in the resources is based on AQA Spanish exam styles. Most activities have an accompanying link to a video on YouTube. The video links are embedded and should open automatically if you are linked to the internet. The resources are not arranged in any particular order. The PowerPoint can be cut up as appropriate.