The English Playgroup and Primary School


Location: Kuwait
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: Primary
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 2 - 11 years

About The English Playgroup and Primary School

Org type:  Mainstream
Funding:  Independent
Location:  Kuwait
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 2.5 – 11 years
Curriculum: English National Curriculum
Curriculum levels: Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

The English Playgroup and Primary Schools (EPG)

EPG is a successful and fast growing education provider currently consisting of 13 Early Years nurseries and two schools.  EPG’s objective is to provide quality English education at affordable prices to a large and growing number of families in Kuwait. We are responsible for the care and education of 4800 children.

Children at our Early Years nurseries and schools are predominantly ESL students from local Kuwaiti and other Arab families.  Working in our schools offers our teachers a privileged insight into Arabic culture.  Our mission is to ensure that all our children are given the opportunity to ‘be the best they can be’. Our bilingual programme teaches fluency in English and Arabic and we use the English National Curriculum as our foundation to deliver the best of Early Years and Primary education. 

Our Early Years centres and schools are located on independent sites across Kuwait to meet the needs of the families we serve.  Each campus is equipped with art, library, P.E and music facilities and has a well-equipped play area which has been adapted for use all year round in recognition of the hot summer months.

Our Commitment to Teachers

We are committed to the continued professional development of our teaching staff.  We run a formal in-house CPD programme delivered through regular workshops across a wide range of pedagogical topics which are identified through performance evaluation and requirements put forward by teachers themselves. 

We introduced a new performance management system in 2014-2015 to support the continuous development of our teachers and improvement in the quality of teaching and learning we offer to our children.  We believe our teachers are entitled to investment in their performance and development.  We use our performance management system as the basis for salary review and career progression at EPG to ensure that commitment, high quality teaching and potential is recognised, developed and rewarded.

EPG can offer teachers, who demonstrate commitment and strong performance, long term career prospects.  We promote from within.  As a continuously expanding educational company, we offer opportunities for promotion to staff with the skills and experience to take up academic management and supervisory positions. 

COBIS Membership

We have recently been approved as members of the Council of British International Schools and are working towards full accreditation in our schools.  Our teachers are playing an important role in getting our schools ready for inspection.   This is an exciting time for EPG and a great opportunity for our teachers to experience an accreditation process. 

The English Primary School

The English Primary School provides education for over 620 children in Reception, KS1 & KS2 in a warm and caring environment. Our class teachers work closely with specialist teachers in Arabic, Islamic Studies, Music and P.E. to deliver the English National Curriculum. We are proud to offer a wide range of school events, trips and activities to deliver the English National Curriculum, nurture confidence, independence, social skills, and positive attitudes towards learning and develop the child as a whole.  Please click on the links below to see interviews with our teachers and teaching and learning in action!
Interview with TEPS Teacher (Gregory) -
Interview with TEPS Teacher (Sara) -
Y3 Literacy Lesson at TEPS -

The Early Years

EPG has 13 established Early Years centres. Each one has an independent teaching faculty and administration team. Although we are a large company, our centres have a warm and friendly family feel. Our Early Years Principal is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Early Years.

In the Early Years we use a subject based, team teaching approach in FS1 and 2. Our class sizes are small (18-22 children).  Our English teachers work closely with other specialist teachers in Arabic, Art, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Music and PE to provide a dedicated educational service for our children. In FSL (Foundation Stage Listener) we have an integrated play based approach with centres and a team approach. All FSL teachers plan collaboratively around a topic/theme.  Please click on the link below to see an interview with one of our Early Years English teachers.
Interview with EY Reception Teacher (Kathleen)

Salwa Infant School

SIS has a warm and friendly atmosphere. We pride ourselves on being child –centred and responding to children’s needs. Children in SIS are taught by a team of specialist teachers as they rotate to different classes throughout the day and enjoy a range of educational experiences. This arrangement calls for the need for highly effective staff team-working to ensure that consistency and coherence are achieved and maintained. As a result, strong working relationships build very quickly amongst our teaching team.

We keep our class numbers deliberately small (18-22 children) to ensure we provide the best support for our children.  We are proud to offer a wide range of school events, trips and activities.  We particularly enjoy all our special events and in particular, our concerts, when children really show off their bilingual skills by singing and acting out sketches in both languages.  Please click on the link below to see an interview with one of our teachers.

Interview with SIS teacher (Serena)


Kuwait receives mixed reviews.  Those looking to teach abroad often dismiss Kuwait for other Middle Eastern destinations without seeing the benefits of living and working here. 

Feedback from our staff shows that Kuwait offers a good standard of living and a varied social life. Kuwait is a safe and stable country with a high level of political freedom and a fair and independent legal system. Women are encouraged to work, drive and vote.The veil is not compulsory in Kuwait. 
Kuwait offers the opportunity to save.  Our salaries are competitive.  At EPG, accommodation including utility bills is included which keeps outgoings to a minimum and savings to a maximum.
Kuwait is a great base from which to explore.  Known as the jet capital of the Middle East, Kuwait has an extensive network of flights and destinations such as other Middle Eastern countries, as well as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.  Prices range from low cost budget airlines to the more mainstream.

There is a large and active expat community in Kuwait. A large proportion of this community consists of the Western teaching community.  Social life is centred around sports, shopping, eating out and enjoying the coffee-shop style culture.  Many of our staff members join beach clubs, which offer the use of gyms, swimming pools and the opportunity to soak up the sun away from public beaches.  There are a range of other clubs and social events to get involved in drama, music and literature.  EPG offers Arabic lessons for non Arabic speakers and expatriates can also take advantage of government Arabic and Islamic culture programmes through Kuwait’s heritage centre.


Kuwait has a continental climate characterized by its dry hot long summer and short warm winter with occasional rainfalls. Dusty storms often occur during the summer months.  The academic year ensures that children and teachers alike experience the best of Kuwait’s weather which allows for plenty of outdoor activities and sports and allows residents to benefit both from the coast and the desert. Teaching staff in Kuwait enjoy the long summer travelling to other destinations or spending a well deserved break in their home countries.

To find out more about EPG please click here [ ] to visit our website.

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Address: Salmiya, Area 12, Abu Thar al Ghafiri St, Kuwait
Telephone: +965 5668145
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