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Chronicle of a Blood Merchant - Student Study Pack for Pre-U

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant - Student Study Pack for Pre-U

This study pack is designed to accompany a taught course of lessons. It will guide the students to focus on all aspects of the novel required to gain a deep understanding of the text and historical context of Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. It is tailored towards the Cambridge International Examinations of Mandarin Chinese for Pre-U (first teaching 2018). The pack can be printed on A4 and bound. It is designed to be completed by the students, and so is not an exhaustive resource for studying. It includes mind maps for completion, reviews of the book to analyse, essay questions, guides to writing essays, pages for recording key historical events in the cultural revolution, pages for making notes on the book’s characters and notes from the examiner. In addition, material from CIE has been included such as lists of key quotes and key historical events’ timeline. It is 100 pages long, and the contents are below: Chronicles of a Blood Merchant - basic information Yu Hua - information and Realism’s Return - a review of works Must See - related video links The Secret Lives of Dentists - review Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, Yu Hua - review Other Yu Hua Novels Chinese Background to the Themes Family Life Poverty in 20th Century China Personal Conduct Marriage Themes Blood - mindmap Family relations - mindmap Family relations - mindmap Father-son relations - mindmap Public versus Private - mindmap Traditional Society versus Changing Society - mindmap What is Said versus What is Done - mindmap ‘Face’ - mindmap Health - mindmap Poverty and Resilience - mindmap Structure Characters Xu Sanguan Xu Yulan Yile Erle Sanle He Xiaolong He Xiaolong’s woman Blacksmith Fang Blood Chief Li Grandfather 4th Uncle Ah Fang and Genlong Lin Fenfang He Daughters Blood Chief Shen Laixi and Laixun notes on other characters Historical Background sheets The Great Leap Forward People’s Communes Struggle Sessions Filial Piety Family Roles Re-education Programmes Cult of Mao Beijing Opera Essay style questions Essay Writing Guidance Structure Topic Sentences Example Answers with Examiner Comments Current Situation - article Cultural Revolution Timeline Chapter Notes Themes and Key Quotes