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Start of year classroom introduction. 'There is no talent'

Start of year classroom introduction. 'There is no talent'

A presentation I like to use when i'm introducing myself to a class at the beginning of the year. The powerpoint focuses on three people Andrew Wiles Matthew Syed Conor McGregor. In summary, I focus on how there is no such thing as talent and that hard work is what gets results in mathematics (or anything in life really). I refer to the three people using the side notes in the powerpoint provided. Please feel free to download, share and express improvements that could be made for the presentation. Thanks Cookie.

By ecooke04

Thanksgiving No Prep Common Core Math (kindergarten)

Thanksgiving No Prep Common Core Math (kindergarten)

Thanksgiving No Prep Common Core Math is a packet of 10 different math worksheets featuring a Thanksgiving theme for the month of November. You can use one worksheet per day as a warm up to your daily classroom lesson. This packet is designed to meet the level of a kindergarten student who is becoming familiar with the common core standards for kindergarten. The common core standards that are covered: K.CC.1 (Counting and Cardinality) K.CC.2 K.CC.3 K.MD.2 (Measurement and Data) K.MD.3 K.G.2 (Geometry) Check out Quick Common Core Math Bundle - The Complete Set (Kindergarten) which includes this booklet and 11 others and comes with a 10% discount. All graphics are original and created by myself. Thanks for stopping by my store, Yvonne Crawford Total Pages 15 Answer Key N/A Teaching Duration N/A

By YvonneCrawford



These resources introduce Sudoku to children through simple colour Sudoku puzzles. This activity can be developed as a challenge to create their own colour Sudoku grids. The children can use resources such as coloured cubes or pegs to try out different permutations while they get themselves started. This download also has resources to progress and build upon the Sudoku Colour resource. Instead of using colours to complete the grid, children use just 3 numbers to create a 3x3 Sudoku grid. The grids then become more complex up to a 9 3X3 grid which also has the solutions! There are blank grids for the children to create their own puzzles. Great fun. The resources in this teaching resource are generated by and copyright Best Primary Teaching Resources. Any images used were generated using graphics resources from Microsoft Office and are used with permission under the terms of the product licence. For more quality time saving teaching resources visit our shop at

By bestprimaryteachingresources