12 Days of Christmas (Interactive Whiteboard Challenge)
Can you remember how many Ladies were dancing? I can, thanks to this game 😃.

This is a fun interactive whiteboard game, created in PowerPoint, with nice images and animations. It is suitable for all ages because you can make it as challenging as you want.
It is a memory game which is enjoyable for both high and low ability – it helps students to learn what gift was sent on each of the twelve days of Christmas and in its most challenging form, helps them practice techniques to remember where each of the images/descriptions are hidden.

Doing this activity on an interactive whiteboard gets the whole class involved – even when it's not their turn, students are thinking of the next ‘gift’ in their head (or out aloud) and they are desperate to say where it is!

Suggestions for this activity:
1. Click the first button and go through the words of the song, perhaps several times. (after the first time, ask students if they can remember the next image/description before you display it).
2. Click the second button for the ‘Game with Images’. When you press ‘play’ and the board is revealed, press ‘peek’ to look at the uncovered board so that the students can try to learn where each of the images are;
Depending upon the ability of the students, I would go through all of the images on the uncovered board, describing each image out aloud as it is touched (first go through in order from 12 down to 1, then you can do random images and see if the students remember what the image depicts.
3. Now return to the covered board and select a student. The student can try and uncover as many images as they can (in the correct order) before they go wrong.
4. In the beginning, I would allow the student to seek help from another (if they want) or, if they get four right, I might let them ‘peek’ again. (the main point of the game is to get students to learn the order of the 12 Christmas Gifts, so make up any rules that allow them to do this as many times as possible 😃)

• Encourage the students to say aloud the phrase that they are looking for because this reinforces the learning;
• You may like to allow students to make two or three mistakes before they relinquish their turn;
• You may allow a 15 second ‘peek’ after each student has their turn;
• This activity works well as a teacher-led activity in which the class ‘vote’ which square is uncovered next.
• Before it is played as a memory game, you as the teacher could randomly select a square and see if students can remember what image is hidden. Reveal the square to see if they are right and then repeat with a different covered square.


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