Complete whole school BookflixQuick View

Complete whole school Bookflix

This is a resource I made to promote reading for pleasure in primary schools. After an overwhelming response to this on my teaching twitter, I’ve been asked to make this available for purchase. This resource is a complete pack with 40+ book suggestions per year group (Reception - year 6). Including, instructions on how to edit if required to. @Miss_C_EHU on Twitter
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Whole school overview of writing genres

An incredible whole school overview of writing genres based on the new national curriculum. The first document sets out what is covered across the school in a detailed overview. The units are colour coded so cross over between year groups and text types is clear. There is also a map of writing genres for each year group covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry including how long to teach and writing out comes. The genres are set out in order to cover progression and difficulty with text type. The final document gives an overview of non-fiction units across the school, year group and text type.
Student Voice Teaching and Learning Questionnaire - Whole SchoolQuick View

Student Voice Teaching and Learning Questionnaire - Whole School

The ‘Student Voice Teaching and Learning Questionnaire - Whole School’ is a tool designed to enhance student voice activities across the whole school to support the monitoring and development of teaching and learning. The questionnaire aims to cover all key aspects of teaching and learning, allowing students to express views and opinions regarding the level of consistency across different subject areas and departments to inform school improvement.
Whole school SPAG resourceQuick View

Whole school SPAG resource

This is a whole school SPAG overview with objectives for each year group, definitions and pupil questions for each lesson. This was created by the following teachers at Layton Primary School: Christine Gladwin, Lucy Dyer, Alice Tracey, Lauren Poole and Lucia Bishop.
Whole School Attendance AssemblyQuick View

Whole School Attendance Assembly

Assembly presentation on the importance of having good attendance. So far downloaded over 30 times. The assembly covers how attainment changes with good attendance, and includes some real examples. The assemble makes clear links between attendance and attainment/success; including recent DfE Data. Links to how attendance can impact upon students future choices is also covered. Runs through what percentage attendance really means; including examples of how many days absence each would involve. Ideal for use in Secondary school; but could easily be adapted.
A is for Appreciation - whole school assemblyQuick View

A is for Appreciation - whole school assembly

Showing appreciation is an important step towards happiness and well-being. In this assembly story, Carmel learns to show thanks for the support of her family. This comprehensive pack includes: A fully scripted assembly with key questions throughout, A presentation (PDF) complete with engaging images, A set of Key Word cards to enhance understanding, A reward certificate. Themes explored include: appreciation, responsibility, gratitude, kindness, family, relationships, it’s good to be me, getting on and falling out.


This is my first try at creating a whole-school SEN provision map template. Feedback and ideas would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Whole school assembly - Learning to FailQuick View

Whole school assembly - Learning to Fail

I presented this assembly to my house and it lasted about 15 minutes once everyone had come in and sat down. It starts with a video link to base jumpers which worked really well at keeping all the students quiet as they walked in. It also sets up nicely for learning to fail as these guys clearly can't fail, but in school failure is all part of learning and so students should embrace failure. The assembly then goes through the endeavors of famous people who have dealt with failure numerous times and moved on from these set backs and learnt from them successfully. It finishes by suggesting a "a fail Friday" where across the school students and teachers alike are encouraged to take risks in lessons and step outside if their comfort zones. Save yourself some time planning and grab yourself a bargain.
Whole School TimetableQuick View

Whole School Timetable

I created and developed customised Excel macro enabled workbooks to produce a whole school timetable from scratch. Although I have used commercial packages over the years, I have found that I have a better overview and greater flexibility with these files. Timetable file makes use of Excel's in built features to help determine optimum solution for option blocks and class scheduling with invalid combinations highlighted. Once the setup process is completed timetables can be viewed for an individual teacher, class or room. The price reflects the many hours of work I have spent creating and developing the files and I am happy to assist users who have any questions. There is also a free version of this resource (containing setup worksheets only): Whole School Timetable Demo Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest @hastag73.
Improving Whole School Written AccuracyQuick View

Improving Whole School Written Accuracy

8 Resources
This bundle of resources is for school leaders, departments or lead practitioners looking to improve whole school written accuracy. Created by the lead teacher of whole school written accuracy and presentation. The bundle includes; - 4 Literacy newsletters to provide practical strategies and reflection points. -Whole school marking stickers for all subjects to improve standards of written accuracy in the books. -Etymology worksheet to improve standards of spelling whole school. -History specific resources act as a department example of how to improve academic writing within a subject. -Historical book review worksheet to extend reading and scholarship beyond English Literature.
SEN Register Whole School TemplateQuick View

SEN Register Whole School Template

In line with the SEND Code of Practice 2014 this one page SEND register records children across the Primary school who require SEN Support. Children are recorded in one of the four groups of SEND as seen below. Communication & Interaction Social Emotional Cognition & Learning Sensory & Physical This gives a detailed and thorough overview of SEND across the school. A simple colour code identifies pupils with additional PP / LAC / and AFN / HLN Funding. Easily adaptable to fit your own settling. A super resource for the busy SENCo.
Geography Curriculum Overview Whole SchoolQuick View

Geography Curriculum Overview Whole School

A whole school document to map curriculum overview for Geography. This resource is completely editable and indicates where pupils learn using different colours: Locational Knowledge Place Knowledge Human & Physical geography Geographical Skills & Fieldwork
Whole School Literacy BookQuick View

Whole School Literacy Book

A book I've written to be given to all staff and students. Topics include: What is literacy? How to improve your work: responding to feedback Making your writing more interesting: Sentence Variety Three tips for improving your writing style Making your writing accurate: Punctuation Commas Speech Marks Colons and Semi-colons Apostrophes Making your writing flow: Paragraphs Making your work flow: connectives How to develop your answers Making your writing accurate: Spellings Spelling strategies Nine spelling rules to learn Homophones Homonyms 25 commonly misspelt words How to improve your work: Redrafting How to improve your word power Worn out words 70 words to sharpen your expression Common literacy errors
Whole School Artist ListQuick View

Whole School Artist List

A breakdown of artists to be covered from EYFS to Year 6. It is broken into 8 week cycles rather than half terms but could easily be amended. There is a mix of artists including BAME, artists with disabilities, male/ female artists. Local artists have been identified (for Yorkshire area) - these can be changed to fit your locality.
Whole School Data TrackerQuick View

Whole School Data Tracker

An excel sheet that allows senior leaders and teachers track progress from EYFS to the end of KS2, but can be adapted for secondary school. Tabs along the bottom have 'at a glance' style boxes from the self-analysing sheet. This sheet is particularly useful now a year group is tracked from the end of reception or to track a year group from the beginning to end of their time in school. Using information available from SIMS, the sheets will analyse by gender, ethnic group, dis-advantaged and SEND. Sheets are fully adaptable. More resources available at
Whole School Spelling BeeQuick View

Whole School Spelling Bee

I have run a very successful spelling bee at my school for over 5 years now. These are copies (adapted and improved year on year) that I use to organise and implement it. Includes word lists, instructions for teachers and parents, certificates, power point score board and proformas of letters to parents and teachers etc.. Any questions or queries, please just ask, I am happy to explain and/or clarify anything Please leave feedback.