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Whole School Cursive writing bundle

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This bundle contains all cursive resources for KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 including yellow bubble scaffold sheets and word banks. Giving you the opportunity to save 33%!!
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RE Assessment (Whole School Primary)

Documents to assess RE across all year groups (years 1 - 6) for each half term to determine emerging, expected and exceeding with descriptors. Long term plan included with overarching questions for each half term (including Understanding Christianity). Whole class assessment sheet for each year group to complete each half term for each child to determine overall ARE (emerging, expected, exceeding). Also includes pupil and staff questionnaire to determine strengths and weaknesses of RE across the school.


End of year summer 2023 whole-school quiz. 54 general knowledge quiz questions with summer and end of year theme. Secondary quiz for KS3 and KS4. **In the news round has been updated for 2023 - if you have previously downloaded this quiz, login with the same details and you’ll be able to download the quiz again with the updated questions - no new purchase required. ** This is a fun and engaging 54 question Powerpoint quiz made to appeal to all high school year groups - a mix of questions and the visual nature of the slides makes it suitable for mixed ability groups. This should last approximately one hour with time to get students into groups and mark the quiz. The quiz contains 54 questions with a variety of themes and with different levels of challenge so it should be accessible to all learners, particularly when played in teams. The 7 quiz categories are: In the news Which celebrity is behind the fish? Multiple-choice general knowledge Movie dingbats Picture round Music lyrics round True or false? The quiz can be played in teams or as individuals. The answers are at the end of the quiz. There are answer sheets provided so that teams can clearly respond.
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Student Voice Teaching and Learning Questionnaire - Whole School

The ‘Student Voice Teaching and Learning Questionnaire - Whole School’ is a tool designed to enhance student voice activities across the whole school to support the monitoring and development of teaching and learning. The questionnaire aims to cover all key aspects of teaching and learning, allowing students to express views and opinions regarding the level of consistency across different subject areas and departments to inform school improvement.
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Advent Calendar Whole School Literacy

Whole School Literacy Advent Calendar provides a range of literacy tasks that can be completed by all pupils during a designated time of day. This could be a form time activity or one at the start of a set lesson. The advent calendar could be used by one class or as an agreed whole school activity. Activities include: discussion topics around a festive theme visualising identifying festive phrases in other languages anagrams other language games The PowerPoint is designed so that clicking on that day’s date will take you directly to the activity for that day, just like opening the door on an advent calendar. There is an activity for each schoolday until the end of term.
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Whole School Attendance Assembly

Assembly presentation on the importance of having good attendance. So far downloaded over 70 times. The assembly covers how attainment changes with good attendance, and includes some real examples. The assemble makes clear links between attendance and attainment/success; including recent DfE Data. Links to how attendance can impact upon students future choices is also covered. Runs through what percentage attendance really means; including examples of how many days absence each would involve. Ideal for use in Secondary school; but could easily be adapted.
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Whole School Timetable

Create a timetable from scratch! Whole School Timetable file makes use of Excel's in built features to help optimise and schedule blocks. Once the setup process is completed timetables can be viewed for an individual teacher, class or room. Instructions included and I am happy to assist users who have any questions. There is also a free version of this resource (containing setup worksheets): Whole School Timetable Demo Further information and screenshots available here: https://pin.it/6dnjUGP Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest @hastag73.
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Whole School Literacy Book

A book I've written to be given to all staff and students. Topics include: What is literacy? How to improve your work: responding to feedback Making your writing more interesting: Sentence Variety Three tips for improving your writing style Making your writing accurate: Punctuation Commas Speech Marks Colons and Semi-colons Apostrophes Making your writing flow: Paragraphs Making your work flow: connectives How to develop your answers Making your writing accurate: Spellings Spelling strategies Nine spelling rules to learn Homophones Homonyms 25 commonly misspelt words How to improve your work: Redrafting How to improve your word power Worn out words 70 words to sharpen your expression Common literacy errors
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Positive Relationships Assembly Tutor Time PSHE Whole School

This is a 15 minute assembly about positive relationships. It can be used as part of tutor time, a whole school assembly for 11-18 year olds or as part of a lesson or on an online learning platform. This can be used for PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC, Tutor Time, Assemblies, Whole School days, Online Platforms and teaches the students how to have positive relationships in their lives. It talks about prejudice, discrimination, bullying and aims to teach students how to have positive relationships. Students responded really well to this whole school assembly.
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Positive Language Assembly, PSHE, Tutor Time, Whole School

This is a 15-20 minute assembly about positive language. It covers the important topic of being positive, watching what language we use to communicate to others and using positive language online. It was used as an assembly for KS3, KS4 & KS5 (Ages 11-18, Years 7-13, Grades 6-12). It covers: Why it is so important to show positive language in school The power of words Important quotes and two downloaded videos that will never disappear How we can show positive language What situations we need to show positive language How we can support cyberbullying Code of conduct Reflection slide with thinking questions and positive quotes There is a slide for you to add your Pupil Code of Conduct or behaviour policy or you can delete this slide if you prefer. The session is all narrated but this can easily be changed by deleting the icon on each slide. This fits into the new RSE & Health Curriculum, PSHE & Citizenship, tutor time, whole school activity or a whole school assembly with links to SMSC, Character Education and Fundamental British Values. Please look at the rest of my shop to find hundreds of Assemblies, PSHE sessions, tutor time resources, Citizenship lessons, RE lessons and worksheets.
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Whole School Music Policy

The word editable music policy can be adapted to your school and covers the curriculum coverage and expectations at Keystage 1 and 2. It make clear reference to the 2010 Equality Act and how the music coordinator leads Music within a school.
Whole School Literacy Quiz 2023Quick View

Whole School Literacy Quiz 2023

School Literacy Quiz 2023 Over 10 rounds and 70+ Questions. Literacy Quiz. A fun whole school english literacy quiz that tests a range of different skills with students working in teams to compete against each other. Let the best literacy team win! This resource contains: ☞ 1x PowerPoint with questions and answers laid out in a professional format (Literacy and essential English skills) ☞ 1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /70+ Marks (PDF and PPT Version) and all the answers!! ☞ Contains 10 Rounds: S.P.A.G, True or False, There Their or They’re, Link in Punctuation, Shakespeare Round, Design Challenge and more… ☞ 3 sets of certificates This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun and educational treat for your class. ✿ A variety of different rounds and different challenges within this quiz for all types of learners to access (something fun no matter what ability) Product code: FUN/C8/QZ/24 ✿ This will last a full hour by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included . ✿ This informative, fun and engaging quiz will be a great way to teach your students about literacy. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Here are some of our most popular selling English and End of Term Resources: ⇨ English Christmas Quiz ⇨ Healthy lifestlyes and English ⇨ English - Free Literacy Connectives Mats ⇨ English - Free Revision Mats ⇨ End of Term English Quiz ⇨ The Big News and English Quiz ⇨ The Big Summer Quiz ⇨ PSHE Christmas Quiz
E is for Excellence - Whole School AssemblyQuick View

E is for Excellence - Whole School Assembly

Ellis is striving for excellence and gets upset when he thinks he is falling short of his goal. This comprehensive pack includes: A fully scripted assembly with key questions throughout, A presentation (PDF) complete with engaging images, A set of Key Word cards to enhance understanding, A reward certificate. Themes explored include: consistent, attitude, success, effort, motivation, managing feelings, self-awareness, going for goals, it’s good to be me.
Whole school numeracyQuick View

Whole school numeracy

Used in a 20 min training session, just a quick list of ideas across different subjects where numeracy and linked ideas can be used to prompt discussion, or numerate skills can be used to make students think!
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Whole school overview of writing genres

An incredible whole school overview of writing genres based on the new national curriculum. The first document sets out what is covered across the school in a detailed overview. The units are colour coded so cross over between year groups and text types is clear. There is also a map of writing genres for each year group covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry including how long to teach and writing out comes. The genres are set out in order to cover progression and difficulty with text type. The final document gives an overview of non-fiction units across the school, year group and text type.
Integrity - Whole School AssemblyQuick View

Integrity - Whole School Assembly

Assembly theme: INTEGRITY Ideal for 5 to 11 years. Duration: Approximately 10 to 20 minutes (depending on how long you discuss the slides). The assembly includes a video demonstrating integrity, 3 think pair share activities, a video about telling lies, a time of reflection and a song. The Assembly is very easy to follow and is divided into the following 20 slides: . Slide 1: Title slide Slide 2: Integrity is… Slide 3: A video showing integrity Slide 4: Integrity is… Slide 5: Think, Pair, Share Activity 1 Slide 6: Integrity is… Slide 7: Think, Pair, Share Activity 2 Slide 8: Integrity is… Slide 9: Think, Pair, Share Activity 3 Slide 10: Introduction to video about telling lies. Slide 11: Video. Slide 12: Special sentences of reflection. Slides 13 to 20: Song (with lyrics and music). . Fully editable and ideal for 5 to 11 years.
Charity Volunteering Assembly, Tutor Time, PSHE, Whole SchoolQuick View

Charity Volunteering Assembly, Tutor Time, PSHE, Whole School

This is a 15-20 minute tutor time PSHE session on charity volunteering. It can be used as a whole school assembly for KS3, KS4 and KS5 (Ages 11-18, Grade 6-12, Years 7-13). It does not have any written tasks just two downloaded video clips that will never disappear and discussion questions so students can find out what they can volunteer for and why they would benefit from voluntary work. This can be lengthened or shortened to fit a tutor time, assembly or a lesson for PSHE, Citizenship, Fundamental British Values, SMSC and Character Education. Students reacted very well to this presentation and many positive discussions were had as a result. Please have a look at the other PSHE, Citizenship, RE and Assemblies in my shop.
Whole-School Literacy Resources BundleQuick View

Whole-School Literacy Resources Bundle

3 Resources
This bundle contains whole-school resources to promote literacy within your school. In includes: A whole-school CPD presentation on explicit vocabulary instruction. A whole-school CPD presentation on reading. 12 weeks worth of word root of the week resources including starter activities, displays and assembly slides. If you have any questions about how to use these, please don’t hesitate to email likeanexpertresources@gmail.com. Leave a review and choose any other resource for free from the LikeAnExpert shop.
Whole School Attendance RegistersQuick View

Whole School Attendance Registers

This is an attendance register spreadsheet package that has register for the entire school year for each year group from year 1 to year 6. A blank register is also included so you can adapt for your own specific purposes. The register calculate punctuality, attendance, lateness on a day by day basis, and termly. The register supports the standard DfES attendance codes. Hope you benefit from this resource.
Whole School Spelling SchemeQuick View

Whole School Spelling Scheme

A whole-school scheme matched to the demands of the 2014 national Curriculum. There are 32 lists of words for children to learn. The lists get progressively more challenging, matching the year-on-year content of the 2014 National Curriculum.
Whole School Extension CardsQuick View

Whole School Extension Cards

Cards for pupils to pick up randomly and complete as an extension exercise. I have them laminated on coloured card and if a pupil finishes I tell them to choose one and answer it underneath their work. Most of the extension activities are AfL as well and allow students to reflect upon their learning.