Classical Music Key Stage 3 Project

A complete Program of Study for Classical Music for Key Stage 3, Years 7 to 9. Up to 4 hours of activities, comprehensively resourced, fully supported, and beautifully presented.

This project deals first with key characteristics of Classical Music, and then moves on to instruments of the era. Listening and written tasks are incorporated, here. There is a focus on homophonic texture, contrasting themes, Alberti Bass, and Sonata Structure. There are written notation activities at an appropriate level to further consolidate and extend this learning. The central performance task revolves around an original string quartet, composed by myself, and guidance relating to dynamics and articulation – again, at an appropriate level – is inherent within the worksheet and teacher PowerPoint support, which also includes a 10-point success criteria against which students may grade themselves.

Specifically, in this download pack, you will receive the following:

1 x 20-clue Word Search Activity with full answers, introducing all key words associated with this Classical Music Project (Literacy).
1 x 12-page worksheet with 10 separate tasks covering the whole range of listening, theory, and performing skills, plus contextual and historical knowledge of Classical Music and the Classical Era.
1 x 4-minute annotated video demonstrating the 4 main characteristics of Classical Music with plenty of incidental learning embedded.
1 x 23-Slide PowerPoint which is beautifully presented and animated with Objectives, every single task ‘chunked’ for easy content delivery, Answers for worksheet tasks, extension tasks explained, and much more including full instructions on each slide, constituting a comprehensive project plan.
1 x Main Performance Task focusing on group performance in the form of a 1-minute-long String Quartet in Variation form (composed by myself).
36 x (short) MP3 files modelling the individual parts, the main task, extension tasks, and key learning.
1 x ‘Body-Snatching’ fact sheet, focusing on the story of Haydn’s Head, its link to medical research and the ethics surrounding the practice then and now, in context. (PSHCE)
1 x 15-clue Crossword Activity with full answers that can be used for homework, revision, or even testing of key learning (Numeracy).
1 x 3800+ word annotated Teacher Guidance plan to the entire project.

As always, I take great care to ensure my resources are of the highest quality – both in content and in presentation – and I wholeheartedly recommend them to both you and your students. I welcome feedback and enquiries from my colleague-customers all over the world, and I can be contacted directly at I would be delighted to hear from you, and I thank you for considering this resource for your classroom.

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  • Haydn-83-Recap-Theme-A.mp3
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  • Homophonic-Slide-Single-Melody.mp3
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  • HS2-S15-Theme-Part-2.mp3
  • HS3-S15-Theme-Part-3.mp3
  • HS4-S15-Theme-Part-4.mp3
  • HS5-S15-Theme-Quartet.mp3
  • HS6-S16-Variation-1-Part-1.mp3
  • HS7-S16-Variation-1-Part-2.mp3
  • HS8-S16-Variation-1-Part-3.mp3
  • HS9-S16-Variation-1-Part-4.mp3
  • HS10-S16-Variation-1-Quartet.mp3
  • HS11-S17-Variation-2-Part-1.mp3
  • HS12-S17-Variation-2-Part-2.mp3
  • HS13-S17-Variation-2-Part-3.mp3
  • HS14-S17-Variation-2-Part-4.mp3
  • HS15-S17-Variation-2-Quartet.mp3
  • HS16-S22-Full-Quartet-Extension.mp3
  • Ophicleide-Audio.mp3
  • Piano-Audio.mp3
  • Viola-Audio.mp3
  • Classical-Music-Project---PowerPoint-Support.pptx

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