Developing chronological knowledge and understanding - KS2 Samples

This is a sample of a selection from a range of these resources.
These are taken from the resources focussed on KS2.
Each of the full resource is a set of linked resources and activities to help students improve their understanding of the sequencing of events.
There is a specially designed power point presentation of selected events. This is designed to convey a sense of the passage of time by having the transition between slides vary in length depending on how many years actually passed between events. Each slide has a date, event and appropriate illustration. (Each event slide is on show for five seconds and the whole presentation lasts for approximately five minutes). (There are between 24 and 30 slides in each presentation)
As a bonus there is also a ‘click through’ version of the slide show.
The selection of events is not meant to be definitive for the study of that period (it’s a selection not a comprehensive timeline!) – this would allow for an extra activity/challenge of students deciding what is missing/what could be left out.
The same events are on a word document with a classifying task -to help students identify links within a period.
Some of these events are also used for a set of sorting challenges (by focussing on the same set of events in different ways it will help boost students’ knowledge).
The first involves sorting set of four or five different events into the correct order – available on power point and word document.
The second is a set of printable ‘cards’ which can be used for sorting or matching tasks (such as the matching pairs game) – each event is on a separate ‘card’ from its date (organised in sets of 10).
The third is a set of domino cards’ where each card has an event and a date that links to another event -so making a single sequence of 10 events.
There are available 10 separate sets of resources:
Ancient Greece;
Britain before the Romans 4500BC-43AD
Roman Britain 43-410AD
Anglo-Saxons and Vikings 449-1066AD
Periods in British history (major periods)
Medieval Times (2 sub sets – England; Britain and other nations)
Tudors and Stuarts (2 sub sets – Tudors; Stuarts)
Industrial Revolution (and farming etc – 3 sub sets: 1694 to 1803; 1803 to 1846; 1851 to 1901
Britain (and the world) c1714 to c1900 (3 sub sets: Britain and the World; Politics and Reform; Society and Culture
Britain in the 20th century (2 sub sets – Britain in the 20th century; Britain and the world)


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