Discovering Science 6th form
Booklet with theory and experiments . 95 pages .
• Lab tools : observation and uses of most important lab tools / crossword puzzle
• States of Matter: brief explanation /characteristics of each state / particles behaviour / lab experiments and guides to discover theory / revision exercises to evaluate comprehension of the topic
• Magnetism: what are magnets / lab experiments and guides to discover: characteristics, magnetic and non magnetic materials, interaction between magnets, magnetic fields, building toys with magnets / Electromagnetism: how to build an electromagnet in class, how does it work? everyday machines that use electromagnets.
• Electricity: lab experiments and guides to discover: static electricity/ conductors and insulators / how to build different circuits with different number of cells and wire lengths / learning the symbols to interpret diagrams and draw them/ how to build a wobble detector/ evaluative questions
• Mixtures: lab experiments and activities to discover: what are mixtures? Features of Homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures / suspensions/ solutions. Factors which speed up the process of dissolving / short evaluation
• Physical Changes and chemical reactions: short introduction? Fun experiments with mixtures to determine if they produce a chemical change or a physical reaction.
• Heat on the move: conductors and insulators of temperature
• Forces: definition, characteristics of different forces and how they affect things, lab experiments and guides for measuring forces,/ Newtons vs Kilograms/ The force of friction / different experiments to test it / air resistance / building and experimenting with parachutes / evaluative questions.
• Making Sound, making vibrations: different concepts on sound/ guide to evaluate understanding on this topic.
• Biology revision: The skeleton / bones and muscles / teeth and nutrition
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