English GCSE Narrative Techniques in Disney Films (useful for Drama too)

We all know that teaching sophisticated terminology can be really dull, so I decided to teach my class 18 top terms using Disney (and other family films). This will take 2 lessons, unless you skip some parts of the clips, or don’t complete them all.

Included is the powerpoint that contains a starter and all the answers for the students (and yourself beforehand), whilst the worksheet contains the definitions for later revision and the space to conduct the quiz format lesson.
I teach these terms by first having students read the terms and definitions aloud in class and clear up any misunderstandings. I then open the YouTube playlist and put it on shuffle. The students should write on their worksheets in pencil and should write the name of the film next to the technique that they think is present in the clip.
You can choose to reveal the answers as you go through or all at the end… Normally, I do it all at the end because students change their answers after seeing a clip like Finding Nemo and realising that Dory and Marlin are foils of each other.
Unfortunately, you will need internet for this lesson as YouTube is a central part, and as the playlist I have made is on YouTube, I cannot promise that videos won’t randomly stop working. I would double check these before doing the lesson, but you have all the answers and can search the same video on YouTube otherwise.
Lastly, use the two Lion King videos together, one shows Scar killing Mufasa, and the other shows him blaming Simba (DRAMATIC IRONY OR WHAT?!)

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