Flat Stanley sequence of  work

This Flat Stanley unit of work covers many of the National Curriculum. For English the aim is for the children to internalise the text of Flat Stanley then using what they know write their own version.
The children then design their own Flat Stanley character and we will post it along with a letter to a member of their family or friends and await a reply back to school (good old fashion Royal Mail delivery) the family member or friend will do exciting things with Flat Stanley and tell them all about it in their reply.
A recount will be based on walking to a post box as a class to post the letter.
The resources include a letter for parents asking for a stamp and explaining what is happening with the letters for a family member.
Children will then write another narrative about what their own Flat Stanley character has been up to.
Geography: Flat Stanley will visit UK/London, France, North America and Australia
covering the following objectives: The Interactive White board will take you through each lesson teaching the objective and then linking it to the piece of work.

• I can name the continents of the world and locate them on a map.
• I name the capital cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
• I know what I like and do not like about a place that is different to the one I live in.
• I describe a place outside Europe using geographical words.
• I know the key features of a place from a picture using words like beach, coast, forest, hill, mountain, ocean, valley.

DT/ART objectives - Children will design and make a kite of Flat Stanley.
Can generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through talking, drawing
Can select from a wide range of materials and components, including construction materials.

There is no plan as you can follow the Interactive white board for each lesson and use the relevant worksheets to accompany each lesson you can deliver the lessons at your own pace .

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  • Lesson-4-USA-Postcard.docx
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