FREE Year 2 YouTube Maths PowerPoint Whole Lesson Resources (Autumn and Spring Terms)

Teachers no longer only use PowerPoint and so to relfect this, every one of lessons is now starting to come with a YouTube version of the PowerPoint. This also means you can teach a lesson and then directly share the link with your students’ parents, so they can repeat this work again at home.

FREE Year 2 YouTube Maths PowerPoint Whole Lesson Resources (Autumn and Spring Terms)

Each lesson is complete, and comes with a learning objectives, a warm up, main lesson, an independent learning section and a plenary.

Here is a list of the lessons:

Lesson 1: Putting the larger number first when adding.

Lesson 2: Using ‘Near Doubles’

Lesson 3: Pairs that make 10 when adding

Lesson 4: Idea of Difference

Lesson 5: Words about Subtraction

Lesson 6: Using addition and subtraction with shopping

Lesson 7: Identifying Multiples

Lesson 8: Making Rectangular Arrays

Lesson 9: Multiplication Sentences

Lesson 10: The Multiplication Symbols

Lesson 11: Number Properties

Years ago I made a lot of interesting Maths PowerPoint lessons, and then left them for 10 years in a draw. They have since been viewed over 22,000 times.

By popular demand, I have uploaded them as I am sure lots of teachers will find them really useful and will use them. This collection is particularly useful if you need to cover a lesson and need a lesson with no preparation! Please leave a comment.


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  • Y2-4-Autumn-Solving-differences.pdf
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  • Y2-5-Autumn-Subtraction-Vocabulary.pdf
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  • Y2-6-Autumn-shopping.pdf
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  • Y2-7-Spring-Identifying-multiples.pdf
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  • Y2-8-Spring-Rectangular-arrays.pdf
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  • Y2-9-Spring-Multiplication.pdf
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  • Y2-10-Spring-Times-symbol.pdf
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  • Y2-10-Spring-Times-symbol.ppt
  • Y2-10-Spring-Times-symbol.pptx
  • Y2-11-Spring-Number-Properties.pdf
  • Y2-11-Spring-Number-Properties.png
  • Y2-11-Spring-Number-Properties.ppt
  • Y2-11-Spring-Number-Properties.pptx

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