This bundle of nine ‘quick conjugation’ workbooks is ideal for focused practice of conjugating French verbs - these workbooks feature 25 high-frequency French regular and irregular -RE verbs across nine tenses, 1,350 quick conjugation questions in total:

  • present tense
  • simple future tense
  • near future tense
  • perfect tense
  • imperfect tense
  • conditional tense
  • pluperfect tense
  • future perfect tense
  • conditional perfect tense

The verbs I’ve selected particular verbs are both essential verb vocab for students of every level, but also those that are very familiar to more advanced students, which in itself is really useful when working with conjugation. Each workbook has 3 differentiated conjugation challenges with 50 individual conjugations, so 150 conjugations in total. The bundle of nine workbooks provides 1,350 ‘quick recall conjugations’, absolutely ideal for really embedding conjugation skills!

The workbooks each have ten pages, and each follows this structure:

Two alphabetical FRENCH-ENGLISH and ENGLISH-FRENCH verb lists, which is useful both short and longer-term as a reference resource.

CONJUGATION CHALLENGE 1: this challenge shows each verb conjugated across a range of pronouns. Students then write the corresponding English verb conjugation.

CONJUGATION CHALLENGE 2: this challenge shows the infinitive of each individual verb in French, and its target pronoun. Students then write the relevant verb conjugation in French.

CONJUGATION CHALLENGE 3: here, students write the corresponding French verb conjugation, and its infinitive, from an English prompt. This is really useful for those students who haven’t quite learnt the infinitives, and tend to recognize only single, individual conjugations

The Notes and Next Steps sheet is great for checking and mapping progress - we revisit it regularly. I also always give my students an answer key - it gives them an additional opportunity to engage with the conjugations and to develop more independence in their learning - they genuinely enjoy assessing their own, and particularly each others’ work too! There are 6 pages in each answer key booklet.

These kinds ‘quick recall conjugation’ workbooks are really popular with my students, and we use them in lots of different learning contexts. For example they’re great for general practice in the introduction phrase, and students often select them independently when we have our regular 15-minute free-choice slots. They’re a great refresher after vacation, and ideal for cover lessons. The range of tenses in the bundle is just right for intermediate into advanced. Conjugating these tenses is generally straightforward conceptually, and French regular -RE verbs themselves follow quite a consistent pattern, which students are then able to identify, predict and produce the more practice with, and exposure to, them that they have - it’s the same principle with irregular verbs. To get the best out of the workbooks, I have a bank of them ready for my students to work on regularly and frequently.

I’ve found that grammar books are not necessarily particularly consistent with grammatical terminology, for example the conditional perfect (conditionnel passé) is also called the conditional past in English. The English equivalent is I would have helped for example. The workbooks don’t look at the rules for the use of these tenses in French, the focus is solely on the conjugation of the individual verb across a range of pronouns and tenses. However, they act as a great discussion stimulation during the introduction, practice and revision phases.

All files are non-editable in zipped formats. The bundle is copyright, all rights reserved. It may not be copied, rewritten, shared or distributed in any way. The license for purchase is a single-user license only. I’ve explained everything in the Terms of Use.



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