GCSE Maths (9 - 1) Straight Line Graphs

A full lesson Powerpoint I created which covers the following topics:

  • Understanding y = mx + c
  • Finding the gradient and y-intercept from a given line
  • Finding the gradient between two points
  • Finding the midpoint between two points
  • Finding the equation of a straight line
  • Finding the coordinates of intersection points
  • Forming the equation of a straight line when given a point of intersection
  • Finding the distance between two points
  • Completing a table of values to plot a straight line
  • Understanding how Parallel and Perpendicular lines are related
  • Proving two lines are Parallel
  • Proving two lines are Perpendicular
  • Generating equations of Parallel or Perpendicular lines

The powerpoint includes tasks for students to complete in class. I have included these tasks as separate pdfs for printing convenience.
Answers are included in the powerpoint.


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  • Content-Covered.pdf
  • Worksheet-1----Gradient-and-y-intercept-(Side-7).pdf
  • Worksheet-2---Finding-the-Equation-of-a-Plotted-Line-(Slide-10).pdf
  • Worksheet-3---Finding-the-Gradient-Between-2-Points-(Slide-13).pdf
  • Worksheet-4---Review-(Slide-20).pdf
  • Worksheet-5---Distance-Between-Two-Points-(Slide-25).pdf
  • Worksheet-6---Plotting-Graphs-(Slide-28).pdf
  • Worksheet-7---Parallel---Perpendicular-Lines-(Slide-35).pdf
  • Worksheet-8---Review-2-(Slide-36).pdf
  • Straight-Line-Graphs-Final.pptx

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Created: Apr 13, 2019

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