HSC Music 2 Stage 6 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor Movement 1 Sibelius Scores for Analysis

This movement is ideal for study as part of the Stage 6 Music 2 HSC Program. As a full first movement from a Romantic Concerto, it fits into the mandatory area of study Western Music 1600-1900. A Sibelius score is an exceptionally powerful tool to have for analysing chords, themes, motives, and much more, at the click of a button. There are clear advantages of having a Sibelius score as a study aid. With the later versions of these scores, you can isolate individual parts to show melodic lines and harmonies more clearly, you can use the chord analysis and ‘find motive’ functions making analysis quicker and easier – and there are several other analysis plug-ins that Sibelius offer, making your life much easier. Another clear advantage of having a Sibelius Score in addition to a paper one is that it is an invaluable aid to improve score-reading: the playback line runs along with the music and students can better see what is happening. Certainly, my students all benefited from Sibelius scores for their set works – this particular Sibelius score (all 11 minutes of it) is the longest one I have ever input into the software! A complete list of versions included in this download pack is as follows: Sibelius 7.5; Sibelius 7; Sibelius 7 First; Sibelius 6; Sibelius 6 First; Sibelius 5; Sibelius 4. If you would like an earlier version, please just email me, and I’ll add it to the resource pack. Also included in the pack is a high-quality soundcard MP3 extraction of the full score for you to use in the classroom.

I really hope that you will enjoy my resources and find them useful. I pride myself on the quality of the resources that I publish, and I welcome feedback and enquiries from all of my colleague-customers across the world. I can be contacted directly at rainynightmusic@hotmail.com and I would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you for considering this resource for your classroom.

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  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-4-Score.sib
  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-5-Score.sib
  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-6-FIRST-Score.sib
  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-6-Score.sib
  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-7-FIRST-Score.sib
  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-7-Score.sib
  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-7.5-Score.sib
  • Mendelssohn---Op-64--Violin-Concerto-in-E-Minor.---Movement-1---SIBELIUS-Audio.mp3

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