A comprehensive and fully resourced lesson on lenses including the eye, the pinhole camera and the camera for middle school plus an enjoyable yet challenging dominoes game with questions and statements on lenses, the eye, the pinhole camera and the camera instead of numbers.

The teaching pack contains thirteen resources and it is intended that the teacher uses them to build their own unique lesson to take account of student ability and time available. Literacy, oracy, self-assessment and peer assessment are all built in to the resources. These features are clearly marked on the comprehensive one-page flow chart lesson plan which shows where the logical choices between resources can be made. There are three differentiated and engaging homeworks which can also be used as classwork if so desired.

The game is closely related to the topic content and reinforces learning. It is enjoyable and suitable for all abilities in that it can be played by simply matching the pictures but presents a challenge for those who are able to match a picture with another which means the same.

What’s Covered

  • Ray diagrams showing refraction in a concave and convex lens.
  • Convex lenses are used in magnifying glasses, telescopes and spectacles to correct long sight.
  • Concave lenses are used in lasers, flashlights, peepholes and spectacles to correct short sight.
  • Label the following structures on a diagram of the eye; retina; ciliary muscle; iris; pupil; lens; suspensory ligament; optic nerve.
  • Draw ray diagrams and explain how the eye sees distant and close objects.
  • Draw ray diagrams and explain how lenses are used to correct long and short sight.
  • Draw diagrams and explain how the iris controls the size of the pupil and therefore the amount of light which enters the eye.
  • Draw a ray diagram of the pinhole camera, know that the image is inverted sand diminished, moving the object closer enlarges the image and multiple pinholes produce multiple images
  • Label a diagram of the camera and explain how a picture is taken.
  • Explain the differences and similarities between the eye and the camera

What’s Included


  • Animated PowerPoint for teaching with exit ticket quiz
  • Flip it (pupil writes questions to given answers)
  • Anticipation Guides (combined starter and plenary)
  • Foldable
  • Cut and stick activity (x2)
  • Pinhole camera template
  • Worksheet to support the PowerPoint (x3)
  • Fact sheet (x3)
  • Homework plus answers
  • Fact share worksheet
  • Pupil progress self-assessment checklist
  • Exit Ticket
  • Suggested lesson plan showing choices possible between resources


  • 80 dominos
  • Animated PowerPoint explaining the rules and how to play.

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