Number bundle! (Fractions, indices, HCF, LCM, decimals, probability, ratio, surds)

All my number resources in one handy place! £14 when sold separately, but only £11 when bought as a bundle!  21% saving!
Please feel to browse the individual resources in my shop for more info on each.

The bundle includes ready to go lessons, with:
Animated examples and
Differentiated questions with answers!

Bundle includes lessons on:
Adding and subtracting fractions,
HCF, LCM and prime decomposition,
Introduction to standard form,
New GCSE 9-1 Number test and review,
Place Value,
Ordering decimals,
±x/ with positive and negative numbers,
Introduction to probability,
Mutually exclusive and sample space diagrams,
Relative frequency,
Venn diagrams,
Tree diagrams,
Introduction to ratio and proportion,
Direct proportion using unitary method,
Direct and inverse proportion using unitary method,
Dividing amount into a given ratio,
Direct proportion with constant k,
Introduction to inverse proportion using k.
Calculate and simplify surds,
Rationalising the denominator,
Expand brackets with surds.

All these lessons will keep you going for weeks! I really hope this bundle helps your planning and work/life balance.

Thanks =]

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Probability! (Intro, Sample space, Venn diagrams, Tree diagrams, Relative frequency)

Probability! (Intro, Sample space, Venn diagrams, Tree diagrams, Relative frequency)

Ratio & Proportion!

Ratio & Proportion!

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Created: Apr 16, 2018

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

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