Pythagoras, with Surds (Loop Cards)
This activity provides the opportunity for students to revise Pythagoras as well as practice calculations with surds.
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I nearly always start one-to-one tutorials/interventions with a loop card activity. They are also excellent when working with small groups or as a starter or plenary for a whole class.
Colour coding:
All my loop cards are colour-coded to indicate the approximate level of the questions:
KS2 – red and orange
KS3/GCSE Foundation – orange and green
GCSE Higher – green, blue and purple

Further information:
In this download there are four sets of similar cards and a student chooses one of the sets and sorts them into order by answering the questions. Then they try to do it faster using a different set, which has the same questions, but a different sort order 😃

My favourite use of loop cards is for two students to have different versions of the cards and race each other. They then check their answers, shuffle, swap packs and race again (quickest overall time wins!). More instructions are included in the download.

Cut out card size is approx. 65 x 90 mm.
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