Science Museum Treasure Trail

This activity is designed to get students to focus and observe the items in the Science Museum e.g. Watson and Crick’s DNA, the enigma machine, Stephenson’s Rocket, petri dish of Fleming’s Penicillium mould etc.
Suitable for 11-16 years olds. Answers are included.
I have put together 2 tasks for them to complete in teams of 3-4 students. The whole quiz/treasure trail will take ~2 hours dependent on the competiviteness of the group and the team working skills.

Task 1:
Students need to find the answers to 30 questions in various parts of the museum and complete the answer sheet provided.

Task 2:
Students need to take 6 team selfies by 6 different objects in the museum.

The answer sheet needs to be submitted to a teacher and these will be marked and the group with the highest score will win a prize. The selfies also need to be shown to a member of staff at the end of the trip.

Feedback was extremely positive from my students - 15 year old boys. They really enjoyed it and learned something too!

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