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pdf, 174.68 KB
Most GCSE Specifications require students to have a basic knowledge of intervals within the octave, and to be able to identify them through the study of set works, through listening to unfamiliar music, or both. This 4-page worksheet introduces the concept of the interval at it's most basic level, and progresses through 4 different tasks to the recognition of intervals within the octave from notation and listening.

Each of the four tasks are preceded by a tutorial section that explains the theory behind how to complete the task. Each of the tasks increase in difficulty and are designed to be completed in the order in which they appear; however, depending on the ability of the class you may wish to omit tasks as appropriate, or use individual tasks in isolation. The worksheet is ideal for use both in the classroom and as homework.

The four tasks are:
– Task 1: To understand and label various degrees of the G major scale;
– Task 2: To identify 10 intervals in the key of C major from notation (note names are provided);
– Task 3: To identify 5 intervals in the key of G major from notation (note names are provided);
– Task 4: To identify the interval at the beginning of a list of pieces of music, through listening and playing.

A limited preview of the worksheet is available from the files list.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to check the coverage of this worksheet against the exam board specification, this worksheet does not intend to offer complete coverage for all specifications.

Update 28/1/2017: Correction of a minor error in Task 1.

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4 years ago

very professional looking resource- thanks


4 years ago

Another nice resource by this author - a 4 page PDF that is very nicely presented and covers this aspect of music theory clearly and in a commercial and professionally created 4 page worksheet

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