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Weimar and Nazi Germany GCSE Edexcel (9-1) Lessons

Full complement of 34 lessons that can be used to teach the Weimar and Nazi Germany unit to GCSE students.

Each PowerPoint takes the same format with a set of lesson objectives followed by slides with activities on. Activity resources are almost always at the end of the PowerPoint with white background. If they’re not then they are included separately and linked to the lesson number. Occasionally an activity will say ‘read information’ and usually the information is at the end of the slides as above, if it isn’t there will be a note to say where you can get the relevant information from (e.g. Hodder/Pearson textbook or online) although this is rare.

Aimed at middle ability GCSE students, you may need to adapt to stretch and challenge or reduce text etc. as you see fit.

Formatted to be dyslexia friendly, clear and easy to follow, I hope these make people’s planning easier!

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  • 1-Creation-of-the-Weimar-Republic.pptx
  • 2-Treaty-of-Versailles-Terms.pptx
  • 3-Spartacist-Uprising.pptx
  • 4-Kapp-Putsch.pptx
  • 4-Kapp-Spartacist-review.pdf
  • 5-1923.pptx
  • 6-Stresemann-Economic.pptx
  • 7-Stresemann-Foreign.pptx
  • 8-The-Extent-of-Recovery.pptx
  • 9-Weimar-Women---Improved-Living-Conditions.pptx
  • 10-Cultural-Changes.pptx
  • 11-The-Early-Nazi-Party.pptx
  • 12-Munich-Putsch.pptx
  • 13-Information.docx
  • 13-Reorganising-the-NSDAP.pptx
  • 14-The-Great-Depression.pptx
  • 15-Who-was-Joseph-Goebbels.pptx
  • 16-1932-Presidential-Elections---Financial-Support.pptx
  • 17-Hitler-Becomes-Chancellor.pptx
  • 18-Consolidating-Power-I.pptx
  • 19-Removing-Opposition-II.pptx
  • 20-Removing-Opposition-III.pptx
  • 21-Nazi-Police-State.pptx
  • 22-Answers.pdf
  • 22-Controlling-the-Legal-System.pptx
  • 22-Starter.pdf
  • 23-Hitler-and-the-Church.pptx
  • 24-Propaganda.pptx
  • 25-Controlling-Art---Sport.pptx
  • 26-Youth-Opposition.pptx
  • 27-Church-Opposition.pptx
  • 28-Nazi-Views-on-the-Role-of-Women.pptx
  • 29-School-in-Nazi-Germany.pptx
  • 30-Hitler-Youth.pptx
  • 31-Graph-frame.docx
  • 31-Graph-frame.doc
  • 31-Living---Employment.pptx
  • 32-Nazi-Racial-Beliefs.pptx
  • 33-Persecuting-the-Jews.pptx
  • 34-Minority-Groups.pptx

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