World War II

14 hours of very detailed, well differentiated and editable lessons with 13 x PowerPoints (one is a double), worksheets, source analysis packs, GCSE style practice questions and also clip tasks and engaging group and individual activities .

This history mini unit centers around the rise of Hiter, the Nazi expansion and military tactics and what it was like to live in Nazi Germany. It is suitable for any KS3 History class as they learn to master the essential skills of examining evidence, making inferences, source analysis, interpretation and assessing significance.


  1. What was the Treaty of Versailles and how did this help contribute towards WWII
  2. What was the Great Depression and how did it affect events in Germany?
  3. How did Hitler and the Nazis rise to power in Nazi Germany?
    4 + 5. What was Appeasement? How did this contribute to the outbreak of WWII?
  4. What was Blitzkrieg and was this always a successful tactic for the Nazis?
  5. What happened at Dunkirk - was this a miracle or a disaster?
  6. Life in Nazi Germany, for women, children and ordinary German workers.
  7. Life in Nazi Germany - how did Hitler control children (2 hours).
  8. How did young people show opposition to the Nazis?
  9. What happened at Stalingrad? How was this a turning point?
  10. What happened during the Holocaust?
  11. Was Hitler one of the 20th century’s greatest leaders?
  12. Homework pack.

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Created: Mar 3, 2019

Updated: May 24, 2019

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