Year 6 Writing Aids
A set of resources available to use to help children's writing that will continue to be developed. They are made with Year 6 in mind but can easily be used for other year groups to aid their writing.

Included so far are:
A general writing help mat
Examples of time adverbials
Examples of imperative verbs
Examples of pronouns
A checklist for some of the different writing genres
Year 6 Moderation grids for working towards, at and greater depth
Prepositional phrases
Punctuating speech
A wordmat/ display poster for each of the openers for ISPACE with lots of different openers within each section and then examples of how they can be used in sentences.
A range of sheets with helpful descriptions for children when writing stories including: describing different features of characters, settings and creating atmosphere through the weather and seasons.
Aspostrophes for contraction with examples
A copy of the short story for working towards (1) and short story for working at expected standard (2) - Get children to assess each piece for strengths and weaknesses (annotated versions also included so children can see why they are what they are)
Year 5/6 Spellings Word Mat
Adjectives Word Mat
Adverbs Word Mat
Definition activity sheets for 5/6 spellings - Get children to use dictionaries to define the 5/6 words so that they have a better understanding of what the word means before they use it in their writing
Differentiated activities based around apostrophes for contractions
Sentence structure activities that work on children identifying different parts of sentences and playing around with clause structures including Christmas ones
Comma activity based around Christmas
Adjective activities based around Christmas
Speech activities
Handwriting activities that show children joins and also where they can make the selective choice not to join
A copy of the letter writing for working at greater depth (1), working at expected standard (2) and working towards expected standard (3) - Get children to assess each piece for strengths and weaknesses (annotated versions also included so children can see why they are what they are)
A help mat with examples of cohesive devices for children to use
A word mat with synonyms for said to aid writing that includes dialogue
Writing prompt cards - Cut these out and use either as instant marking tools or reminders for lessons - 28 cards that work towards the Year 6 writing statements
Sets of 20 pictures with scenery or scenes from films that create great independent writing
Help sheets to improve scientific writing - Show writing progression across subjects


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  • Writing-Help-Mat.pdf
  • Lesson-3-Linking-adverbs-(Time-adverbials).pdf
  • Lesson-4-Imperative-Verbs.pdf
  • Lesson-8-Pronoun-chart.docx
  • Big-Writing-Checklist.pdf
  • Prepositional-Phrases.pdf
  • Punctuating-Speech.pdf
  • Adverbial-openers.pdf
  • Atmosphere-description-1.pdf
  • Atmosphere-description-2.pdf
  • Character-description-1.pdf
  • Character-description-2.pdf
  • Character-description-3.pdf
  • Conjunctive-openers.pdf
  • ED-openers.pdf
  • ING-openers.pdf
  • ISPACE-openers.pdf
  • Location-description.pdf
  • Preposition-openers.pdf
  • Simile-openers.pdf
  • Apostrophes-for-contractions.pdf
  • Short-story-comparison.pdf
  • 5-6-Spelling-List-Mat.pdf
  • Adjective-Word-Mat.pdf
  • Adverbs-Word-Mat.pdf
  • Key-Words-1.pdf
  • Key-Words-2.pdf
  • Key-Words-3.pdf
  • Key-Words-4.pdf
  • Key-Words-5.pdf
  • Key-Words-6.pdf
  • Key-Words-7.pdf
  • HA-Apostrophes.pdf
  • LA-Apostrophes.pdf
  • MA-Apostrophes.pdf
  • Sentence-Structure-2.pdf
  • Sentence-Structure-3.pdf
  • Sentence-Structure-4.pdf
  • Sentence-Structure-5.pdf
  • Sentence-Structure-6.pdf
  • Simple-Sentence-Structure.pdf
  • Christmas-Tree-Adjectives.pdf
  • Claus-Clauses-(1).pdf
  • Claus-Clauses-(2).pdf
  • Claus-Clauses-(3).pdf
  • Claus-Clauses-(4).pdf
  • Comma-Claus.pdf
  • Reindeer-Adjectives.pdf
  • Santa-Adjectives.pdf
  • Lesson-7-HA.docx
  • Lesson-7-LA.docx
  • Lesson-7-MA.docx
  • Lesson-8-LA.docx
  • Lesson-8-MA---HA.docx
  • Handwriting-1.pdf
  • Handwriting-2.pdf
  • Handwriting-3.pdf
  • Handwriting-4.pdf
  • Handwriting-5.pdf
  • Handwriting-6.pdf
  • Handwriting-7.pdf
  • Handwriting-8.pdf
  • Handwriting-9.pdf
  • Handwriting-10.pdf
  • Letter-comparison.pdf
  • Cohesive-Devices.pdf
  • Synonyms-for-said.pdf
  • Writing-Prompt-Cards.pdf
  • Pictures-1.notebook
  • Pictures-2.notebook
  • Pictures-3.notebook
  • Pictures-4.notebook
  • Pictures-5.notebook
  • Pictures-6.notebook
  • Pictures-7.notebook
  • Pictures-8.notebook
  • Pictures-9.notebook
  • Pictures-10.notebook
  • Pictures-11.notebook
  • Scientific-writing-aid.pdf
  • Writing-an-effective-conclusion.pdf
  • Relative-Pronouns.pdf
  • Verb-Word-Mat.pdf
  • Writing-a-descriptive-scene.pdf
  • Writing-moderation-KS2-17-18.docx
  • Discussion-Fact-File.pdf
  • Information-Fact-File.pdf
  • Instructions-Fact-File.pdf
  • Newspaper-Fact-File.pdf
  • Persuasion-Fact-File.pdf

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