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Exciting and interactive resources and lessons for Primary School!




Exciting and interactive resources and lessons for Primary School!
Design A Tablet Computer (iPad) Project Learning

Design A Tablet Computer (iPad) Project Learning

Design A Tablet Computer Perfect for home learning and bringing practical and project learning to life. FREE while schools are closed to get it now! Bring to your class an exciting new project that combines elements of the KS2 curriculum including skills from Design Technology, Computing, Maths and English. Get your class excited about a future career in designing, making and selling. These are ambitious tasks and you can spend one lesson or more on each task to develop your creative ideas. Task 1 - Get inspired by different tablet computer designs and then in teams, brainstorm your imaginative and creative ideas read to feedback back to the class. Task 2 - Start thinking about your design and get inspiration from an Apple designer. In their teams, children design the look of their tablet computer and develop the details of who it is for and what it will do. Task 3 - Feel amazed as you watch how engineers design, prototype and build Disneyland. It’s time to create a prototype tablet computer out of different materials, thinking about size, durability, shape and how it will work. Don’t forget to paint it to make it look amazing. Task 4 - Now you have created a fantastic product, it’s time to learn how to sell your product with this video on persuasive advertising. Use these ideas to create a poster to sell your tablet computer thinking about colourful designs, catchy slogans and persuasive writing. Task 5 - Bring your product to the masses by storyboarding and filming your own incredible advertisement. How will you make people want to buy your tablet computers? Watch this example of how Microsoft are selling their new tablet computer. Task 6 - Now you have your completed design, prototype, posters and adverts, it’s time to sell, sell sell. Invite some friends to see your design and ask them to pick which tablet they would buy. Can you calculate how much money you would earn?