How to show your staff they have a voice

Our latest Wellbeing Report 2022 uncovered issues around staff feeling heard and understood. So how can you address this? 

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Making sure that staff feel heard and understood is always a top priority for effective leaders; doing so has been proven to improve confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness among employees.

However, the Tes Australia Wellbeing Report 2022 found that this still isn’t happening quite enough in Australian schools at the moment. 

We found that less than a third of staff (28 per cent) feel that they have a voice in how decisions are made in their school, with more than 44 per cent of respondents saying that they do not.

Clear, effective communication is key, helping staff feel that they are part of the school’s strategic vision, and that their ideas and feedback are heard. After all, having a brilliant vision for the future means very little unless that vision is understood and shared by the team. 

So how can you make improvements in this area? Our wellbeing survey software, Staff Pulse, can help.

Staff Pulse enables you to:

  1. Gather insights from each department by comparing results from regular, automated surveys (that take staff less than two minutes to complete)

  2. Collect anonymous feedback from staff and let senior leaders respond, opening up the conversation

  3. Explore specific concerns within your school by asking customised questions

  4. Download responses to explore in meetings, demonstrating to staff that their voices have been heard 

  5. Involve staff in the school improvement process and gain buy-in on planned changes with our action plan feature, allowing you to ask staff: how can we improve? What should we do less? What should we do more?

Staff Pulse Testimonial BannerStaff Pulse uses regular short, anonymous surveys to help you to identify problem areas quickly and provide support where needed. You can track trends throughout the year using real-time data, respond to staff comments and create action plans involving staff in the process. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a free demonstration. 


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