Why giving your staff a voice matters

When school staff are engaged in school decisions, it benefits the entire school community. It promotes a better learning environment for students, which raises student attainment and a better working environment for teachers, which increases teacher retention.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Give your staff a voice

When staff feel able to speak out and have the tools to do so, you can identify any issues before they impact wellbeing and job satisfaction.

We know that staff wellbeing is crucial to your school’s success. With our staff wellbeing survey tool, Staff Pulse, you can understand which areas to concentrate on that'll make the biggest difference to your school. 

Staff Pulse gives your school community an honest voice so they can let you know if they need support.

Five reasons why we think your school would benefit from Staff Pulse:

  1. Gain a better understanding of your school: identify areas for attention as well as highlight strengths to be celebrated
  2. Save time: use pre-written questions from categories specifically designed for schools by an educational psychologist
  3. Track improvements over time: send weekly or fortnightly surveys to monitor results and track trends across your school, so you can easily identify what actions are working
  4. Customise Staff Pulse for your school: add in custom questions to your survey to understand specific areas affecting your school
  5. Get honest and anonymous feedback: all scores and comments are anonymous so your staff can feel confident giving honest feedback

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