About Better Voice for Teachers

As a teacher, one of the main assets you rely on is your voice. It can help you hold your pupils' attention and capture their imagination, and is a vital tool in helping you manage classroom behaviour.

Better Voice for Teachers is a dynamic, easy-to-follow online course specially designed to improve your speaking voice and deliver practical benefits in the classroom.

The course uses short films to demonstrate the Better Voice technique and present the simple vocal exercises for teachers. At every stage of the course there are step-by-step pointers and clear progress indicators.

Who should I enrol on this course?

Better Voice is ideal for teachers in all disciplines and education sectors. It is an equally effective technique in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, in classrooms, and on the sports field. There are also opportunities to study the technique further with a view to teaching it to pupils or colleagues.

Key features of this CPD course:

  • Effectively eases the strain on a teacher's voice
  • Give teachers practical teaching advantages
  • Assists teachers in managing classroom behaviour
  • Reinforces classroom presentation abilities
  • Provides teachers with a life-long transferable skill
  • Supports career development through confident vocal presentation skills

Learning outcomes

Given the number of hours a day that you use your voice, it's no wonder that teachers are eight times more likely to suffer from voice-related health conditions than other professions*.

The voice technique taught in this course has been helping speakers and singers get the best out of their voice for over a hundred years. 'Better Voice for Teachers' has been specially adapted to address teachers’ voice problems and help them reduce the strain on their voice.

The vocal techniques that you learn will also offer you other very positive and practical benefits. It will help you speak clearly and confidently and teach you to make yourself heard without shouting.

This will give you a strong advantage in behaviour management and classroom presentation as well as developing skills that will help you in your career progression outside and beyond the classroom.

The Better Voice technique is simple, yet effective, and you can quickly start putting it into practice in the classroom from day one.

Course delivery

The course is a hands-on, practical learning course that uses a series of videos with easy-to-follow instructions to take you through the simple vocal exercises for teachers, step-by-step. The exercises are straightforward with clear video demonstrations and identifiable key stages of progress so you can check how you're getting on.

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*source: NUT in association with Voice Care UK

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