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10 Reasons to do an iPGCE for international teachers

For teachers working internationally, finding the right training and development programme can often create confusion. With countries having different licenses, mandatory training and standards, knowing which programmes will be recognised by international schools can be a grey area.
07 Jun 22

One option is an international Postgraduate Certificate in Education (iPGCE), a course that we offer here at Tes Institute. To help you decide if this route is right for you we have listed (in no particular order) 10 reasons why international teachers would look to do an iPGCE.

1.Supported first steps

If you are thinking about making the move from classroom support to teaching, an iPGCE is an excellent way to start learning about pedagogy whilst also being supported to develop your practice as a teacher.

2.Helps established teachers develop their teaching practice

Our Tes Learn sessions, which are studied online and supported by a Tes Institute pathway tutor, expose experienced teachers to a breadth of teaching practice and enables them to consider areas of their teaching that they might wish to progress.

3.Becoming an expert

The research on our iPGCE is bespoke, this means teachers can really decide what their professional interests are and hone in on specific teaching areas to develop their knowledge and expertise.

4.New career possibilities within teaching

Learners are encouraged to reflect on where they are and what their next steps might be professionally. Undertaking the process of being mentored and working with a pathway tutor, alongside studying the sessions and working on research, can help to clarify what professional interests they have and potentially spark new ones. This could lead to routes in specialist teaching areas such as SEND, literacy and languages.

5.Studying at a Masters' level

Our iPGCE programme equates to 60 Master’s credits, these credits are transferable if learners would like to continue their studies beyond iPGCE*.

6.Learning at a time and location that suits you

Due to the nature of international teaching our iPGCE has been designed with global accessibility in mind. Content can be downloaded anywhere in the world and pathway tutor support is provided via our Learn platform, phone and email.

7.Learning about learning

During the programme, learners will explore the different ways that children can learn, this will encourage them to consider their own planning and teaching and how they can use various teaching methods to inspire their pupils. 

8.Access to current academic ideas

Our iPGCE course is in partnership with University of East London (UEL), allowing learners the chance to access up to date academic thought around teaching and learning, the research that learners conduct will be underpinned by this.

9.Developing as a critical thinker and reflective practitioner

Each module gives learners the opportunity to pause and reflect on their teaching. They can select critical incidents to consider and then research in more depth.

These are key skills of both Master’s level study and becoming an outstanding teacher, and by developing them learners will be able to pinpoint issues in the classroom and find interesting and creative solutions to overcome them.

10.A qualification that is internationally sought after

Programmes focusing on teaching practice and pedagogy relating to English language curriculum are becoming increasingly sought after amongst international schools**. This is supported by a recent COBIS*** report which found 36% of international schools would like to offer ITT/PGCE to existing teachers.

Find out more

Learn more about Tes Institute's iPGCE and how it can work for you. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the programme with our enrolment team please email us.

* You will need to check with your provider if these transferable credits will be accepted for your chosen further study. 
** iPGCE is not a universally recognised programme, please check with the country that you intend to work in if it is officially accepted. This iPGCE course is recognised by the Education Bureau for Hong Kong, the course registration number is 252988. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.
*** COBIS report – Teacher supply in British International School - https://www.cobis.org.uk/news/research/teacher-supply

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