Is Straight to Teaching right for you?

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Is Straight to Teaching right for you?

Year after year our unique Straight to Teaching programme is helping an increasing amount of dedicated school support staff progress their careers to become a fully qualified teacher, with QTS status. ​To complete the programme the basic entry criteria means you have to:

  • Be employed in a teaching role in a school that has agreed to support you throughout the duration of the programme
  • Hold a degree from a UK higher education institution or equivalent qualification
  • Have achieved a grade C or above at GCSE level (or equivalent) in English and Mathematics (and Science if you intend to teach pupils aged 3-11) 
  • Have passed the professional skills tests in Literacy and Numeracy
  • View the full entry criteria under the 'Entry criteria' tab

If this sounds like the programme for you, Programme Director Mike Jones outlines the key aspects of Straight to Teaching and how it can help you and your school.

What is Straight to Teaching and who can apply?

Unique to Tes Institute, Straight to Teaching is a teacher development programme tailored around the existing experience of school support staff to develop them to become a fully qualified teacher:

How does the application process work?

Each Straight to Teaching programme is tailored to the applicant's existing teaching experience, and the application process is your opportunity to provide this detail so that the Programme Director and review panel can give you an estimate of how long the programme may take. Once your programme begins, a Pathway Tutor will build your programme with you and your school in more detail.

​What support do learners receive on the programme?

​Learners receive a great amount of support during the programme. Each learner is allocated a specialist Pathway Tutor who has significant experience working with new teachers and helping them meet the Teachers' Standards. They will also work with an in-school mentor who will meet regularly with you to support your development.

How is Straight to Teaching different to traditional ITT routes?

Unlike traditional teacher training routes, Straight to Teaching is based on your existing experience, meaning it could be significantly shorter than completing a PGCE or other initial teacher training options. It can also be completed at your school, which means you can continue to earn whilst you work towards QTS and the school doesn't lose a member of staff.

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