It can help you to:

  • Develop an understanding of the core transferable skills young people need to be better prepared for the future workplace
  • Include employability skills into lesson planning
  • Review and reflect upon the existing employability provision in your school and how effective it is

Who should enrol on this course?

This short course is intended for secondary school teachers, middle leaders and senior leaders with responsibility for careers and employability, who want to gain the tools to embed effective, holistic employability provision throughout the curriculum.

The course will help you in supporting young people with employability skills such as CV writing, interview skills, problem solving, adaptability, creativity, resilience, proactivity, communication and leadership. It focuses on the key role you can play in helping students to develop the core skills, knowledge and understanding they need for the workplace.

How is the course delivered?

Using case studies and interviews as well as a wide range of activities and resources, this course will help you to learn more about approaches to employability and reflect on where you and your school’s strategy is now and where you want it to go next.


  • Introduction to the course
  • What do employers want?
  • A whole-school approach to employability
  • Reflecting on current practice
  • Building employability into the curriculum
  • The 21st century labour market
  • Personalising your employability strategy
  • Best practice and next steps

Embedding Employability Skills In The Curriculum