BSIX Brooke House Sixth Form College

Hackney, United Kingdom

Location: Hackney, United Kingdom
Phase: Further Education
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 16+ years

About BSIX Brooke House Sixth Form College

Brooke House Sixth Form College (BSix) was opened in September 2002 on a site formerly part of Hackney Community College. Its 1,250 students - drawn from the borough of Hackney and surrounding areas - study a range of programmes from Entry Level to Level 3.

The distinctive ethos of the college is based on the belief that the principles of inclusivity and widening access are not incompatible with those of high standards and academic excellence. Staff joining the college will be helping us to give fuller expression of the validity of that belief than has been the case in recent years.

The college is hugely diverse in the composition of both its student and staff bodies and is committed to the development of its staff as well as to the provision of a broad and flexible all-round education for its students. To that end, BSix is one of five colleges which together make up the London Sixth Form Partnership. This body promotes and organises a number of training events and collaborative ventures which bring together staff from institutions grappling with many common issues and challenges.

Having received a largely unflattering Ofsted report in early 2018, BSix is looking to improve the quality of teaching and learning and the standard of student outcomes in ways which stay true to the college’s fundamental values whilst allowing for new ideas and approaches. Committed to remaining independent and free standing, the college is committed to demonstrating the viability of that strategy in the most convincing way possible – by achieving increasingly better results and returning to strong financial health.

BSix is a good place to work and study, determined to become a still better one in the months and years to come.

Kevin Watson 


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Address: Kenninghall Road, Clapton, London, E5 8BP, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 208 5257150