Frewen College

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Location: East Sussex, United Kingdom
Type: Special Needs
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 7 - 18 years

About Frewen College

Our Aims at Frewen College 

The central aim of our team is to enable each pupil within the school to fulfil his or her potential.

All pupils who enter the school are diagnosed as having specific learning difficulties and/ or associated educational needs. Most of them have encountered difficulties during their previous school experiences. Our objective is that pupils should be helped to overcome their problems in the way that best suits each of them. Every pupil is seen as equal and individual with unique talents and abilities. Developing these talents is central to the education we provide.

We are a community, in which respect for the individual is at the core of our philosophy. Each member of the community, whether pupil or adult, has an important role to play within the school family. It is an understanding of these responsibilities and privileges which allows each of us to contribute fully to the community of the school.

By providing a unique combination of curricular and pastoral strategies, Frewen College strives to provide the best possible education for every pupil. The education we provide allows each pupil to believe in themselves, and to move on to become an included and contributory member of society.

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Address: Rye Road, Northiam, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 6NL, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1797 252494
What people say about us

“My daughter (who was too scared to speak about her academic results, let alone her future) now wants to take GCSEs that may lead to a career in architecture, law or politics. She regularly performs flute exam pieces, speaks or performs to large audiences with confidence that makes me know the school has a formula that works. If you want a school that understands your child’s needs, and who will genuinely work with you to develop the best from your child, then Frewen College ticks the box.”

- Parent of Senior School Student

“Over the past year my daughter has benefitted from the opportunity to experience a vast array of different activities during lessons and clubs including gardening, cookery, art, birdwatching, cricket, cross-country running, netball, swimming, Danish longball and - her favourite - archery (to name but a few!)”

- Mother of Prep School Pupil

“Pupils expressed that teachers are generous, helpful, calm, easy going, thoughtful and kind in their approach to learning as well as their relationship with them as individuals. They further commented that the school was giving them a ‘good’ education and they had friends, felt safe and able to get the help they need to make progress and learn. They stated that teachers explain if they are unsure, always being prepared to restate information recognising this is due to being able to give them more attention due to the small class sizes. As a result they are able to engage in their learning and experience success.”

- Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils (CReSTeD)

“Frewen College has been the making of my son. It took a long drawn out battle to get the LEA to agree to let him go there, but finally it happened and it has been like winning the lottery. We are forever grateful for the wonderful school environment, the life-changing teaching and the very specific, small classes that are so appropriate for young people with the specific learning needs that my son has. The school has been a second home over the last seven years, and we are blessed that he was able to benefit and grow in such a nurturing and positive school. With encouragement, hard work and support every child is carefully led to reach their potential. My son would not be in the place he is now if it wasn’t for Frewen College. I firmly believe this.”

- Parent of Sixth Form Student

“It has been a joy and a source of great pride for me to watch my daughter’s transformation over her short time at Frewen. It is entirely due to the dedicated and patient teaching staff, the therapeutic and safe environment that is created, the time and thoughtfulness which is invested in every child. This time a year ago, my daughter had no future. Now we see a future full of opportunities for her and I can only say a massive thank you.”

- Parent of Senior School Student

The changes we and our family have observed in R, even in the short time he has been with you, have been nothing less than miraculous, and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Parent of current pupil
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