King's College School Cascais


Location: Portugal
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through with sixth form
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 1 - 18 years

About King's College School Cascais

About King's College School, Cascais

King’s College School, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, is opening its doors in Cascais, Portugal. The school comes with a 50-year heritage of academic excellence instilled from the King’s College schools group. King’s is also part of Inspired, the leading global group of premium schools educating over 50,000 students on five continents, and hence will benefit from global best practices.

King‘s College School, Cascais is an international school offering a truly global education and is the only school in Lisbon to offer the full world-renowned Cambridge curriculum up until Year 11 (age 16) and then culminate with the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme in Years 12 & 13 (age 16-18).

The school will offer the highest quality modern facilities, ensuring that students benefit from a learning environment that has been designed for how students learn in the modern day. Facilities include football pitches, tennis courts, padel courts as well as dance, drama, and art studios.

King’s College School joins other King’s Group schools in Spain, Panama, Latvia and soon The Bahamas and Egypt. King’s Group schools have provided children with a rigorous and broad British and international education since 1969 with a focus on developing thoughtful and knowledgeable young people. The success of the group comes from recruiting teachers with the skills and experience to turn the curriculum into dynamic lessons that ignite the imagination.

The King’s belief that child-centred, exploratory learning teaches students to think, question and explore new ideas, complements lnspired’s forward-thinking learning approach.

About Inspired

Inspired students benefit from the unique global connectivity of premium schools that

are anchored in their local communities.

The individuality of every student is unlocked through a holistic curriculum focused on the three pillars - Academics, Sport and Performing Arts, to ensure every student achieves their full potential.

Through this global approach, we aim to inspire and prepare students to be global citizens, ready to seize their exciting futures and truly flourish with the confidence and attitude needed to thrive in their ever-changing world.

Inspired schools are among the highest performing in the world, most are non-selective and are proud to add considerable value to every student. These Schools regularly achieve highly in league table rankings across the world.

Most importantly, Inspired students not only attain outstanding academic results but also graduate to some of the best universities and careers in the world.

The exciting combination of Inspired’s global standings and the King’s College group’s

50+ year history of academic excellence enables students to consistently graduate with exceptional results, with over 90% going on to their first-choice university.

The Inspired learning approach

Our approach is defined by supportive academic excellence and the exploration of life skills to develop students’ self-confidence and self-assurance.

We do this by delivering a focus on the individual and offering a broad curriculum based on the three pillars. Academics are at the centre of our approach but are also complemented equally by Performing Arts and Sport. This rich curriculum ensures that every student can discover their passions and develop their skills. Students are encouraged and supported to excel across all areas, even those they find more difficult.

Our Three Pillar Approach

1. Academics

Central to all our schools, our core of academia teaches our students critical and lateral thinking to inform the understanding and application of a wide variety of disciplines. At King’s College School, we follow the British Curriculum to Year 11 and then the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to Year 13.

2. Sport

Inspired’s sporting pillar stands for health, wellbeing, fun, motivation, self-discipline,

and self-esteem. Whether it’s about involving students in team sports or introducing them to individual pursuits, we aim to provide an athletics programme to suit every student. King’s College School students can get involved in a broad range of sporting pursuits including football, basketball, cricket, swimming, and tennis.

While some students in each school go on to achieve national and international honours, all students benefit from the fitness, enjoyment, and life-long interest that sport can spark. The physical exercise involved also contributes to the mental alertness necessary for successful study.

3. Performing Arts

The arts help to instil confidence and selfassurance within our students to nurture and

develop their interests for life. This confidence is derived from performance, the appreciation of the arts as fundamental to the human experience, and a creative approach to all that our students do.

From drama lessons and public speaking to instrumental music lessons and visual arts, King’s College School students get to experience it all as part of the core curriculum.


Address: Rua Cesario Verde 395, Pampilheira, Cascais, Lisbon, 2750-657, Portugal
Telephone: +351 21 596 6634
What people say about us

“I look forward to bringing my passion for academic excellence and the nurturing of creativity and individuality to build an outstanding and caring international school where students are happy to be part of a truly global education.” “I look forward to bringing my passion for academic excellence and the nurturing of creativity and individuality to build an outstanding and caring international school where students are happy to be part of a truly global education.”

- Robert Taylor (Head of Primary)