Turton School

Bolton, United Kingdom

Location: Bolton, United Kingdom
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: Secondary with sixth form
Funding status: State - Community
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 11 - 18 years

About Turton School

Welcome to Turton School


Turton is a hugely popular, successful and continuously improving 11-19 high school in the north of Bolton. We have a genuinely comprehensive intake of 1650 students, including 320 in the Sixth Form. In 2019, we received 649 applications for our 270 places in the new Year 7. Turton is an equally popular place to work with a stable staff body and a good deal of interest in teaching posts advertised.

Turton prides itself on being both an academic and a caring school resulting in high levels of attainment across the full range of subjects. Students consistently achieve well above borough and national averages at both GCSE and A Level. Our continual quest for intellectual excellence and high achievement enables many of our students to access top flight universities including Oxbridge.


Our Turton values underpin everything that we do here and inform every aspect of our daily interactions with each other in the Turton community. The pursuit of wisdom, combined with a strong sense of humanity is at the heart of all our ambitions for the students and staff at Turton.

Compassion is the key to positive relationships and we see this as a guiding principle that underpins all interactions.

Our aim is to provide a vibrant and nurturing learning environment where students can flourish. We constantly challenge our thinking and pride ourselves on an environment of collegiality and professional development for staff. Teachers at Turton work hard, but they work together in a supportive, collaborative atmosphere, where everyone aspires to be their best.

Our values of courage and wisdom guide us in our endeavour to strike the balance between deeply caring for an nurturing our students, developing, in them, good character and promoting high achievement.


From our feeder primary schools through to university, college or the world of work, our pastoral system and Student Support Centre nurture our young people and aim to remove any barriers to learning so that everyone can fulfil their potential. As well as group tutors and pastoral leaders, an excellent team of academic, community and behaviour mentors offer additional guidance, support and stability to all who will benefit and an extensive and dedicated Learning Support team nurture those with special educational needs and disabilities.


Our curriculum across all subjects is designed on a 21st Century Trivium. In this way we aim to synthesise a progressive school culture with traditional teaching methods.

We want to offer every child at Turton the best education possible, working on the premise that the purpose of education is not solely to get a job, it is to help students thrive, to learn how to think, to become wise and learn about life and to understand life so that they can go on to lead a good life; a life of well-being.


Following the removal of National Curriculum levels, we have thoughtfully re-designed our KS3 curriculum with a focus on the three ways of the Trivium. Each subject has carefully debated and discussed what is required at each key stage, then sequenced their curriculum around a cohesive narrative that takes students on an exploration of knowledge and understanding from year 7 through to year 13. Each year includes a broad and deep educational experience that extends way beyond simply what is required at GCSE.

Assessment in KS3 is predominantly formative, with end of year summative tests that establish whether children are meeting age related expectations or not yet.

The main aim in KS3 is the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the development of a strong work ethic and effective learning habits.


At GCSE we offer a broad, balanced and academically challenging curriculum which prepares students well for their next steps. Whereas in KS3 embedding the grammar (knowledge) elements of Trivium predominates, in KS4 dialectical teaching which helps students to develop as thinkers and philosophers comes to the fore. Practice and self-discipline help prepare students well for their exams.


The Sixth Form offers a broad and rich range of A level subjects to both our own students who stay on and external students who join us for the college years. In addition we offer a small number of BTECs and a world of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities.


We are an open and collaborative school. Openness, trust, honesty and integrity are essential to the way we work. We encourage all students, staff, parents, governors, neighbours, employers and support agencies to become involved in school life. We seek to be responsive rather than reactive. Students, parents and staff know they can come to talk to us at any time to discuss problems and make suggestions.

Turton is a very hardworking, fast moving and forward thinking school. For those seeking the challenge of providing the very best learning opportunities, while nurturing attitudes of compassion, consideration, independence and resilience in the next generation, Turton is an extremely rewarding place to work.

If you find the Turton Values and the job information which follow of interest and you feel that you would like to come and make a contribution to our future development, then we will be pleased to hear from you.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and wish you well in this and any future applications.

Best Regards

Sam Gorse

Head Teacher

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Address: Bromley Cross Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 9LT, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1204 333233
What people say about us

The attention given to students' personal development is a considerable strength of the school and makes a significant contribution to their good achievement and behaviour.

- Ofsted Report (2015)

I think that Turton is amazing because all the teachers are supportive and the are very helpful.

- Year 8 Student

I like the lessons because we learn in a variety of ways - not just from a textbook.

- Year 9 Student

There is a very positive culture for learning and students readily support one another.

- Ofsted Report (2015)

Students are articulate and have good literacy, numeracy and information technology skills. They are very personable and work well with one another.

- Ofsted Report (2015)

The school's work to keep students safe and secure is outstanding.

- Ofsted Report (2015)
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