Islamic ArtQuick View

Islamic Art

Mosaic and symmetrical patterns for children to colour and create their own Islamic style patterns. Links to Maths work on symmetry and could be used as part of an art topic on colour/ pattern. Could be developed into children designing a prayer mat or the carpet for a mosque.

By tp_1986

Art. Complete Art CurriculumQuick View

Art. Complete Art Curriculum

This resource offers 144 pages of detailed Art lesson plans in a linked format. Suitable for both KS2 and 3. This top selling resource has been updated for 2017. Each lesson includes a clear step by step guide for teachers and an information sheet for students.

By StartEducation

Art. Primary Art. 101 IdeasQuick View

Art. Primary Art. 101 Ideas

Does what it says. 101 ideas for Art lessons with children aged 5 to 11. A useful reference for when you need an idea quickly! Ideas cover a range of techniques and materials. A range of difficulty levels.

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Art and Design. Complete Art Curriculum for KS3Quick View

Art and Design. Complete Art Curriculum for KS3

This huge resource (154 pages) offers 38 linked lesson plans, leading students through the key elements of Art, Design and Creativity. Each lesson plan provides differentiation, lesson outline, lesson structure, materials required, and homework. Each lesson also provides a photocopiable information sheet for students, written in a student friendly style. Topics covered include drawing styles, observation, abstraction, figure drawing, mask making, sculpture, landscape painting, portraiture, ceramics, colour theory, architecture .... and much more. The lessons have been purposefully written to lead on from each other, allowing students to build upon their ever increasing skills sets through the Key Stage 3 years. The resource has been written by Mael Matthews, experienced Head of Department, Senior Art Moderator and Professional Artist. They have been used in an Art department judged by Ofsted to be Outstanding. If you have found this resource useful, why not check out more Art resources by clicking here ...... and there are over 600 other Art education resources in the shop. You can visit by clicking here Why not follow us by clicking here for regular Art education news. Please don't forget to leave a comment. We value your views.

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Art Lettering Cover LessonQuick View

Art Lettering Cover Lesson

You could use this fantastic, one page, useful resource in the following ways: Shade in the lettering using hot colours, graduating the colour from dark to light. Shade in the lettering using warm colours, graduating the colour from dark to light. Work within the letters using mark making. Add pattern in the style of the artist being studied.

By TheArtyTeacher

Inuit ArtQuick View

Inuit Art

Do you every get bored of teaching the same blue chip names, like Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh? Yes, these artists are important to know, but there is a whole world of art that children may not have access to. I am doing a five week painting course that will be travelling all over the world, starting here with Inuit Art. Inuit's or otherwise known as Eskimos have a vibrant and colourful style of art that you will never forget once eyes are lain on it. Stylistic with bold colours and black outlines we see Inuit art as inherently one with nature. The kids absolutely love it.

By graceselousbull

Blooms Taxonomy For ArtQuick View

Blooms Taxonomy For Art

I have rewritten Blooms Taxonomy for art. The questions are now art specific. This one page resource is essential for higher order questioning, brilliant for differentiation. This is great for your department handbook! This is fantastic if you want to use questioning in an observed lesson. Why not attach this to your lesson plan? Take a look at my 'Art Questioning and Literacy Bundle' by clicking on the link below, which also contains my Blooms Art Question Cards.

By TheArtyTeacher

Shapes and Patterns in Islamic ArtQuick View

Shapes and Patterns in Islamic Art

Using Islamic Art as a basis to learning shapes and what you can do with those shapes. A cross-curricular lesson for teachers who wish to inspire children with geometry within a cultural contact that may be different from their own. Religion, art and maths combined into one lesson. With lots of PDF activity sheets to use and various ideas for activities and displays.

By graceselousbull

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Art Questioning & Literacy Bundle.Quick View

Art Questioning & Literacy Bundle.

Save 50% on this six resource bundle: 'Talking About Art' starter activity. This is a placemat which gets your students talking about any artwork using sentence starters. Blooms Taxonomy was used to create this mat and so is great for all learners. The 'Art & Design Glossary' is a simple and easy way to incorporate literacy into your lessons and evidence it for inspection. Blooms Taxonomy For Art has been developed to make questioning subject specific for art. This is great for your handbook, great when planning or just to pick up and glance at when questioning a class. Blooms Taxonomy for Art Question Cards - let your students do the work! Distribute these cards to students and let them come up with their own questions to ask themselves or each other. The 'Writing About Art' activity could be a starter or whole lesson activity. Ask your class to write a about an artwork using a range of categories and descriptive words to aid learning. This activity includes instructions and an example. The 'Writing About Art Literacy mat' encourages students to write a sentence about each of the given categories. An example is also included on the mat. All these resources will help you to easily include and evidence literacy in your art lessons.

By TheArtyTeacher

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Art Cover Sub LessonsQuick View

Art Cover Sub Lessons

9 Art Cover Lessons (Sub Lessons) that will really keep your students busy. These worksheets include drawing eyes, features of the face, sweets, natural forms and mark making so it will be easy to find something that is appropriate for your class.

By TheArtyTeacher

Maori Art WorksheetQuick View

Maori Art Worksheet

Great for Primary or KS3 Students. Could be used in a project, for a cover lesson, homework/extension task.

By RND86

Islamic art patternsQuick View

Islamic art patterns

Multicultural activity which involves copying patterns and colouring them in to make nice wall displays. PLEASE REVIEW / COMMENT. If you find any other interesting Islamic art patterns please message me so that I can add them in.

By kmbheck

Le Septieme art- Cinéma-Pourquoi le septieme art? AS FrenchQuick View

Le Septieme art- Cinéma-Pourquoi le septieme art? AS French

This resource file contains teaching materials for the FIRST PART of the topic 'le septième art'. The powerpoint presentation (40 slides) is composed of 4 parts: ' D’où vient l’expression?', 'Le cinéma: une industrie ou un art?', 'les acteurs' et 'les qualités d'un bon film' (with an emphasis on the first part). Activities and resources (video, audio, worksheet) to go along the powerpoint are hyperlinked and also included in folders. There is also a link to an online vocab practice on the topic (Although I am still currently adding words to it) which you can share with your students. The first 11 files are a preview of the zip files and do not need to be downloaded. There have been put up so you can see the type of activities there are.

By laprofdefrancais

Art. AQA A level Art Exam 2017-SUPPORT RESOURCESQuick View

Art. AQA A level Art Exam 2017-SUPPORT RESOURCES

A Level Art support for students and staff. It includes the following: Contents • Introduction • Student information about the requirements of the exam unit • Week by week guide ensuring full coverage of the Assessment Objectives • Homework checklist linked to assessment Objectives • Student Support request sheet encouraging students to really consider where they need help • The History of Art – Notable Periods, Styles and Artists • Component 2 Final Outcome Checklist to ensure all areas have been covered • Art Analysis Prompt Sheet encouraging through analysis takes place • AQA AS Grade boundaries from 2016 as a guide for teachers and students • Securing Outstanding A level Performance in Art - an explanation of the nature of work required to gain the top marks. Also included is a set of copiable report comments for teachers and a yearly organiser to help art teachers plan the year. Both these resources are supplied as Word docs and are therefore editable. Please note. The actual exam questions are not reproduced in these resources because to do so would be a violation of Ofqual rules. This is a set of support documents that are appropriate for all endorsements.

By StartEducation

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Le Septieme Art/ 7eme Art/ cinema - AS French- FULL TOPICQuick View

Le Septieme Art/ 7eme Art/ cinema - AS French- FULL TOPIC

In this bundle: 1. Le septième art- transition lessons 2. Pourquoi le septième art? 3. Les grandes lignes 4. une passion nationale each part includes: PPT presentation of approx. 40 slides (with some answer slides): speaking, reading, listening, writing activities, video comprehensions, vocab tests, homework tasks, translations English to French and French to English, link to vocab learning course. Activities are differentiated Each parts are also available individually for £2 each . Click on preview to see more

By laprofdefrancais

ART. GCSE Art Exam 2017. Developing a Final OutcomeQuick View

ART. GCSE Art Exam 2017. Developing a Final Outcome

Help student decide on an exam final outcome. GCSE Art students have been developing their exam preparatory work for a while and it is now time for them to start considering ideas for a final outcome to be produced during 10 hours of exam time. This step by step guide will help them review their preparatory work and make decisions that will lead them to a final outcome that is clearly linked to their research and the Assessment Objectives. Equally suited to the AQA and EdExcel courses.

By StartEducation