Insects Art - Drawing InsectsQuick View

Insects Art - Drawing Insects

These Insects Worksheets are always popular. Get your classes working in fine liner or complete the sheet in a range of media. This would also be a useful resource for a minibeasts project. Teach drawing skills and fine motor skills. Why not click on the link to my great value bundle!
Blooms Taxonomy For ArtQuick View

Blooms Taxonomy For Art

I have rewritten Blooms Taxonomy for art. The questions are now art specific. This one page resource is essential for higher order questioning, brilliant for differentiation. This is great for your department handbook! This is fantastic if you want to use questioning in an observed lesson. Why not attach this to your lesson plan? Take a look at my ‘Art Questioning and Literacy Bundle’ by clicking on the link below, which also contains my Blooms Art Question Cards.
GCSE Art Textiles GuideQuick View

GCSE Art Textiles Guide

I have moved from AQA DT Textiles to Art Textiles ( OCR) I produced this guide for students ( and myself as I found the course very open compared to the DT version I am used to!) they work through it and tick off elements as they go in each section. It is divided into the 4 sections of the exam board ( Research, development, practical, evaluation) and each page can also be used as objectives on the board for the teacher, which links well to the booklet. I also have a project 2 portfolio ( very similar you may not need both) but includes topics from previous examination papers and two booklets for year 9 to access which is a watered down/ easier to access version of this booklet. Please do have a look at all and see which is the best fit for you!
Le Septieme Art/ 7eme Art/ cinema - AS French- FULL TOPICQuick View

Le Septieme Art/ 7eme Art/ cinema - AS French- FULL TOPIC

In this bundle: 1. Le septième art- transition lessons 2. Pourquoi le septième art? 3. Les grandes lignes 4. une passion nationale each part includes: PPT presentation of approx. 40 slides (with some answer slides): speaking, reading, listening, writing activities, video comprehensions, vocab tests, homework tasks, translations English to French and French to English, link to vocab learning course. Activities are differentiated Each parts are also available individually for £3 each . Click on preview to see more
GCSE REVISION. Art. AQA GCSE Art Exam 2018 Support ResourcesQuick View

GCSE REVISION. Art. AQA GCSE Art Exam 2018 Support Resources

Be ready for January Exam paper handout! This fully editable document provides a support framework for students as they start developing preparatory work for the Component 2 Externally Set Task 2018. Equally suited for use with all endorsements - Art and Design, Applied, Fine art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design, Three-Dimensional Design and Photography. The document encourages students to address all four Assessment Objectives as they develop their ideas. It also sets out a week by week plan for the development of work. The plan, like everything else can be edited if necessary to suit the needs of your students. Also includes a printable Art Analysis prompt sheet to help students analyse the work of recognised artists, a guide to developing a sketchbook and a printable guide to the main periods in Art History. Please note: The exam questions are not reproduced within these documents as this would contravene Ofqual regulations. This document provides a framework / schedule which will allow students to develop work effectively irrespective of the question chosen.
Art. A level Art Exam 2018 -SUPPORT RESOURCES.Quick View

Art. A level Art Exam 2018 -SUPPORT RESOURCES.

A Level Art exam support for students and staff. It includes the following: Contents • Introduction • Student information about the requirements of the exam unit • Week by week guide ensuring full coverage of the Assessment Objectives • Homework checklist linked to assessment Objectives • Student Support request sheet encouraging students to really consider where they need help • The History of Art – Notable Periods, Styles and Artists • Component 2 Final Outcome Checklist to ensure all areas have been covered • Art Analysis Prompt Sheet encouraging through analysis takes place • Securing Outstanding A level Performance in Art - an explanation of the nature of work required to gain the top marks. Also included is a set of copiable report comments for teachers and a yearly organiser to help art teachers plan the year. Both these resources are supplied as Word docs and are therefore editable. Please note. The actual exam questions are not reproduced in these resources because to do so would be a violation of Ofqual rules. This is a set of support documents that are appropriate for all endorsements.
Art Questioning & Literacy Bundle.Quick View

Art Questioning & Literacy Bundle.

Save over 50% on this five resource bundle which features some of my most popular resources: ‘Talking About Art’ starter activity. This is a placemat which gets your students talking about any artwork using sentence starters. Blooms Taxonomy was used to create this mat and so is great for all learners. The ‘Art & Design Glossary’ is a simple and easy way to incorporate literacy into your lessons and evidence it for inspection. Blooms Taxonomy For Art has been developed to make questioning subject specific for art. This is great for your handbook, great when planning or just to pick up and glance at when questioning a class. Blooms Taxonomy for Art Question Cards - let your students do the work! Distribute these cards to students and let them come up with their own questions to ask themselves or each other. The ‘Writing About Art Literacy mat’ encourages students to write a sentence about each of the given categories. An example is also included on the mat. All these resources will help you to easily include and evidence literacy in your art lessons.
Art Peer Assessment | Art CritiqueQuick View

Art Peer Assessment | Art Critique

A great document for students to mark and assess their peer’s artwork. Add one of these to the end of an art project to help your students better understand their successes. Could also be used to assess artwork during museum/gallery trips! This download is one full page of guided comments intended for critiquing significant projects. Illustrated by Lauren Little | @artoflol (one-sided printable)
Christmas Art - AngelsQuick View

Christmas Art - Angels

A ‘Fun with a Ruler’ art project for your students to complete during the Christmas season. There are 3 different templates to create 3 slightly different angels. This project involves your students ruling straight lines between 2 dots on a template. When they have finished drawing all of the lines they can give the head some detail (hair, eyes, mouth, etc) and give their artwork some colour. Included: ♦ 3x templates – black dots ♦ 3x examples – black/white ♦ 3 x instructions ♦ Teacher notes Level of Difficulty: Your students need to be able to use a ruler to draw straight lines between 2 points (the curves are made with straight lines … it’s like magic!). The designs can look more complicated than they actually are. Concentration is required, but the actual process is not difficult. Instructions: Simple, clear, easy-to-follow instructions are provided. One instruction per page (image and a sentence). Display the instructions via a data projector if you have access to one. Otherwise print and enlarge them and/or demonstrate on an enlarged template. Equipment: You need a ruler and a pen (black works best). Something to colour with (eg coloured pencils, watercolours, felt tip markers, chalk pastels, dye, etc) Keywords: parabolic curves, math, geometry, patterns, string art, Xmas © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
ART. Primary School Art.Quick View

ART. Primary School Art.

101 Primary Art Ideas. Don't let Art get squeezed out of the curriculum in your school! 101 ideas for Art lessons for children aged 5 to 11. Quick and easy to use. A useful reference for when you need an idea quickly! Ideas cover a range of techniques and materials. A range of difficulty levels. Ideas to suit everyone!
Tudor ArtQuick View

Tudor Art

A full Scheme of work for KS2 based around Tudor Portraits. Objectives covered include: Exploring and discussing Tudor portraits How to structure a portrait How to observe and sketch faces and Tudor clothing Putting it all together to create a Tudor style portrait. Each lesson includes all resources and a high-quality presentation. Please leave feedback.
The Ofsted Outstanding Art LessonQuick View

The Ofsted Outstanding Art Lesson

This lesson has never let me down, devised as a way for students to show progress and cover all the assessment objectives at GCSE or A Level in one session it enables the teacher to cover the essential elements needed in an observation. It can fit in with a set of lessons exploring creative approaches or be used as an intervention lesson in the middle of project work. Students really enjoy the creative processes here and respond well to the immediate feedback you can give them in lesson with this plan. The LP also come with reference points for AFL, E&D and British Values
GCSE Art and Design infographic - assessment objectivesQuick View

GCSE Art and Design infographic - assessment objectives

A student friendly infographic to guide students through producing an exam or coursework project that meets the assessment objective criteria. A pdf file which can be printed as a bookmark or larger for display in the classroom. A successful way to break down the GCSE assessment objectives for students and get them taking responsibility for making sure their project covers all aspects.
Art Vocab Bank and Sentence Starter help sheetsQuick View

Art Vocab Bank and Sentence Starter help sheets

Set of 3 sheets to help with annotations and analysis of artist's work Pack includes - 1x ART VOCAB BANK 1x ANNOTATIONS SENTENCE STARTERS 1x ARTIST ANALYSIS SENTENCE STARTERS Please leave feedback if you found this resource useful. Happy Teaching. :)
GCSE Art Analysis and Annotation guide sheetsQuick View

GCSE Art Analysis and Annotation guide sheets

Simple and easy to use sheets to help aid GCSE students with analysing the work of artists and their own annotations using key words to structure a piece of extended writing. Can be used as worksheets, posters and or placemats. Please leave feedback if you found this resource helpful! Happy Teaching :)
POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / HomeworkQuick View

POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / Homework

Worksheet for students to create a trainer inspired by Pop Art. Could be used as a cover lesson or a homework task. Possible use in either Art and Design or Design and Technology lesson PhotoCredit Sellers own photoshop files and text - R Evans Pixabay Flicker user - Wonderlane, Mark Anderson Wikimedia Comms Pxhere
Shapes and Patterns in Islamic ArtQuick View

Shapes and Patterns in Islamic Art

Using Islamic Art as a basis to learning shapes and what you can do with those shapes. A cross-curricular lesson for teachers who wish to inspire children with geometry within a cultural contact that may be different from their own. Religion, art and maths combined into one lesson. With lots of PDF activity sheets to use and various ideas for activities and displays.