Art. Complete Art CurriculumQuick View

Art. Complete Art Curriculum

This resource offers 144 pages of detailed Art lesson plans in a linked format. Enough here to cover the whole of KS3. This top selling resource has been updated for 2017. Each lesson includes a clear step by step guide for teachers and an information sheet for students.

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Art Deco ~ Art History ~ Art ~ 153 SlidesQuick View

Art Deco ~ Art History ~ Art ~ 153 Slides

The author is a retired attorney but still producing artist. This is a powerpoint presentation about the Art Deco Movement in Art History. There are actual slides on this page for evaluating the presentation. EXCERPT ART DECO: Art Deco was a visual arts design movement. It first cropped up in France just before WWI began (1914). Art Deco expressed glamour, pleasure, and escape. It mirrored the newly mechanized world yet also drew upon both classical European design and avant-garde art. Art Deco was egalitarian by embracing all art forms. It was not snobbish about what kind of art was “better.” So fine art, sculpture, architecture, crafts, textiles, and so forth were all on the same level playing field. During the Depression, the movies showed sumptuously decorated apartments and gorgeously garbed film stars. This was how the public was exposed to the art deco style. A small percentage of people, the well to-do, were the ones who owned the actual art deco pieces. That is true today as well since they are sold as valuable antiques. Art Deco was adopted the most in architecture, interior design, poster art, furniture, jewelry, textiles, fashion and industrial design.

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Art. A Level Art Handbook for StudentsQuick View

Art. A Level Art Handbook for Students

A fully editable handbook for A level Art students which outlines the course requirements, expectations and structure. Provided as a Word doc so that you can amend it to suit the needs of your school.

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Africa ~ Art ~ Art History ~ African ~ Art ~ 152 SlidesQuick View

Africa ~ Art ~ Art History ~ African ~ Art ~ 152 Slides

The author is a retired attorney but still producing artist. THERE ARE MANY ACTUAL SLIDES FROM THE SHOW POSTED ON THIS PAGE. These slides give you the best idea of whether the material will suit your needs. Africa is a huge continent with many diverse peoples and cultures. Accordingly, African art is not one type of art. It varies considerably among these peoples. The easiest way of dealing with this continent's art is to break it down into regions. There are still differences to be found within the regions but they aren’t as stark. Thus, there are four regions to consider: Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa. Because Northern Africa is adjacent to the Middle East, it is Islamic. Thus its art is also Islamic. North African art is thus studied along with Islamic art and not along with African art. African art until very recently did not follow western traditions of painting, on an easel or otherwise. When it turned to painting, it used dyes, textiles, weaving and basketry. Africans also used more perishable materials, such as wood for sculptures. Masks and human figures were and are made by artists throughout these regions, often for religious ceremonies.

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Canada Art ~ Art History ~ 197 Slides ~ Canadian Art ~ English ~ FrenchQuick View

Canada Art ~ Art History ~ 197 Slides ~ Canadian Art ~ English ~ French

The author is a retired attorney but still producing artist. This is a powerpoint presentation about Canada Art History. To best assess this presentation, study the actual slides on this page. EXCERPT: Painters Eleven: In 1953, eleven abstract painters from Ontario banded together over one shared artistic goal: a commitment to abstraction. Artists called themselves “Painters Eleven” and held their first exhibition at the Roberts Gallery in Toronto in 1954. Group of Seven, Toronto, Ontario: Artists who grouped together to contribute to giving Canada a distinctive voice in painting. The group’s niche became painting the North American wilderness. (Canadian landscape paintings). Its aim was to create a distinct Canadian art through direct contact with nature. Saskatchewan's Regina 5: In 1961, art gallery director, Ronald Bloore, mounted The May Show in Regina. He displayed his own work along with paintings by fellow Regina artists. Regina became a center of modernist abstraction. Regina is in Saskatchewan. Eastern Group of Painters based in Montréal in Quebec. These artists had an art for art's sake aesthetic. Some were also Jewish and they strongly allied together in that niche as well. Members went on to be part of the “Contemporary Arts Society,” made up of Canadian artists who encouraged the public to like modern art.

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American West ~ Art History ~ Western Art ~ Art ~ 203 SlidesQuick View

American West ~ Art History ~ Western Art ~ Art ~ 203 Slides

The author is a retired attorney but still producing artist. This is a complete presentation on the American West's Art History. It is highly visual and thoroughly annotated. There are many actual slides from the presentation shown on this page. Excerpt: Bullet Points Overview Western art embodies the European artistic tradition. It was adapted to suit the American West. “Manifest destiny,” the entrepreneurial push Westward, is an integral part of the white man’s American West. Native Americans are also covered within Western art. The Native Americans’ American West is different from the white man’s. Although it was a physical place, their home, it was also a sacred place and an inherent part of their spirituality. Western art defined traditionally: realistic art work about Indians, white pioneers and the environmentally pure, vast landscapes of the West. Those creating Western art west of the Mississippi today do not agree with this hidebound definition. They believe the art form is capable of evolving and encompassing more modern and diverse styles. The Western art of the past was Anglo oriented. Breaking away from the Anglo perspective to other perspectives is a pent-up demand. The people making Western art now include Americans with Native, Hispanic, or Chinese heritages plus female artists and environmentalists. They all add in their own perspective of their people and the American West. They are a minority though. White males and Native Americans are the most active artists in Western Art.

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Art Nouveau ~ Art History ~ Art ~ Organic Shape ~ 172 SlidesQuick View

Art Nouveau ~ Art History ~ Art ~ Organic Shape ~ 172 Slides

The author is a retired attorney but still producing artist. There are ACTUAL SLIDES on this page for your review. These are your best means of assessment. EXCERPT: Art Nouveau 1890-1910 was an international movement. A unique aspect to it was its being more pronounced in the the decorative arts and architecture instead of painting and sculpture. Thus this was an egalitarian art movement. Art Nouveau means "New Art" in French but English speaking countries use the French, calling it Art Nouveau. It did not give the usual preference to painting and sculpture that they were typically given. Instead, all the arts, and especially the decorative ones, came in on an even playing field. This was a modern art movement. People were given a chance to embrace organic and geometric forms instead of the Victorian Era’s heavy, overdone and cumbersome objects. Flowing, natural forms and angular, sleeker contours became an incredibly appealing aesthetic to them. The principle became: function of an object should dictate its form. Art Nouveau & Graphic Art Mass-produced graphics were a significant aspect of the Art Nouveau Movement. Paris-based Czech artist Alphonse Mucha was the initial and key person with his very appealing posters. His posters soon brought other artists into the same realm and their Art Nouveau works were painted, drawn, and printed in the popular formats of advertisements, posters, labels, and magazines. Glass Art was another big part of the movement. Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York became as one with “the Tiffany Lamp.” But his studio’s work was so much more than just the lamps.

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GCSE Art Exam AssemblyQuick View

GCSE Art Exam Assembly

-Need to motivate a group of GCSE Art & Design students? -Looking for a decent way to get them to focus in on preparing for their exam? -Want to show visual examples of high-quality and poor-quality GCSE exam outcomes? Use this assembly resource to inspire your cohort to start taking some initiative TODAY.

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My Own Art GalleryQuick View

My Own Art Gallery

Use this ppt to inspire Art & Design students to pursue an art-related career as well as enable them to create their own gallery. Featuring: -Assessment Criteria for task -Key Vocabulary -List of Art-related careers -Link to a video clip on 'What Does a Curator do' Student mission: To select famous works of art to make a collection and curate an exhibition in my own imaginary art gallery. -To present my gallery in a unique way on a page in my sketchbook -To give my gallery a name and use an interesting lettering style to draw the title on my page -To use the resources provided as well as researching at home to collect images of art to display in my gallery - To include the title of each artwork and the artists name

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Art. Primary Art. 101 IdeasQuick View

Art. Primary Art. 101 Ideas

Does what it says. 101 ideas for Art lessons with children aged 5 to 11. A useful reference for when you need an idea quickly! Ideas cover a range of techniques and materials. A range of difficulty levels.

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Expressionism ~ Expressionist ~ Art ~ Art History ~ 189 SlidesQuick View

Expressionism ~ Expressionist ~ Art ~ Art History ~ 189 Slides

The author is a retired attorney but still producing artist. This page has MANY ACTUAL SLIDES. The below is an EXCERPT (Bullet Points on Expressionism): ~modernist movement in Europe, initially in poetry and painting ~began in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century with various subgroups. Some of these artists could not work in groups though so remained lone wolves ~presents the world solely from a subjective perspective ~distorts perspective radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas. ~individuals and groups with varying styles who wanted to make an intense personal expression with their art form. ~hated the mores of the bourgeois as well as the desiccated state-sponsored art academies. ~style was: boldly simplified or distorted forms; exaggerated or clashing colors; direct and startling imagery

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Posters, Teacher Art, Wall Art, Classroom DecorQuick View

Posters, Teacher Art, Wall Art, Classroom Decor

Grab this growing bundle of wall art now! Currently, there are 12 posters available and are sized at 8x10 for easy printing. Prints are delivered in PDF format. Affordable wall art for your home, office, or classroom. This is the perfect gift for a teacher or yourself! ***Print as many times as you'd like.*** This is a digital print. Nothing will be shipped. Frames not included. Different monitors display colors differently. Colors may vary from monitor to monitor. Personal use only. There is absolutely no reselling, please. See my store for individual listings. Thanks! :)

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'One Art' - Elizabeth BishopQuick View

'One Art' - Elizabeth Bishop

Two lesson PowerPoint exploring the poem 'One Art' by Elizabeth Bishop. Lesson activities allow for class and individual analysis. The two-part lesson finishes with the opportunity for students to write an extended response on the poem, testing their understanding. This could be completed as a homework task or in a following lesson. Files in this resource: One Art - PowerPoint of lesson One Art - Word document of poem

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Art & Design PLTS BookletQuick View

Art & Design PLTS Booklet

Based on another resource I found on here, with added space for pupils to add examples of work they have created for each skill and a wheel on the back to improve PLTS vocabulary.

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Magazine Cover Art - Adobe Photoshop Complete Lesson (Graphics, Art, Photography)Quick View

Magazine Cover Art - Adobe Photoshop Complete Lesson (Graphics, Art, Photography)

Learners create a Magazine cover using the worksheet and source materials provided. The are encouraged to be creative with text and attempt to fulfil the task to a reasonably professional level. This session is a continuation of the hair cut out tutorial using channels however it can be used as a standalone session with the source material included. Typical Lesson time: 1:5 Hours Lesson appropriate for the delivery of basic and essential Photoshop skills.

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Art. EdExcel and AQA A level Art ExamQuick View

Art. EdExcel and AQA A level Art Exam

This document provides a support framework for students as they start developing preparatory work for the Component 2 Externally Set Task 2017. Equally suited for use with all endorsement and both the AQA and EdExcel specs. The document encourages students to address all four Assessment Objectives as they develop their ideas. It also sets out a week by week plan for the development of work. Included is: • Introduction • Student information • Week by week guide ��� Homework checklist • Support request sheet • The History of Art – Notable Periods, Styles and Artists • Component 2 Final Outcome Checklist • Art Analysis Prompt Sheet • AQA AS Grade boundaries from 2016 • Securing Outstanding A level Performance in Art Please note: The exam questions are not reproduced within these documents as this would contravene Ofqual regulations. This document provides a framework / schedule which will allow students to develop work effectively irrespective of the question chosen.

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Beetles Clip ArtQuick View

Beetles Clip Art

This set includes 25 high quality PNG images at 300dpi with transparent backgrounds. There are 16 different colour beetles and 9 different black & white beetles. Please note that this is a Compressed Zip File. Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.

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Emotions/Expressions Clip ArtQuick View

Emotions/Expressions Clip Art

10 different facial expressions/emotions are illustrated. A fun and colorful clip art set for personal and commercial use. The product is made up of 20 individual PNG files with transparent backgrounds at 300dpi. Included is a set with semi-transparent edges as well as a solid fill version. Please note that this is a Compressed Zip File. Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.

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Art. AQA A level Art Exam 2017-SUPPORT RESOURCESQuick View

Art. AQA A level Art Exam 2017-SUPPORT RESOURCES

A Level Art support for students and staff. It includes the following: Contents • Introduction • Student information about the requirements of the exam unit • Week by week guide ensuring full coverage of the Assessment Objectives • Homework checklist linked to assessment Objectives • Student Support request sheet encouraging students to really consider where they need help • The History of Art – Notable Periods, Styles and Artists • Component 2 Final Outcome Checklist to ensure all areas have been covered • Art Analysis Prompt Sheet encouraging through analysis takes place • AQA AS Grade boundaries from 2016 as a guide for teachers and students • Securing Outstanding A level Performance in Art - an explanation of the nature of work required to gain the top marks. Also included is a set of copiable report comments for teachers and a yearly organiser to help art teachers plan the year. Both these resources are supplied as Word docs and are therefore editable. Please note. The actual exam questions are not reproduced in these resources because to do so would be a violation of Ofqual rules. This is a set of support documents that are appropriate for all endorsements.

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Means of transport Clip artQuick View

Means of transport Clip art

This download consists in 52 png files of different transports, car, tractor, helicopter, rocket, ship, train, motorcycle, airplane and bike. Every transport comes in different colors and in black and white. To develop worksheets or personalized work for your students. Thanks for stopping by!

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Art Supplies Clip ArtQuick View

Art Supplies Clip Art

Art Supplies Clip Art. This painting theme clipart set includes these following images: paint, brush, canvas, palette. You will also get coordinating digital papers. This cute digital clipart set is great for teachers and educators. The collection is suitable for school and classroom projects such as for bulletin board, learning printable, worksheet, classroom decor, craft materials, activities and games, and for more educational and fun projects. You will receive: - Each clipart saved separately in PNG format, 300 dpi with transparent background. - Each clipart saved separately in JPG format, 300 dpi with white background. Commercial license and non-profit/personal license included. Please read REVIDEVI TOU (terms of use) prior to purchase. Link-REVIDEVI Terms Of Use 07509 ART SUPPLIES

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