Y6 SATS Preparation BundleQuick View

Y6 SATS Preparation Bundle

This bundle contains three useful resources to help you prepare your pupils for the Y6 SATS/end of KS2 assessments, plus a bonus poster for the classroom wall. 1: Reading Question Generator: a highly-rated revision resource providing 100 practice questions for the reading test! You can focus on a particular area to revise or use this as a random question generator. 2. SPAG Question Generator: a popular revision resource providing 100 practice questions for the grammar, punctuation & vocabulary test. You can focus on a particular area to revise or use this as a random question generator. 3. SATS Presentation to Parents: an editable Powerpoint to be used in your information meeting with parents and carers, explaining all about the Y6 SATS. 4. A bonus poster with a little rhyme to help pupils keep calm about the SATS! #helpwithsats
Year 6 maths SATs revisionQuick View

Year 6 maths SATs revision

30 activities and resources to prepare your year 6 children for SATs. Useful for classroom revision, starter activities, developed as part of whole less sequences, booster classes or homework.
KS2 SATS Reading Comprehension BundleQuick View

KS2 SATS Reading Comprehension Bundle

Our Year 6 SATS Reading comprehension bundle is perfect for assessment in Year 6 - with timed comprehension papers of 30 minutes. The texts include: 1. Fox on The Run (TES Picks) 2. High Holt Manor 3. Rush Hour All texts are written especially for our comprehension resources. Please contact us if you need further assistance. Many thanks, Tutortastic
Year 6 - SATS - Reasoning and Problem Solving QuestionsQuick View

Year 6 - SATS - Reasoning and Problem Solving Questions

This pack contains 200 SATS style reasoning and problem solving questions. They are designed to be used to help children become independent problem solvers. There are four versions of each question. Version 1 should be modelled by the teacher, versions 2 and 3 should be completed in pairs then the final version should be completed independently. Alternatively these could be used as spaced repetition questions - complete one version each day. The topics covered in this pack are: Number - 80 questions Geometry - 40 questions Algebra - 20 questions Time - 20 questions Fractions - 40 questions I hope it is a useful resource.
Year 6 SATs reading revision- answering 3 mark questionsQuick View

Year 6 SATs reading revision- answering 3 mark questions

This is a very detailed powerpoint alongside lots of guided reading texts for the children to develop their understanding of how to answer three mark questions. The powerpoint takes you through the steps necessary for writing 3 mark answers and the texts and questions help the children practise the skills they have been learning. My class loved doing this and it has really helped them!
SATs Reasoning Daily Revision Year 6Quick View

SATs Reasoning Daily Revision Year 6

Designed and used by a year 6 teacher with a 93% maths SATs score in 2017. This is a 2 week maths cycle that covers concepts for the SATs reasoning test in easy 10 minute starters. This works perfectly to remind and embed all the concepts needed to do well in the reasoning paper. Please check out my other resources by clicking my name at the top of the page. SATs reading comprehension games Reasoning Paper revision Loads of English SATs based writing
KS1 SATs Reading Practice Find and Copy a WordQuick View

KS1 SATs Reading Practice Find and Copy a Word

This resource is differentiated in three levels and includes three or four different text types (narrative, diary extract, letter and a newspaper report) with a range of 'find a copy a word' questions in the style of the KS1 Reading SATs Test. The texts are differentiated for Year 1 Secure, Year 2 Developing and Year 2 Secure. You can find more SATs Reading resources here: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/search/?fwp_subject=reading&fwp_topic=sats-practice
Verb tenses for Year 6 SATsQuick View

Verb tenses for Year 6 SATs

Buy my Present Perfect; Present Progressive and Past Progressive; Simple Past and Simple Present verb tense PPTs together saving you half price. All three PPTs are designed for Year 6 pupils and could be used to introduce each verb tense or as a revision guide. Activities for pupils are included as are SAT style questions.
KS2 May 2017 SATs Gap Analysis / Question Level Analysis (All subjects) SATs PrepQuick View

KS2 May 2017 SATs Gap Analysis / Question Level Analysis (All subjects) SATs Prep

A complete bundle of Gap Analysis Grids / QLA (Reading, GPS, Spelling, Arithmetic, Reasoning 1, Reasoning 2) for the May 2017 KS2 SATs assessments. I have also included links to the papers, the mark schemes and the conversion grids within each spreadsheet. These grids will save you many hours work and will help you quickly identify individual or whole cohort weaknesses in specific areas of the curriculum. The sheets are set up for 30 pupils but more can be added/deleted and instructions are on the first page/sheet. Some cells are locked/protected in this document but the parts that you need to insert yourself are editable. This is so that the formulas/algorithms do not break and render the spreadsheet's functionalities as broken. Please remember to leave feedback as I am aiming to build a reputation as a creator who aims to save teachers time and improve their effectiveness.