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Mega SATs Revision Bundle (+Post SATs Projects)Quick View

Mega SATs Revision Bundle (+Post SATs Projects)

This bundle includes 10 resources altogether. -7 reading and SPaG resources to help support SATs revision. -3 homework or class based projects for after the SATs. These could be used to produce some last minute high quality writing to support writing judgements.

By davlae

Sats Revision Numeracy PackQuick View

Sats Revision Numeracy Pack

A resource to use with Year 5 or Year 6. A pdf file with 30 questions to revise the following topics:- Percentages,Square Numbers, Factors, Multiples, Rounding to nearest 10 and 100, Angle, turn and compass points, Missing numbers,Length problem solving, Time intervals, Addition and Subtraction of money, Area and perimeter. This resource can be downloaded and printed out as a revision booklet for each child.

By teachercellar

KS1 SATs ChecklistsQuick View

KS1 SATs Checklists

A range of whole class and individual checklists to assist with the collection of evidence and assessment of children's achievement in Reading, Writing and Mathematics throughout the year. Checklists follow the interim framework criteria which is used for SATs assessments and moderations. Whole class checklists allow the teacher to have an overview of the whole class and identify gaps to cover further. They include working at, working towards and greater depth. Individual checklists for pupil books allow children to identify how well they are doing and what they need to work on next. Checklists are available using the exact language of the interim framework and a 'child speak' version.

By Pencilplayground

Year 6 SAT's revisionQuick View

Year 6 SAT's revision

Maths revision activity: This includes 63 questions that cover a broad range of topics to help children with revision in the build up to SAT's. Included are reworded questions from the sample tests as well as a range of other problems with all questions aimed at testing children's reasoning and problem solving. This provides the perfect opportunity to deepen understanding on topics children have already covered as well as assessing where children need further work.

By krisgreg30

Area - Levelled SATs questionsQuick View

Area - Levelled SATs questions

SATs - key stage 2 sats questions organised by levels 3, 4, 5 and 6. Mark scheme and notes also added as an additional file. Word files for easy editing.

By eric_t_viking

Spring themed SATs comprehensionQuick View

Spring themed SATs comprehension

A collection of non-fiction comprehension activities for year 2, all with the theme of spring. Each booklet comes in 3 differentiated levels. They are all based on the reading SATs paper, containing a similar style of questions. They are also laid out in the same way as a SATs booklet to provide the children with greater experience. The 3 topics explored in the comprehensions are: What happens in the spring? Spring animals What activities can I do in the spring? PDF file format and editable Microsoft word format included in the price. Buy them each for £2 or all 3 for £2.99 in this bundle!

By blossomingminds

The Subjunctive for Year 6 SATsQuick View

The Subjunctive for Year 6 SATs

A 12 slide presentation about the subjunctive form for use with Year 6 for their SATs. Included is also a worksheet with activities from the PPT. The PPT looks basically at this grammatical concept and looks at the features of a sentence using the subjunctive form and also includes several SATs style questions.

By kubabo

Bar Modelling SATs QuestionsQuick View

Bar Modelling SATs Questions

These 3 questions are taken from the last 3 Maths KS2 Exams. They are in an excel sheet and by changing the date at the top, the worksheet is "regenerated" with different numbers. For each worksheet produced a solution answers are provided. If you like this please check out my KPI Maths worksheet which does the same for the whole Year 6 curriculum.

By iannacconeg

Post SATs InvestigationsQuick View

Post SATs Investigations

Two post SAT (end of year) investigation resources for numeracy. The first includes nearly every strand of the numeracy framework and can be given as a homework or as a class, long term project. Last year I almost went on one of the suggested holidays! The second is a list of ideas for shorter investigations.

By naff

SATs reading revision intervention.Quick View

SATs reading revision intervention.

A Year 6 SATs reading revision intervention for those who are not secure at age related expectations. Ten sets of questions (10-15 for each text) varying in difficulty and links to the free text extracts online, plus instructions, record sheet and new word investigation. Updated with some 2016 SAT style questions. More examples to follow soon. www.theliteracyleader.com

By jimmyrid

Year 6 SATs reasoning revisionQuick View

Year 6 SATs reasoning revision

This is a reasoning treasure hunt I have made to aid my Year 6 children with their SATs revision. I have found they struggle with the reasoning style questions so have decided to expose them to as many questions as possible throughout the day to enable them to develop the strategies to solve them. This treasure hunt contains 25 questions which I have written in the style of SATs questions. To play the game, I laminated the questions and stuck them around school. I also gave them a map, with the locations circled so they could orienteer their way around school but that's up to you! I gave the children 50 minutes to work in partners to answer as many of the questions correctly. Once the time was up, we gathered back in the classrooms and marked the answers together. I modelled how to solve the problems. This game worked really well: it was fun, active and the children didn't even realise they were revising- perfect! :-)

By Becky-Stevie

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Maths  projects/investigations for year 6 after SATsQuick View

Maths projects/investigations for year 6 after SATs

over 20% off! - 3 projects (pizza/smoothie/letters) with practical and cross-curricular elements (including optional practicals) and opportunities to extend. Includes "tes recommended" resource! - 2 team games - Ideal for some post SATs fun and bridging from KS2 to KS3 (also suitable for lower Y7 summer term projects)

By ambowers2

KS2 May 2016 SATs Gap Analysis (All subjects) SATs PrepQuick View

KS2 May 2016 SATs Gap Analysis (All subjects) SATs Prep

A complete bundle of Gap Analysis Grids (Reading, GPS, Spelling, Arithmetic, Reasoning 1, Reasoning 2) for the May 2016 KS2 SATs assessments. I have also included the actual SATs papers and their mark schemes. These grids will save you many hours work and will help you quickly identify individual or whole cohort weaknesses in specific areas of the curriculum. Please remember to leave feedback as I am aiming to build a reputation as a creator who aims to save teachers time and improve their effectiveness.

By Galvanise_