Ratio and ProportionQuick View

Ratio and Proportion

This powerpoint takes students from simplifying to sharing to proportion with a table of success criteria to show how far they've got.
Ratio CodebreakersQuick View

Ratio Codebreakers

One simplifying and one sharing in a given ratio; fairly basic stuff that would be ideal for a homework or starter/plenary. Two lame joke fashioned from my drive to and from school.
Defuse the Bomb - Ratio and ProportionQuick View

Defuse the Bomb - Ratio and Proportion

The terrorist, ‘The Mathematician’ has left clues to how you defuse the bomb 0 you must cut the wires in the correct order. Working up from simple ratio up to proportionality via three worksheets.
Baking Bad - Season 1 - Ratio and ProportionQuick View

Baking Bad - Season 1 - Ratio and Proportion

Help desperate Food Tech teacher Billy Black with his cake recipes before he's abducted by aliens. Clearly a play on the TV show, but an exercise in simple proportion using amounts of ingredients for recipes - the calculations get progressively more difficult.
Spot The Mistakes - RatioQuick View

Spot The Mistakes - Ratio

This is a twist on revision notes. I have written some notes and given examples but there are mistakes that the students have to correct. They must therefore read the notes very carefully and a partner must check their work. The idea is derived from an idea born from a discussion on Twitter (if you're not on Twitter, seriously think about it). I have split the notes up into two bits but I have included the whole thing so that you can chop them up your own way, or change stuff if you want. It&'s a bit of an experiment and we&';ll see how it goes!
Bargain Hunt RatioQuick View

Bargain Hunt Ratio

A themed episode of Bargain Hunt and some ratio problems to solve as a result. Some worded questions for students to pick the bones out of.
Ratio Activities: Batman and Robin PowerPointQuick View

Ratio Activities: Batman and Robin PowerPoint

This resource consists of a PowerPoint and worksheet with answers. The aim is to divide the villains up in the given ratios for Batman and Robin to tackle, then find the ratio by simplifying. Ideal for KS3 and KS4 students.
What Was The Question? - Ratio and Proportion SpecialQuick View

What Was The Question? - Ratio and Proportion Special

Four sets of four problems where students have the answer but there are blanks in the questions which require filling in. This is designed to create discussion in class and hopefully provides natural differentiation (stretch the “top end” by finding the general solution where possible compared to finding a single solution). I will be using these as starters or plenaries as I believe they will develop deeper understanding of topics, but feel free to use them as you like (you will as you don’t need me to hold your hand).
Clumsy Clive On RatioQuick View

Clumsy Clive On Ratio

This was an idea I had in on the way to work one morning - Clive makes mistakes on his homework and you need to correct them, explaining the mistake he's made in each case. I intend to use this as a plenary or starter to check learning etc. They should create discussion too. There are 5 different mistakes to correct.
Prison Bake - Ratio and ProportionQuick View

Prison Bake - Ratio and Proportion

A student gave me the name and I came up with the rest. Simple ratio and proportion. I have done a worksheet but will probably use it as a powerpoint and get them to do the answers. The ratios don't get massively difficult, so more for lower ability I would say.
Ratio and Proportion - Find Your LevelQuick View

Ratio and Proportion - Find Your Level

This works its way up from simplifying basic ratios (grade D/3) to real life ratio problems including recipes (grade C/4) onto conversion graphs (C/4) then direct and inverse proportion including their graphs (A/7) through a series of questions on the topic and more practice questions if required. Students click through based upon their ability to answer the questions and should allow them to focus their revision at the correct point.
Erica's Errors On Trigonometric RatiosQuick View

Erica's Errors On Trigonometric Ratios

Erica has a homework involving the sine and cosine rules as well as trigonometric functions. She thinks she's made mistakes; your students' task is to help Erica spot and correct the mistakes, explaining what she has mixed up. Designed to cover the new A level course and encourage discussion.
Ratio At WorkQuick View

Ratio At Work

This powerpoint uses two scenarios: building site and office. You can choose the order in which you do them or whether to do one and not the other. These are worded ratio problems to discuss and use to establish understanding or encourage verbal explanations from students.
Ratio SpiderQuick View

Ratio Spider

This covers sharing in a given ratio, simplifying and recipes. Each spider has challenges for discussion when seeking solutions. Designed to encourage discussion.
GCSE Ratio and Proportion - Notes and Worked ExamplesQuick View

GCSE Ratio and Proportion - Notes and Worked Examples

This is a powerpoint coveringratio from simplifying to sharing before moving onto proportion. It contains brief notes by way of an explanation, model answers to questions and a question or two for the students to do; all of the questions come with answers that you can display when ready. The slide show comes with a progress grid (regularly referred to in the presentation) so that students can mark their progress from start to finish and pinpoint any areas that may need extra work with a “red/amber/green” system that they fill in; each one is given an approximate grade in both new (2017 onwards) and old system in England. It’s what I use in my lessons before setting tasks from worksheets or text books to practise.
'European Road Trip' Number RevisionQuick View

'European Road Trip' Number Revision

Independent student revision activity. Solve the problems, unjumble the letters and plot my path around Europe. Great revison for number topics. Order of operations, finding fractions/percentages of an amount/quantity, equivalent ratios. SSM Shape geometry, calculaing area and perimeter. Statistics calculating averages.
Building Blocks - RatioQuick View

Building Blocks - Ratio

The next in the “Building Blocks” series going through all the skills that lead up to different ratio problems. I have included simplifying fractions, unit conversion, HCF before moving on to ratio problems of varying difficulty levels. Hopefully this should provide some useful revision tasks.
Christmas Maths Bundle 3Quick View

Christmas Maths Bundle 3

All these Christmas-themed resources are available for free but if you want them as a bundle then here you go. These festive worksheets cover number and algebra including Bidmas, solving equations, linear and quadratic graphs, co-ordinates, ratio, inequalities, LCM, estimation and simultaneous equations.