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Home Learning Art Curriculum

Art at home. Used in thousands of schools around the world. The Complete Art Curriculum updated for 2020. Over 400 pages of info, including 150 pages of linked art lesson plans which take students through a broad and balanced art curriculum. Suitable for ages 10 to 16. Each art lesson plan includes clear teacher guidance, materials list, health and safety, a student friendly support sheet and expected progress information. Updated to include 18 art image slideshows to inspire students, a step by step clay-work slideshow and a history of art support resource. Click here for a free preview of the resource Includes a 40 image slideshow of example student work. Lessons in the Complete Art Curriculum are: Lesson 1 Tone Lesson 2 Observation Lesson 3 From observation to abstraction Lesson 4 Relief Lesson 5 Portraiture Lesson 6 Portraiture part 2 Lesson 7 Portraiture part 3 Lesson 8 Clay Lesson 9 Clay part 2 Lesson 10 Clay part 3 Lesson 11 Colour Lesson 12 Colour part 2 Lesson 13 Colour part 3 Lesson 14 Three dimensional Lesson 15 Three dimensional part 2 Lesson 16 Three dimensional part 3 Lesson 17 Three dimensional part 4 Lesson 18 Human figure Lesson 19 Human figure part 2 Lesson 20 Human figure part 3 Lesson 21 Human figure part 4 Lesson 22 Architecture Lesson 23 Architecture part 2 Lesson 24 Architecture part 3 Lesson 25 Architecture part 4 Lesson 26 Colour abstraction Lesson 27 Colour abstraction part 2 Lesson 28 Colour abstraction part 3 Lesson 29 Colour abstraction part 4 Lesson 30 Masks Lesson 31 Masks part 2 Lesson 32 Masks part 3 Lesson 33 Masks part 4 Lesson 34 Dramatic landscapes Lesson 35 Dramatic landscapes part 2 Lesson 36 Dramatic landscapes part 3 Lesson 37 Abstract landscapes Lesson 38 Abstract landscapes part 2 Slideshows included cover; Autumn Birds Buildings Christmas Dramatic landscapes Fish Flowers Fungi Graffiti Insects Natural textures People Rust Sky Sea Trees Water Perspective Clay workshop
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Art Peer Assessment | Art Critique

A great document for students to mark and assess their peer’s artwork. Add one of these to the end of an art project to help your students better understand their successes. Could also be used to assess artwork during museum/gallery trips! Download the 4 PACK ART CRITIQUE BUNDLE £2.99 Get up to 40% off my Resources at www.FeedingStickFigures.com This is a one-sided printable illustrated by Mrs. Little
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AQA GCSE Art Exam 2020

Get the GCSE Art exam unit off to flying start in January with this resource. We hand out the AQA GCSE Art Component 2 exam papers in January. Support students from the start with this bundle of resources. Included are the following. Question starting point suggestions for Art and Design and Fine Art External task support document for students which guides them through the development of preparatory work that fully meets the requirements of the four Assessment Objectives. A student friendly explanation of the Assessment Objectives which highlights the need to develop ideas. Guidance on how to develop a final outcome. An example of a grade 9 sketchbook A step by step guide to developing a sketchbook. A fully editable letter template to parents informing them of the work that students will be undertaking and how support at home would be helpful. An art history printable. Supporting images for Q1 (Art and design and Fine Art) and Q6 (Fine Art) The 2019 version of this resource was a TES top download. All resources are print friendly. We hope that this dramatically reduces your workload at the start of the development phase. Please note that questions are referred to by number only so as not to infringe Ofqual regulations about reproducing questions. You will therefore need to cross reference these notes with the original question papers. If you would like to only download supporting images rather than everything else offered here please go to the following pages [https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/gcse-art-exam-2020-photographs-of-crowds-of-people-12229399] [https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/gcse-art-component-2-exam-2020-movement-images-12229479]
KS2 HOKUSAI Art UnitQuick View


Hokusai Art Unit 5 week unit Fully resourced and planned Key questions and resources in planning Suitable for KS2, although was used with Y3 and Y4. Powerpoint presentation for every lesson with lesson objectives and success criteria.
Art Annotation Advice for StudentsQuick View

Art Annotation Advice for Students

Want to improve your Art students’ annotation skills?! A one page handout to support students in producing high quality annotation in their Art and Design work. Guidance for writing about their own work, as well as the work of other artists. Easy to follow, the sheet gives hints and tips to advise students on annotation so they get it right. The sheet has been designed with GCSE and A level students in mind, but could also be used with more independent-minded KS3 students. Printable at either A3 as a poster, or A4 as a handout.
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Art Home Learning Week Four

Week four of the art home learning newsletter. Sculpture week. Learn how to create a Giacometti sculpture out of tin foil and an alien from the materials in your recycling bin. Online resource links and a quick draw challenge.
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Art & Design Knowledge Organiser (AOs)

A knowledge organiser that dedicates one A3 page to each assessment objective (AQA) to guide pupils through their course. Suitable for KS3+ Print two pages per A3 and double sided to cut down on printing costs. PDF ensures the fonts stay as the ones shown. NEW*** Editable PowerPoint document for you to change elements freely.
Tudor ArtQuick View

Tudor Art

A full Scheme of work for KS2 based around Tudor Portraits. Objectives covered include: Exploring and discussing Tudor portraits How to structure a portrait How to observe and sketch faces and Tudor clothing Putting it all together to create a Tudor style portrait. Each lesson includes all resources and a high-quality presentation. Please leave feedback.
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Art Home Learning Week Five

A two page pdf with ideas and activities for Art at home, using minimal resources. The theme is ‘doodle week’. Links to online games and resources and a quick draw challenge.


6 Resources
A range of bright and colourful pop art classroom worksheets for leaners both KS3 and KS4. Included… Pop Art Can Design Pop Art Shoe Design Pop Art Handbag Design Pop Art Gridded Drawing Cities, London, NY and Paris. Pop Art Annotation work sheets (multiple artist) Pop Art Luggage tag extension task
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A Level Art Course Structure

This 10 page resource provides a month by month course structure for A level Art. Designed by an experienced A level art moderator and Head of Department. The course is designed to be delivered over two years. A clear framework is provided which will ensure that Art teachers to have a strong structure to work from. It will also ensure that teachers and students are clear of the timescale and deadlines. This resource can be easily used to support the teaching of Art and Design and Fine Art. It can also be used as the basis of a Photography course with amendment. Also included is guidance on delivering an introductory Art project before they embark on Component 1. Advice is provided on delivering drawing and observation workshops, as well as coverage of media experimentation and the study of the work of recognised artists and crafts people. The resource also offers advice on how to support Art students with theme choice for Component 1. This package also includes a bonus resource, an Art student friendly explanation of the AQA Art Assessment Objectives. We hope that this resource takes a bit of the stress out of going back to school this year!
Le Septieme Art/ 7eme Art/ cinema - AS French- FULL TOPICQuick View

Le Septieme Art/ 7eme Art/ cinema - AS French- FULL TOPIC

5 Resources
In this bundle: 1. Le septième art- transition lessons 2. Pourquoi le septième art? 3. Les grandes lignes 4. une passion nationale each part includes: PPT presentation of approx. 40 slides (with some answer slides): speaking, reading, listening, writing activities, video comprehensions, vocab tests, homework tasks, translations English to French and French to English, link to vocab learning course. Activities are differentiated Each parts are also available individually for £3 each . Click on preview to see more
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Huge Art and Design Knowledge Organisers Bundle!

12 Resources
These clear, detailed and visually-appealing resources offer a complete reference point for students learning about a wide range of different artists throughout their art and design study. The bundle contains 12 knowledge organisers, focusing on the following artists: -Andy Warhol -Andy Goldsworthy -Banksy -Claude Monet -Frank Gehry -Frida Kahlo -Georgia O’Keeffe -JMW Turner -Pablo Picasso -Vincent van Gogh -Wassily Kandinsky -William Morris Each organiser contains comprehensive sections on: -Biography of the Artist; -Styles and Techniques; -Life Timeline; -Significant Works; -Key Vocabulary; -How do I create art like this artist? The resources can be adapted for all ages, are best suited for KS2 and KS3 children. The resources are designed to be printed onto A3, and is provided as both a PDF and a Word version (so that you can edit if you want to). All images used are licensed for commercial use and are cited on a separate document (included).
Art Vocab Bank and Sentence Starter help sheetsQuick View

Art Vocab Bank and Sentence Starter help sheets

Set of 3 sheets to help with annotations and analysis of artist's work Pack includes - 1x ART VOCAB BANK 1x ANNOTATIONS SENTENCE STARTERS 1x ARTIST ANALYSIS SENTENCE STARTERS Please leave feedback if you found this resource useful. Happy Teaching. :)
GCSE Art Year 11 "Identity" Unit ResourcesQuick View

GCSE Art Year 11 "Identity" Unit Resources

A tried and tested project on “Identity” for GCSE Art. Taught to year 11 for their coursework unit. In this bundle you will find resources for both student and teacher including: A Coursework tracker (split over two documents) for students outlining and explaining all works/homeworks for the unit. A tracker for the teacher (split over two documents) allowing the teacher to follow and monitor student progress. A powerpoint introducing the topic of “Identity” and explaining the Assessment Objectives. A summer task worksheet introducing the topic of “Identity”, set prior to starting the unit itself (year 10 summer holiday). A mock exam booklet for students on the day of their mock exam, outlining tasks and expectations with visual exemplars. Revision sheets of artists to support.
Maori ArtQuick View

Maori Art

On our art journey around the World we stop off in New Zealand to study some traditional Maori Art. This lesson is broad enough for those in KS2 and KS3. We explore the forms, shapes, designs and symbolism of traditional 'Ta-Moko&' masks. We look at the culture and meaning behind them. Using art to stimulate learning of a different culture to our own, students will be learning a little about another history and geography of these people. Many activity ideas at the end and activity sheets for the younger ones.
Elements of ArtQuick View

Elements of Art

This is a PowerPoint that defines visually what the Elements of Art art- Color, Value, Line, Texture, Shape, Form, Space. These Elements will help people express ideas and concepts visually. This PowerPoint can lead into many art projects, writing assignments, or creative thinking exercises.
Blitz ArtQuick View

Blitz Art

Two lesson art plan based on a Blitz landscape. Features colour mixing paint for the background and adding layers with other materials for the foreground. Notebook file features silhouette images and ideas from another resource found on TES. I have added my own ideas and thoughts to it and a lesson plan.