ADHD CPD PresentationQuick View

ADHD CPD Presentation

ADHD presentation used for CPD to explain what ADHD is and how teachers can best help students in their lessons. Strategies and guidance included.
Inclusion Briefing: ADHDQuick View

Inclusion Briefing: ADHD

A 'one-side-of-A4' guide, with a description of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and classroom strategies, designed for secondary school subject teachers of students with this condition.
SEND CPD (ADHD / Asperger Syndrome / Autism)Quick View

SEND CPD (ADHD / Asperger Syndrome / Autism)

This is an SEND CPD resource. There is information about ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism as well as strategies that could be used within the classroom when teaching students with these conditions. There is a combination of information slides and activities that staff can do to support the teaching of students with these conditions.
ADHDQuick View


Mindmap of some of the struggles a child with ADHD faces and some classroom strategies
Understanding ADHDQuick View

Understanding ADHD

This is a workpack to help children diagnosed with ADHD to understand their diagnosis and help find strategies to manage daily.
Introduction to ADHDQuick View

Introduction to ADHD

A short introduction to ADHD and how it affects an individual. Personally created to inform individuals. Use in the classroom or at home to spread awareness and inclusion.
Understanding ADHDQuick View

Understanding ADHD

I have created this document to help people understand individuals with ADHD. This infohraphic includes common symptoms, basic treatment methods and other common comorbidities. I carried out all research and used my extensive knowledge in the field to create this handy guide.
Adult ADD/ADHD Training Material and SupportQuick View

Adult ADD/ADHD Training Material and Support

This resource is a total of fifty-one slides to use as a presentation for older teenagers, young adults, college students, older adults, parents, etc. The material discussed is that of thirteen strategies that adults can adopt and implement for success in life.