Badminton BattleshipsQuick View

Badminton Battleships

Developing the badminton forehand and backhand serves. A fun game to get the class involved in the different placements of the serve. Can used in pairs or in teams.
Badminton ResourcesQuick View

Badminton Resources

15 Differentiated badminton resources for each of the core skills utilised within badminton. Resource cards provide opportunities for student led activities as well as peer and self assessment opportunities.
Sport Education - BadmintonQuick View

Sport Education - Badminton

Here is all you need to create a sport education pack for badminton. This will give you a break down of the different roles, peer assessment sheets, score sheets and some drill practice sheets.
Badminton Basic Rules SheetQuick View

Badminton Basic Rules Sheet

Can be used for all groups when doing Badminton, KS3/4/5 with all the information that is required to play, officiate and score a game. Fits nicely so that it can be printed as a 2-sided laminated resource card that will last forever.
Badminton SOWQuick View

Badminton SOW

This scheme of work is for both KS3 & KS4 and has proved really useful in helping to teach a sport that pupils really enjoy.
Complete set of Badminton ResourcesQuick View

Complete set of Badminton Resources

A complete set of badminton resource cards, covering every shot used in the game, as well as service and shot cycle cards. These resources are all that you need in order to teach badminton to any age group to Outstanding level.
BadmintonQuick View


Badminton progress sheet. Allows students to complete a number of differentiated tasks. Complete with a success criteria for students to understand where they are in their learning.
Badminton CircuitQuick View

Badminton Circuit

Images of a badminton circuit. Focuses on Rally, Doubles, Overhead Clear, Serve and Drop shot. Differentiated.
Badminton student bookletQuick View

Badminton student booklet

This booklet describes the skills and techniques in badminton. It includes: the GCSE badminton specification, the rules of badminton, court diagram for singles and doubles, grip breakdown, stroke cyle and characteristics of skill, including diagrams/pictures and teachnique for each shot. Can be used for KS3 and KS4, ready to print off.
Badminton Bingo Task CardQuick View

Badminton Bingo Task Card

A differentiated badminton bingo task card to assess sporting ability, officiating and general understanding of badminton all inside 1 lesson. It allows all levels of ability to achieve success through the use of differentiation by outcome
Badminton Games WorksheetsQuick View

Badminton Games Worksheets

Here are a lot of different badminton games that you can use in your class. You can print them and let the students take charge within the lesson. It has progressions and differentiations for each of the different games.
Badminton scenariosQuick View

Badminton scenarios

A worksheet designed to test knowledge of badminton rules. Originally designed for BTEC Unit 2. Worksheet has 9 questions and requires prior knowledge of badminton rules with some questions requiring advanced knowledge of rules and match play scenarios.
Badminton - DrivesQuick View

Badminton - Drives

This is a Badminton Lesson Plan focusing on drives. It is a 1hr lesson plan but could easily be extended for longer or adpated to be shorter
Badminton BingoQuick View

Badminton Bingo

A fun and engaging way of getting pupils to play matches with classmates. The bingo card has a range of challenges in it as well as a differentiation technique to match the ability of the pupils. This also improves communication and literacy levels in Physical Education.
Badminton - FootworkQuick View

Badminton - Footwork

This is a Badminton Lesson Plan focusing on footwork. It is a 1hr lesson plan but could easily be extended for longer or adpated to be shorter.
Badminton - SmashQuick View

Badminton - Smash

This is a Badminton Lesson Plan focusing on the smash. It is a 1hr lesson plan but could easily be extended for longer or adpated to be shorter.
Scoring in Badminton SinglesQuick View

Scoring in Badminton Singles

Double sided resource card to help students officiate and score in badminton. Good for BTEC Level 2 practical element of Unit 2 Roles and responsibilities of officials Also go as a non doer task.
Badminton Lesson Plan (Outstanding)Quick View

Badminton Lesson Plan (Outstanding)

A very detailed 60 minute model lesson plan for badminton, focussing on the short serve. Very detailed learning objectives, assessment, differentiation, diagrams and content included in 3 pages of in-depth specialist subject knowledge. Perfect for a trainee wishing to view an outstanding lesson plan, or for an experienced teacher wishing to make use during lesson time. Focussed on KS3/4 (year 9/10) students wishing to perfect their short serve, with specific drills to enable maximum participation and achievement, as well as extend learning and challenge higher-end students.
Badminton WorkbookletQuick View

Badminton Workbooklet

Badminton work booklet designed to allow students to peer assess each other. Information about all serves and shots included.