Christmas mega quiz, Christmas science, Christmas maths, Christmas English, Christmas GeographyQuick View

Christmas mega quiz, Christmas science, Christmas maths, Christmas English, Christmas Geography

Mega Christmas Quiz - based around xmas and split into rounds including (in no particular order): Maths English Films Biology Chemistry Physics Geography Pop music Sport Thinking Observation Lots of xmas quiz questions, images, animations, up and about game, over 200 power point slides (which took approximately 18 hours of work to create). All answers are provided. Based around Christmas throughout. Great fun for you and your classes ! Can be used across Key Stages. As a thank you for the excellent cancer treatment I received this year, 100% of the money received by Barclayfox for this Mega Christmas Quiz will be donated to the NHS Hospital 'University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire' (which used to be called 'Walsgrave hospital' in Coventry). I thought this was a way I could raise some funds for the hospital as I'm unlikely to be running a marathon any time soon. Please consider purchasing this lesson and leaving a positive review, and advertising it to your colleagues using facebook / twitter. Thank you for your help ! Happy Christmas, and sincere best wishes of the season to you all !! :-) Barclayfox.

By barclayfox

Christmas QuizQuick View

Christmas Quiz

6 rounds (78 slides) Round 1- music Round 2- picture round Round 3- sound bites Round 4- spot the difference Round 5- identify the object Round 6- Christmas carols

By viablered

Christmas Quiz (Mr Douglas Famous Christmas Quiz)Quick View

Christmas Quiz (Mr Douglas Famous Christmas Quiz)

LINK TO MY SUMMER QUIZ Every year I make my famous Christmas Quiz. The kids in my school love taking part in them. Even classes I don't teach stop me in and out of school just to tell me how fun the quiz was. So I have decided to share my quiz with TES. The quiz runs by itself and requires little input from the teacher. This allows the teacher to get on with some marking. Instructions: 1. Download 2. Extract Folder 3. Double Click the Play File 4. Enjoy Rounds: 1. General Christmas Knowledge (10 Questions) 2. Adverts (5 Questions Picture Round) 3. Movies (10 Questions, pupils watch a 20 seconds clip) 4. Christmas Logos (5 Questions) 5. Name all 9 Reindeer 6. Music (10 Questions, pupils listen to a 20 seconds clip) 7. Toys (10 Questions Picture Round) 8. Guess the movie/song from the picture code (10 Questions) 9. Celebrities dressed as Santa etc. (10 questions) Over 60 questions: Designed to last the whole lesson Quiz includes a timer on each slide with quiz music to increase excitement within the classroom. Answers will appear at the end of the PowerPoint. This allows pupils to mark each others answers. Your pupils will love this. Please review . Thanks and Merry Christmas

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Christmas Quiz 2016Quick View

Christmas Quiz 2016

A Christmas Quiz for the end of 2016. It was originally written as a staff quiz but it has the potential to be used with students too - especially the music and celebrity rounds. Rounds include: 2016 General Knowledge, Celebrity Faces, Sport, Music of 2016, Christmas Song Lyrics, Band Aid 30 Who's Who, Movies of 2016, Festive Knowledge, Christmas Adverts. The content has been cobbled together from lots of different internet sources - I've just given it a structure and made it look interesting. I do not own any copyright here. I've tried to embed all media needed but please contact if you require support with anything. All money raised will be donated to the Children's Acute Transport Service (CATS) who helped save my son's life this summer.

By scoob_a

Science Christmas Quiz 2016Quick View

Science Christmas Quiz 2016

Christmas Quiz for use within Science lessons towards the end of term. There are 13 Quiz rounds to choose from (I usually have the folder open on the board and let one team at a time choose which round we do). There are several science based rounds, as well as some generic Christmas and music rounds.

By fosterpaul

CHRISTMAS QUIZ - Slideshow Edition.Quick View

CHRISTMAS QUIZ - Slideshow Edition.

Downloaded over 1000 times globally over the last week. Get your copy and give students a Christmas challenge with this big, challenging Christmas quiz. 40 questions that will really challenge students knowledge about all things to do with Christmas. This is quite a tricky quiz and has been written with Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 in mind. Provided in easy to print list form and also as a visually festive slideshow with a slide per question so that questions can be displayed on the whiteboard. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Start Education!

By StartEducation

Christmas Quiz 2016Quick View

Christmas Quiz 2016

8 rounds with answers and embedded music quiz. Round 1 - Celebrity Santa - 10 questions Round 2 - Christmas Trivia (multiple choice) - 10 questions Round 3 - Scene it (movie and year of release) - 10 questions Round 4 - Christmas crackers (finish the joke) - 10 questions Round 5 - Music (embedded in PowerPoint) - 10 questions Round 6 - Christmas cities - 6 questions Round 7 - Anagrams - 12 questions Round 8 - Sweet wrapper - 14 questions Tie breaker IF YOU TEACH AT ASAP PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

By YasmineJade

Christmas quizQuick View

Christmas quiz

A slideshow I have put together to use as a popular music/culture quiz towards the end of term. Films Lyrics Famous cities Secret Santa (celebs) Emoji songs Carol lyrics

By jobaker44

2016 End of Year Christmas QuizQuick View

2016 End of Year Christmas Quiz

End of Year Quiz 2016 Suitable for all year groups. 1-2 lessons All created by myself so no duplicate questions you'll have seen elsewhere Round 1: Distorted 2016 movie posters Round 2: Guess the 2016 song, given the intro Round 3: Celebrity dingbats Round 4: Christmas Round 5: In the news 2016, question per month Round 6: Maths - anagrams and logic puzzles Round 7: Guess the logo/brand, given a small part of it. All answers and sound clips / images included.

By cheryl208



Brilliant 2016 Christmas quiz to end the year with! OUTSTANDING RESOURCE – VERY SIMPLE TO LEAD AND LOTS OF FUN FOR YOUR STUDENTS! Guaranteed success. You have the ability to edit, save and modify files. I have tested it on my students from years 7-11, a range of questions easy, medium and challenge! Students engaged learning and having fun. 6 ROUNDS BASED ON WHATS HAPPENED THIS YEAR 2016! CATEGORIES ARE SPORT, MUSIC, GEOGRAPHY, POP CULTURE, NEWS, CHRISTMAS. 5 QUESTIONS in each round. 30 questions in total. Divide the class up or do it individually your choice, Very clear and simple to use and follow. Bring a bit of Christmas joy to your classroom, whilst also getting your students learning. FUN FOR ALL! I hope you enjoy using this as much as I did. Please give me feedback as I am interested in finding out if this resource was successful for you and your class. 18 Slide PowerPoint, with answer slide at back if required (slide 18),Word document answer sheet for each group to collate answers,

By MediaShop

KS2 Christmas Quiz 2016Quick View

KS2 Christmas Quiz 2016

A Christmas Quiz, pupil answer sheet and teacher answer sheet created especially for 2016. Appropriate for KS2 and some KS3. All feedback welcomed :) Quiz Categories - 2016 2016 Kids Movies Christmas Songs 2016 Songs Name that person! General Knowledge To play the songs, click the image on the slide, and the song will start. It is about 20 seconds for each song.

By dralph1992

Christmas 2016 QuizQuick View

Christmas 2016 Quiz

A Fully resources quiz with 10 rounds and Team Answer Sheet: (All answers run through on PPT) Round 1: Christmas Films (5 questions) Round 2: Christmas Songs (5 questions) Round 3: Christmas covered Celebs (5 questions) Round 4: This Year in pictures (12 questions) Round 5: Christmas Catchphrases (5 questions) Round 6: Christmas Close Up (5 questions) Round 7: Christmas TV Specials (5 questions) Round 8: Christmas Trivia (5 questions) Round 9: General Knowledge (5 questions) Round 10: Find the Christmas Items (1 question) Total: 53 questions, 111 slide PPT and Answer Sheet attached

By teachgeogblog

Christmas CoordinatesQuick View

Christmas Coordinates

Christmas Coordinates: 4 Quadrant - Elf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Rudolf (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Santa (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Rudolf (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Frosty (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Holly (1x1cm) Enjoy!!! When i get a chance will make the following. 1 Quadrant (SEN Friendly) - Christmas Pudding (1x1cm) 1 Quadrant - Mistletoe (5x5mm) 1 Quadrant - Fireplace (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Holly (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Angel (5x5mm) 2 Quadrant - Tree and Presents (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Robin (5x5mm) 4 Quadrant - Frosty (5x5mm)

By DNewley

Christmas ActivitiesQuick View

Christmas Activities

Here are a few worksheets to keep children busy during this busy/hectic/most wonderful time of the year :D Some of them might need a bit of jazzing up or the children can do it themselves!

By gemraroloz

Christmas CodebreakersQuick View

Christmas Codebreakers

Three codebreakers ranging from easy to difficult as you go through them, but all with a Christmas joke (made up by me, so I apologise now) and with all the questions being Christmas-y too. All sorts of topics covered. Hopefully errors corrected (I found one on each sheet!).

By alutwyche