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Drama Home Learning Bundle

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This is a bundle of Drama home learning resources that have been used with KS3 students - but could be easily adapted to KS4. There are 8 weeks of content - with each week giving students an option of tasks to select from.
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Drama Escape Room

Brand New KS3 DRAMA Escape Room Virtual Escape Room by Cre8tive Resources! Let your drama students become Codebreakers and try to escape the theatre by taking the right door! Perfect for a lesson with no tables (or just put out 6 Team tables). This lasts an hour or under depending on how quick the teams can solve each puzzle! Students love this style of lesson, great as an educational treat for your class. C8/ES/20 Perfect for engaging those boys we all know and love to teach :) How can this resource be adapted for social distancing? Upload / send the sheets digitally so students can work independently through them (don’t use the keys or PPT tracker if so) Could use as part of a Recovery Curriculum Set the 7 Puzzles for Homework Pairs instead of groups ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Product Contents: ☞ Escape Room Interactive Tracker PowerPoint - Keeps the competitive nature on display ☞ Escape Room Puzzle Keys (Six Sets for Six Teams) ☞ Escape Room Team sheet - Record codes, answers clues as they progress through the 7 rooms ☞ Escape Room Puzzles (7 Rooms = 7 Different styles of Puzzles involving numeracy, literacy and lateral thinking) ☞ Teacher Answer Sheet - Quickly confirm to teams they have solved the puzzle correctly ☞ Teacher instructions of how to set up the escape room and what to print and top tips and shortcuts. ☞ Successful Escape Certificates for those that complete the entire challenge (There is a difficult bonus escape too :) for any quick teams ☞ The 7 Rooms each have a specific Puzzle that has been adapted to suit the topic of this Escape Room and is suitable to KS3 and KS4 Student ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ You may want to check out some of our other great DRAMA resources: Dramatic Works and Theories Christmas Drama Escape Room Stage Production Drama Christmas Bundle Greek Theatre Top Selling Drama Escape Twelfth Night Why is reading Important Assembly
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Distanced Drama: Page to screen KS3 drama

This is a six week scheme of work designed for a socially distanced drama classroom or for a teacher who wants to explore film with KS3. Over the period of 6 weeks students will explore the process of transferring a story onto the big screen. In this pack you will find 6 weeks worth of powerpoints 6 Lesson plans Student work booklet Students will create their own story Explore plot diagrams Examine and use different camera angles Create a film story board Examine the features of a screenplay Write their own screenplay Examine film marketing Analyse film posters Create their own poster Analyse a film review Write their own film review Perform their own review whilst examining vocal performance skills. I used a form of this during lockdown with year 8 but have adapted and added it to it to suit the classroom. Student engagement was fantastic- they were really interested and created some brilliant work. There are two moments in this scheme where students ideally need use of a phone. However this can be easily adapted if it goes against your school policy/if students don’t have access to one. There is also one lesson that would work better in computer room but can be done hand written if this is not possible. I also have other schemes available :)
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Distance Learning KS3 Drama

This is 5 weeks worth of home learning activities for KS3 Drama students and includes different activities for year 7 and 8 students . Each week has an appreciation, creative and performing task for students to select from and submit. Some of the creative tasks have been inspired/adapted from work from other practitioners. Each activity has an explicate intention for students to support intent>implement> impact. :)
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Blood Brothers Drama Revision Booklet

A 35 page revision booklet on the musical Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. It was written to support Drama written exam components- Originally based on OCR but will work with other exam boards. The booklet covers-Key Words, Plot and Structure, Themes, Social, Historical and Cultural Context, Genre, Style and Conventions, Characters, Performance Space, Set, Costume, Props, Sound and Lighting Design and Direction of Key Scenes. There are exam questions for students to answer throughout the booklet.
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Responding to a stimulus (Drama SOW)

The overall aims of this scheme of work is to encourage students to be more creative in their devised performances. This SOW is aimed at KS3 and would be perfect for a Year 8 or Year 9 class. It could also be adapted for a younger class or GCSE. The aims of the SOW include: learn what a stimulus is explore a range of auditory stimuli respond to a range of auditory stimuli devise performances to music work with a section of script complete a practical assessment complete a written assessment The PowerPoint is ready to be used in lessons and all resources are included in the slides. It includes 7 lessons. *I do not own any of the media, images, script or music used in unit of work
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Year 7 Drama Pantomime

The resource consists of 8 Pantomime power point lessons: Power point 1- To understanding what Commedia Del’Arte is and a Stock Character. Power point 2- Stock Characters. Power point 3- To Understand what slapstick comedy is. Power point 4- To understand what audience participation is. Power point 5- Plot and Narration. Power point 6- Developing Pantomime. Power point 7- Scripted Performance. Power point 8- Filmed Assessment.l
GCSE Drama Noughts and CrossesQuick View

GCSE Drama Noughts and Crosses

7 Resources
This super bundle includes over 120 activities on Noughts and Crosses that can be used as individual DNA/homework tasks, revision and home learning packs, or cover work. With a scene by scene breakdown, (with at least one activity per scene) tasks explore character and script analysis. AQA exam questions are embedded throughout with a focus on both performers and designers (lighting, costume,sound and staging/set).
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Drama Home Learning - Radio Plays

A 6-week Scheme of Work designed for Home Learning, which can also easily be switched into a classroom environment. This Scheme covers the history of Radio Plays, sound effects, stage directions and adapting dialogue for Radio. Scheme of Work includes PowerPoints for each lesson (as well as an overall PowerPoint), a work booklet for students, an answer booklet for teachers, and a feedback form for the final task (a Radio Script). As always, if you find any issues / teething problems, let me know and I will correct the online versions so you can download the new versions free of charge.
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Complete Introduction to Drama Scheme of Work.

This is a fully loaded 15 lesson scheme of work that is an enjoyable, engaging, active and fun introduction to drama. Ideal for use at the start of a new academic year or for any class that are unfamiliar with the basic conventions of drama. Not only will students enjoy a range of practical activities, they will also learn a whole host of important drama skills which will make them strong, well rounded performers. Lessons in the scheme run as follows: Lessons 1-3 - Drama games - 20 games, fully explained, that are guaranteed winners for any group Lesson 4 - Voice work Lesson 5 - Freeze Frames Lesson 6 - Thought Tracking Lesson 7 - Mime Lesson 8 - Levels and Proxemics Lesson 9 - Soundscaping / Off Stage Drama Lesson 10 - Mime Lesson 11 and 12 - Improvisation and Developing a Concept Lessons 13 and 14 - Rehearsal - highly structured lesson with guidance on good rehearsing. Choice of 3 assessment tasks for teacher to choose from Lesson 15 - Performance and Evaluation (evaluation can take the form of an extended activity to be completed in a separate lesson) The scheme now includes a series of knowledge organisers that you can use with your students to revisit key concepts! Ideal for less experienced teachers and non-subject specialists as well as more experienced drama teachers. Engaging and fun PowerPoints with very little adaptation required. Tasks are accompanied by supporting notes where necessary so that all tasks are easy to follow and teach. A complete and fully resourced scheme of work designed to engage students from lesson 1 and make Drama the subject they all talk about! Ideal for building strong, well rounded and skilled performers. Would suit key stage 2, 3 and 4. For some reason the preview feature doesn’t seem to work properly on some of the resources but they all download fine and are formatted correctly when downloaded. If you loved the resource and think it’s worth 5*, why not get another one absolutely free? Simply leave your review, email ireviewedajs@outlook.com with your TES username and the free resource you would like and your free resource* will be sent over right away! free resource cannot exceed value of original purchase
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KS3 Online Drama!

Research project of a famous or infamous icon. Students write their own monologues from their chosen icons perspective. They dress up and embody that icon as best they can and record themselves performing. Students can post to Google classroom or perform live via zoom, it’s up to you!
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KS3 Drama Greek Theatre Blended SOW

7 hour SOW on Greek Theatre suitable for blended and home learning or classroom learning. Students explore the history of Greek Theatre, looking at the acting style, the different types of plays and tragic heroes. Students practical build and construct their own Amphitheatre and actor’s mask.
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KS3 Drama Radio Plays - SOW

I created a 7 week SOW in preparation for lockdown but can be very easily adapted for classroom based work. Radio plays includes a lot of individual work, easy to keep social distanced and can be taught in a classroom as apposed to a drama studio (but can be taught in a studio). I hope you enjoy and it comes in handy!
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Charlie & Chocolate Factory, drama, Y2-4

This is a unit of work containing five lessons to take you through the book. I used the hardback pop-up version but the paperback novel is also fine. The lessons involve individual, paired and group work and use well-known drama strategies. I did this work with a class of Year 2 who had been taught drama by me since reception. If you have Year 2 children who are used to drama then this will work for you; if you have Year 3 or 4 children who are not used to drama this will also work well with them. Lesson 1 - Welcome to the Factory. The children create the chocolate factory to music. Each group contributes a different aspect of the machine. Lesson 2 - Winning the Golden Ticket. This lesson uses the drama strategies: thought circle, freeze frame and thought tapping Lesson 3 - Meet Willy Wonka. This lesson uses the drama strategies: role on the wall, conversations and hot seating Lesson 4 - Investigating the Four Rooms. This lesson uses the drama strategies: mime and freeze frame Lesson 5 - And Finally… This lesson uses the drama strategies: freeze frame, dialogue These five lessons are supported by 11 resources: - several pictures - a newspaper article to print out - a golden ticket to print out - a role on the wall figure - prompts to hand out to the children - extracts from the book This pack is also accompanied by a power point presentation of all of the pictures.


I have been working on this resource for the last year on and off and it is used for students for any of the following reasons: 1 - removal from lesson 2 - unable to participate practically 3 - isolated students ( taken from lesson) 4 - room changes ( for exams etc to a desk based space) especially last minute ones. 5 - when students are off school and parents request work ( brilliant as it can be emailed and there is no reason why it cannot be done on line) 6 - emergency cover for non specialists or people who panic when they are given a drama cover The booklet is 38 pages and each page is a stand alone activity for them to do. It is designed for them to do without your input ( ideal for removal - DT etc) The booklet features various work, questions, word search activities, design activities and can be used from yr 7-9.Templates are provided for written work as well as drawing / design tasks, so this really is an ideal booklet to send with the student who cannot work in your room. It features work on: character - role work costume design make up design risk assessment / H&S melodrama storyboards and other activities. Use this booklet as either a printed resource, or if you have little budget; project the activity on the board and students can complete it on paper.
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Drama Warm Ups for Zoom/Online Learning

A range of warm up activities for Zoom or Online Drama lessons. Organised into these categories: For Energy For Physical Skills For Vocal Skills For Character Building Entrances and Exits Lighting Sound Costume Performing Make your Online Drama classroom as fun and interesting as your real life classroom! Start your lesson off with a quick, fun and engaging activity. Endless options and possibilities!
Introduction to DramaQuick View

Introduction to Drama

This is a half term's worth of once-a-week lessons that might be useful to you, particularly if you have never taught Drama before!
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The Drama Handbook

An updated version as the last version I put on here didn't upload properly. Hope you find it a useful tool. It has lots of information on the GCSE Drama Edexcel Specification but can be adapted for other specs too. Please feel free to feedback any comments or advice on how it could be further improved. Thanks Nicky