Pedagogy: Roles, Responsibilities and Professional Behaviour of TeachersQuick View

Pedagogy: Roles, Responsibilities and Professional Behaviour of Teachers

This lesson is designed for CPD sessions/teacher training as a guide to professional conduct and responsibilities. It includes a number of engaging discussion points and interactive activities plus access to an online Kahoot game and demonstrates a wide range of pedagogical strategies including the inclusion of literacy and numeracy in the curriculum.
Redesigning professional developmentQuick View

Redesigning professional development

This article evaluates the use of a community of practice model for redesigning a lecturer professional development course investigating the impact of mobile web 2.0 technologies in higher education. The results show a significant change in lecturer conceptions of pedagogy were achieved by this approach. Drawing on our experience of two iterations of implementing the new course model we propose a mobile social media framework for enabling pedagogical transformation as part of lecturer professional development.
DeFrosting professional developmentQuick View

DeFrosting professional development

In this paper we discuss the impact of redesigning a lecturer professional development course with the aim of embedding a community of practice (COP) model supported by the use of mobile web 2.0 technologies. This approach was based upon a model developed to support 30 mlearning projects between 2006 and 2010, which also informed the institutions’ new elearning strategy developed in 2009.
Pedagogy ApproachesQuick View

Pedagogy Approaches

Two powerpoints, information sheet and group research activity about contemporary pedagogical approches eg Froebel, Montessori etc
CPD Professional Development Record TrackerQuick View

CPD Professional Development Record Tracker

In this resource, you will find a PDF of a CPD professional development tracker for staff. Within the PDF, there are three different styles to chose from! Each of them provides space to: list the title of the CPD who delivered the CPD the date it was completed key learning takeaways how the CPD links with the teaching standards Perfect for new and experienced teachers alike! Please make sure you follow me:
Reading Cycle Professional Development NotesQuick View

Reading Cycle Professional Development Notes

This product contains the notes from a professional development session that I attended. It deals with teachers being able to ensure that each student is effectively comprehending text during close reads. To be made clear, during close reading sessions, it is possible that instructors may get what is called a “false positive” or indication that a student understands a concept of the text when they actually do not. **False Positive Prevention Method - ** occurs when students are able to write about and discuss a text with some accuracy after gleaning an understanding of a text from what teachers and peers says about the text, NOT from their own understanding about the text. The Reading Cycle Strategy prevents this situation by taking the READ-DISCUSS-WRITE method to the next level through the following steps: Read-Discuss- Read Read-Write-Read Read -Write Discuss Read-Write -Discuss Read-Discuss-Write-Revise Each of these steps are explained within this product. Thanks for your purchase. We appreciate your support!
Substitution Teacher Professional Development ReportsQuick View

Substitution Teacher Professional Development Reports

Attention Substitute Teachers and Teachers!!! I have produced a series of visually appealing and professional documents that can help you get an edge over others. Administration loves these and is always asking me to copy them for other teachers! For those of you who know my style of work, I do not just produce simple worksheets. Instead, all my work includes a mix of visuals that adds a unique and exclusive twist. This package contains documents for both subs and teachers. I still use these documents today and I it really helps you stay organized. When I leave these sheets behind for the teacher, I always get a positive reinforcement response. This package of documents includes the following: - DETAILED MASTER SUBSTITUTION REPORT - ATTENDANCE SIGN IN SHEET (Sub to leave for the teacher) - DISCIPLINE REPORT (Sub to leave for the teacher) - CLASSROOM SETUP SHEET (for the sub only) - WEEKLY SCHEDULE NOTES SHEET (Teacher for the sub) - INFORMATION SHEET FOR THE SUB (Teacher for the sub) - DAILY ASSIGNMENT LOGS (for short or long-term subs) - EVENT OBSERVATION AND FIELD EXPERIENCE JOURNAL - CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION AND OBSERVATION LOG - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND EXPERIENCE LOG
CPD Continual Professional Development SheetQuick View

CPD Continual Professional Development Sheet

This is an easy to use, professional and aesthetically pleasing CPD form for you to fill in. All schools and colleges specify that you take part in staff development and that you prove it. Many establishments state you should do 32 hours of CPD. No need to add up the hours yourself this form adds it up for you. Just keep this saved and add to it when you need to, print or email when needed. Looks great in a Record of Achievement folder when on a job interview.
Diffentiation CPD - Stretch and Support Strategies - Professional DevelopmentQuick View

Diffentiation CPD - Stretch and Support Strategies - Professional Development

This resource includes an hour long session (at least!) on how to stretch and challenge students as well as how to support them. This includes loads of ideas on how to differentiate for a variety of different learners and has plenty of quick strategies for staff to implement. Including: staff discussion about what diffentiation is staff reflecting on their current use of differentiation addressing misconceptions a video focused on supporting more able students 20 quick ways to support low ability 20 ways to stretch high ability suggestions for further reading ideas of for long term support and stretch This CPD also includes an editable booklet for staff to use during the CPD and I have included many of the templates referenced in the CPD which can be shared directly with staff to edit and use themselves. A complete CPD ready to use! Please follow me:
Unit 3 Professional development in the sports industry (BTEC Level 3 Sport 2016)Quick View

Unit 3 Professional development in the sports industry (BTEC Level 3 Sport 2016)

Full unit presentation which includes 100 slides split into 11 lessons, with some worksheets provided as well. This is for the BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Sport (2016 specification). Lesson include a starter activity, lesson objectives, tasks, inclusion of Maths & English skills, and a plenary task. Lesson 1 - Scope & provision of the sports industry Lesson 2 - Careers & jobs in sport Lesson 3 - Types of employment Lesson 4 - Legislations in the sports sector Lesson 5 - Continuing professional development (CPD) Lesson 6 - Personal skills audit Lesson 7 - Assignment 1 workshop Lesson 8 - Applying for a job Lesson 9 - Interviews Lesson 10 - Review & evaluation Lesson 11 - Assignment 2 workshop
Professional Development Training: Memory Techniques for ADHD StudentsQuick View

Professional Development Training: Memory Techniques for ADHD Students

Working memory is part of our executive function and if often referred to as our “mental workspace” where information is stored and used for a short time i.e. a few seconds. It’s that place where we store a phone number, an address, an email address, etc. If a student is not able to retain the information needed to solve the problem, then the student is unable to complete the task and, of course, does not feel good about it at all. What is language processing? Several parts of language are very difficult for children with ADHD to make sense of and use successfully on a daily basis. Syntax is the set of rules of oral and written grammar. Semantics are the word meanings that influence oral and written grammar. Finally, pragmatics is the social use of language to convey thoughts and humor. The following thirty-three presentation and training slides are an explanation of many different memory techniques and strategies that can be modeled and used successfully with students with characteristics of ADHD to help improve his/her/their working memory deficits. This training can be used in a focused faculty meeting, an all-day professional development session, and/or a small group professional learning community. As well, this training can be given to parents to allow them to help their children at home more successfully when studying with them or helping with homework!
Browsing Fortnight Templates - Peer Observation and Professional DevelopmentQuick View

Browsing Fortnight Templates - Peer Observation and Professional Development

Browsing Fortnight is an easy and effective method of encouraging peer observation in a non-threatening way. The rules of Browsing Fortnight are explain in the pack, but it basically consists of teachers observing 3 colleagues each term and reflecting on what they have learnt. At the end of the fortnight there are prizes which is great for morale! The resource includes The rationale and rules of Browsing Fortnight Printable templates to pass out to staff
2 and 5 Minute Forums - Professional DevelopmentQuick View

2 and 5 Minute Forums - Professional Development

The aim of the forums are for practitioners to share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues in order to promote good practice that is taking place within the school. • Practitioners select an idea , lesson, system or strategy that works well within their classroom. • They document a summarised version of the key information onto this sheet. • They present their idea, usually in 2 minutes or 5 minutes. • These sheets are passed out as a hand-out to their colleagues so they can review the summarised information, follow up on some ideas themselves and know who to contact to find out further information. This Pack includes: 2 Minute Forum template 5 Minute Forum template Completed example template Information about how the forums work
Pedagogy - PGCE yearQuick View

Pedagogy - PGCE year

This is the pedagogy I used in my PGCE year, it may help you in yours. I did it on Forces (Science - Physics).
SAMR in 60 minutes: Professional Development BundleQuick View

SAMR in 60 minutes: Professional Development Bundle

Do you need to teach a group of teachers or students about the SAMR Model of technology implementation is the classroom? And don't know where to start? No Prep required. Well look no further... This bundle contains everything you need to for a one hour professional development session about the SAMR model including word documents, handouts, videos, PowerPoint slides and professional reading. Whilst this bundle is designed to work 'straight out of the box' it is also COMPLETELY EDITABLE so if you want to place your own touch on it you can. This presentation has been used by numerous teachers in a number of schools and universities and is very well received by audiences of all ages.
Teaching Professional Development, Portfolio, Organization, and Observation LogsQuick View

Teaching Professional Development, Portfolio, Organization, and Observation Logs

As you know, professional experience and organization is a result of your hard work. Most of that hard work goes unnoticed. A lot of teachers I know forget most of their side- experiences because they go above and beyond and never have any type of accountability to showcase that work. I have developed a tool for you that will assist in both your professional experience and organization. I have put together a set of three different professional development portfolio logs that will keep all that hard work and your volunteering organized and ready for review at a moment’s notice. These logs are a great way to organize your personal and professional experience. For every hour you instruct in the classroom, observe, attend conferences, and/or take advanced education classes, you need to log it down so that you can maintain and validate your personal, professional, and field experiences. These logs can be put together as a quick-reference, cosmetic portfolio binder that you can keep in your classroom or at home. The event sheets contained within these files can be taken with you to any event that will help build to your professional portfolio or resume. These logs provide the organization you need to fulfill any type of professional development event. I have provided several copies of these logs to multiple disciplines and professions already. Teachers, tend to enjoy these logs as they are custom for them. However, these logs can be used in multiple ways through diverse mediums across various professions.
Advanced Pedagogy - Teaching Tools (CPD)Quick View

Advanced Pedagogy - Teaching Tools (CPD)

14 Resources
Save over 50% with this Metacognition CPD Resource Pack! It’s ideal for: Enhancing metacognitive teaching strategies Improved professional practice & CPD Increased learning power in students It is of particular interest to department heads looking to improve pedagogy across their team or individual teachers looking to develop their use of metacognition in lessons. This resource pack includes: DIRT Worksheets Metacognitive Reflection Tasks ‘Sticky-Note Challenge’ (Metacognition) Questioning Skills Training Sessions Video-Learning Metacognition Pack The Pedagogical Debate Generator We’ve also included seven free bonus metacognition and CPD resources in this pack! All resources are designed for KS3 & KS4 students. Check our our other metacognition downloads at You can download our largest bundle, designed for whole-school metacognition initiatives, here! All resources are copyrighted by and distributed on behalf of The Global Metacognition Institute. Copyright Adam Godwin (2019)