Widgit Symbols for Visual TimetablesQuick View

Widgit Symbols for Visual Timetables

A large set of Widgit Symbols (54 in all) to print off and use for visual timetables. Includes nearly all subject areas and specialist therapies that could take place from Key stage 2 upwards. 9 portrait format cards per A4 page, Comic Sans Font.
Widgit (symbol) visual timetableQuick View

Widgit (symbol) visual timetable

Classroom visual timetable symbols in black and white (better for ASD). Prints 2 timetable options to an A4 page. Designed to be displayed in classroom horizontally - start -> end of day. Suggest print, cut, laminate then velcro on back to wall and hey presto! easy visual timetable.
Visual timetableQuick View

Visual timetable

Visual timetable using writing with symbols pictures, Its in the shape of a caterpiller i printed it out onto green paper and it looked good enjoy
Visual Timetable using Widgit(T) SymbolsQuick View

Visual Timetable using Widgit(T) Symbols

A timetable of 32 Widgit(T) word and symbol cards that together create a visual timetable for use in the classroom. When printed, symbols measure approximately 7 x 6cm. The symbols included are: Maths - English - Science - Phonics - D.T. - French - Music - P.E. - Art - Spelling - Handwriting - Geography - History - R.E. - Computing - PSHE - Topic - Assembly - Registration - Playtime - Lunch - Club - Hometime - Golden Time - Story - Circle Time - Guided Reading - Swimming - Surprise - Rehearsal - Snack - Choosing Sold under licence from Widgit(T). Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002 - 2015 www.widgit.com
Visual Timetable for Sen ChildQuick View

Visual Timetable for Sen Child

This was adapted for different children at a mainstream school. It can be easily adapted as symbols for all secondary subjects are there. Please comment. Thank you.
Visual timetable for recess activitiesQuick View

Visual timetable for recess activities

Timetable with symbols which can be used to show students who will be working with them at recess and lunch times (particularly useful for students who need feeding) and what the lunch time activities are. We added pictures of staff and students.
PCS visual timetable/work programmeQuick View

PCS visual timetable/work programme

PCS symbols with text that can be used for a visual timetable/work programme. Still creating cards for this so a work in progress. Especially useful in classrooms with children with language and communication disorders.
Visual timetable - Primary phase using Widgit CIP2Quick View

Visual timetable - Primary phase using Widgit CIP2

Use the cards to add to a visual timetable. Helps children to understand what is happening, prepares them for changes in routine and for transitions to the next activity. Can encourage independence and reduce anxiety. Kirby Woods Widgit symbols© Widgit software 2011
First & Then visual timetable board with timetable symbolsQuick View

First & Then visual timetable board with timetable symbols

This is an extremely useful resource to aid pupils with ASD to help them sequence their daily routine. I use it in my class to smooth transitions between subjects and locations and it reduces stress levels in pupils who find these transitions challenging. It can begin with just 1 symbol before building up to 5 so pupils can structure their tasks, morning routine or day. The symbols are Mayer Johnston images found within the popular Boardmaker software and reproduce with permission so they will correspond to any other resources already in place using this software.
Prepositions: before and after task cards/visual timetable/ social storiesQuick View

Prepositions: before and after task cards/visual timetable/ social stories

These task cards have been developed as multi use learning tools. They teach key preposition words of before and after. pictures/symbols depict everyday situations familiar to students. the task cards double as interactive visual timetables to explain order of events. task cards can also be used as simple social stories to explains that certain events have to happen before or after another. 2 SETS OF TASK CARDS Velcro, choose and stick options Clothes peg correct symbol 2 LEVELS OF TASK CARDS task cards come as both clipart and simple symbol options clipart easy to understand situations to help with reading simple symbol task cards encourage slightly higher reading and deduction skills.
Editable Visual Aid - Home and School Routine Timetable - SENQuick View

Editable Visual Aid - Home and School Routine Timetable - SEN

A editable timetable for SEN pupils, allowing pupils to see what they should be doing at a given time. The file comes with a basic array of symbols, but images can be dropped into the timetable should you wish to do so. 4 Different Microsoft Publisher file types attached to suit most versions of Publisher.
Visual strategies for personalised learningQuick View

Visual strategies for personalised learning

During February 2012, Mayer-Johnson hosted a number of seminars focussed on visual strategies to aid teaching and learning. Attendees compiled lists of tools and tactics to support learners with SEN and EAL, for learners of differing ages and abilities, to support educationalists in dealing with challenging behaviour and mixed ability classrooms and for professionals assessing learner ability. The guide provides suggested strategies and tools, whilst the worksheet will support you to develop your own ideas using the examples given in the guide.
Early Years Flashcards with Widgit SymbolsQuick View

Early Years Flashcards with Widgit Symbols

Over 570 symbol flashcards that cover early years vocabulary. The symbols can be used in a variety of ways – from creating visual timetables to managing behaviour. A booklet with detailed ideas about how to use the symbols pack is included. This pack is a great introduction to using Widgit symbols, and the symbols are ideal early years teaching, parents, childminders or carers to use to help aid learning and development. This pack contains…. Ideas for using flashcards Feelings and emotions – 28 symbol cards for expressing feelings and emotions Numbers - 24 symbol cards - numbers 1-20, plus extra Playing - 51 symbol cards to use during play Playgroup - 40 symbol cards which may be used to discuss playgroup Safety - 14 symbol cards to discuss features of safety Shopping - 66 symbol cards which may be used when shopping Colours - 13 symbol cards showing the most common colours Times of the day - 21 symbol cards showing different times of the day Days of the week - 13 symbol cards showing the days of the week, plus extra Meal time - 41 symbol cards to use during mealtimes Behaviour - 11 symbol cards which may be used to promote good behaviour Food and drink - 80 food and drink symbol cards Recycling - 14 recycling symbol cards Activity labels - 23 symbol cards which may be used to label boxes or for routines Wash hands - 7 symbol cards to use to sequence washing hands Notices - 10 symbol cards for labelling areas and rooms Transport - 19 symbol cards showing different modes of transport Dressing up - 39 symbol cards to use when dressing up Getting dressed - 38 symbol cards to label clothes, or to help with dressing Places to go - 22 symbol cards showing places to go, plus how to get there This resource was created in InPrint 3. Widgit Symbols supports vocabulary development across the primary curriculum for all students, as well as helping individuals with special needs, autism or speech and language difficulties.
Using visual resources - why and how? Widgit CIP2Quick View

Using visual resources - why and how? Widgit CIP2

A user-friendly and easy-to-access guide to different types of practical and visual resources which can help children with special needs. Succint summaries of why we use them and how to implement them. Kirby Woods Widgit symbols© Widgit software 2011
Proformas for topic webs, timetables, etc (used with year2)Quick View

Proformas for topic webs, timetables, etc (used with year2)

Included: - year overview proforma - observed lesson plan proforma - maths unit of work proforma (with national curriculum links to year 2 curriculum) - topic web profoma - English topic web for parents proforma - English unit of work with links to national curriculum - Maths topic web for parents proforma - Maths unit of work with national curriculum links proforma - editable visual timetable - SPAG planning proforma with national curriculum links
Simple Transition Question Flashcards.Quick View

Simple Transition Question Flashcards.

Simple Transition Question Flashcards for all ages. could reinforce with PECS and Symbols for SEN (Visual timetable). Will give the Teacher a good insight to their new students.