Blues performance worksheets and cover lessonQuick View

Blues performance worksheets and cover lesson

This is a pack of worksheets to be used as part of a Blues scheme of work at KS3 or KS4. The contents include: 1. Improvising using the Blues Scale 2. The Blues scale for transposing instruments and guitar tab 3. The 12 Bar Blues structure for keyboard/piano 4. The 12 Bar blues for guitar and Uke 5. The Walking Bass for piano and bass guitar tab 6. Writing your own blues lyrics (also suitable as a cover lesson) 7. 12 Bar Blues composition worksheet Great for getting students to learn how to play the blues and getting students to form their own bands and ensembles.
KS3 Drama Cover LessonQuick View

KS3 Drama Cover Lesson

Cover lesson task for KS3 drama pupils. The task is scaffolded so that pupils can complete it independently with little to no input from the teacher making it perfect for lessons covered by non-specialists. Pupils work through simple tasks on the sheet to help them to organise ideas for a play before they write their own script (e.g. ‘A genre or topic that interest me is:’; 'My play will be set in the following place: '; etc). This could be completed over more than one lesson to allow pupils to develop their writing and create longer scripts. They could then work practically to create scenes of scripted drama using their own or each other’s work. Pupil ownership / engagement: Top writing tip from David Walliams’ radio talk with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 (paraphrased) Scope for pupils to write about whatever genre, topic, characters, setting etc that interests them **Challenges: ** Use stage directions. Use different vocabulary for each character to show their individual personalities. What does a play look like? Format your work like a professional playwright would! **Resources required: ** Pens / pencils, paper or workbooks, the worksheet provided OR Computers / laptops for pupils to type their work & the worksheet provided (alternatively it could be emailed to pupils to save trees… we all <3 trees!)
KS3 Drama Cover Lessons BookletQuick View

KS3 Drama Cover Lessons Booklet

KS3 Drama Cover Lessons Booklet A booklet of 26 different cover lessons for KS3 Drama. A range of worksheets and tasks suitable for desk based Drama or could be adaptred for Remote Learning. Included are the cover sheets for each lesson and any worksheets needed (78 page document) - great for last minute cover lessons. Cover sheets do include a mix of written and practical tasks. I have tried to keep them generic to make them easy to adapt to the topic of the lesson or to be able to used last minute for any class. Could also be used as tasks for students in isolation room. A PDF version and a Powerpoint version of the booklet are included so that you can adapt to the needs of your lesson.
PE Cover LessonsQuick View

PE Cover Lessons

Just a variety of different sports cover activities suitable to leave for students in wet weather classroom lessons.
Drama Cover lesson ABCQuick View

Drama Cover lesson ABC

Simple cover lesson for a Ks3 drama lesson (can be used for Ks4 if needed). Simply pop the Power Point in an email for your cover teacher with no additional resources needed. All the pupils will need is a pen, pencil and a performance space. The Power Point includes: Message ‘from the teacher’ to remind pupils of the expectations Starter, main activity and plenary Timers and time guidances for an hour lesson (with some time spare for behaviour management) Success criteria for each task Reminders of the lesson objective Chilli Challenges Examples for pupils and cover teacher Key word reminders Guidance for feedback My cover teachers love the simplicity of the cover lesson and I hope yours do too! Please leave feedback
English Cover KS3Quick View

English Cover KS3

English cover for KS3 lessons that includes: 2x Analysing fiction texts (English Language Paper 1 Q1-3) 2x Analysing non-fiction texts (English Language Paper 2 Q1-3) 2x Descriptive/narrative writing (English Language Paper 1 Question 5) 2x Non-fiction writing (English Language Paper 2 Question 5) 3x Unseen poetry lessons (English Literature) 3x Shakespeare lessons (Extracts from The Tempest, Henry V and Richard III) 14 cover lessons with differentiated activities, scaffolds, easy-to-follow instructions and designed so non-subject specialists can teach them. Really useful for setting last minute cover and ensuring the lessons are challenging, meaningful and engaging. They are designed to help support students at KS3 as they move from Year 7, 8 and 9 into KS4 and Year 10 and Year 11. Adaptable for KS4 classes, too. All extracts are included. Check out our English Shop for loads more free and inexpensive KS3, KS4, KS5, Literacy and whole school resources. Or check out some Citizenship GCSE, RE, PSHE + RSE resources at EC Resources Find many more resources at
Chuck Close cover lesson worksheetQuick View

Chuck Close cover lesson worksheet

an easy cover lesson for the teacher that will support your students learning for portraiture and tonal drawing modules. just requires a print out and some colouring pencils and a beginners understanding of tone and colour.
Macbeth Context (cover lesson)Quick View

Macbeth Context (cover lesson)

A cover lesson looking at the context of Macbeth and his relationship with James I. Includes vocabulary, comprehension and thinking tasks. (could be used as an introduction lesson or revision)
10 Year 9 Cover Lessons - EnglishQuick View

10 Year 9 Cover Lessons - English

A handy pack of 10 English cover lessons created for Year 9 (but suitable for all KS3 classes). Lessons are standalone and encourage students to practise key English reading and writing skills. Great for use as emergency cover.
Easy Cover Lessons for DramaQuick View

Easy Cover Lessons for Drama

A collection of 7 stand-alone lessons for a cover teacher to use. Great in emergencies, or when you need to take sick leave and don’t feel up to writing out cover work!! All resources included.
Cover lessons PE (theory based)Quick View

Cover lessons PE (theory based)

A bank of lessons that classes can do in theory/wet weather classroom based lessons. We use these for theory lessons when we are absent and pupils respond really well to them. Designed for subject and non subject specialists to use
Easy Cover Lessons - MacbethQuick View

Easy Cover Lessons - Macbeth

Basic cover lesson sheets: one storyboard template with an example completed. Character profile sheets for Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo and the Witches each with an example of a quote and analysis. Easy to use or adapt.
Robots of the Future - Cover LessonQuick View

Robots of the Future - Cover Lesson

Robots of the Future Robots, as we know them, came out of the late nineteenth century. They featured in films of the early 1950s as mechanical humans that would perform superhuman feats. Other robots simply carried out household tasks like cleaning and cooking while their owners relaxed. Students are asked to Design a robot of the future - thinking about what our needs might be in a hundred year’s time and what tasks robots will do for us? Skills and learning: Imagination Lateral thinking Problem solving Engineering Drawing and perspective skills Real world and future world problems Annotation and technical drawing
POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / HomeworkQuick View

POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / Homework

Worksheet for students to create a trainer inspired by Pop Art. Could be used as a cover lesson or a homework task. Possible use in either Art and Design or Design and Technology lesson PhotoCredit Sellers own photoshop files and text - R Evans Pixabay Flicker user - Wonderlane, Mark Anderson Wikimedia Comms Pxhere