GCSE Film MusicQuick View

GCSE Film Music

Powerpoints for 4 lessons on Film Music aimed at covering OCR new 9-1 Spec. Easily editable for KS3 or other specs. Final listening test and answers also included.
Film Music Quiz (Year 9)Quick View

Film Music Quiz (Year 9)

Great for the end of a film music or soundtracks module. 5 rounds (one withYoutube links). Answers included. Please leave a review if you like the resource :)
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Film Music (KS3)

This scheme of work is currently being taught to year 9 students although I have taught it with year 8 at a different school. The scheme of work aims to explore different genres of music including different musical devices before the main project which involves the sound being removed from four different clips (of each genre) and asking students in groups to come up with the music to accompany it. The embedded videos link to my private YouTube channel and are not able to be found without the link. Should the embedding not work, I have also attached links within the stars
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Film Music PowerPoint

A whole Scheme of Work on one PowerPoint. Includes lots of different film composers, different games for starters and plenaries, and space for you to add your own bits too.
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Film Music Worksheets

This goes with the Film Music PowerPoint I have uploaded. Starter activities, plenaries, and keywords to complete, differentiated worksheets for each film, etc.
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KS3 Film Music Scheme of Work

KS3 Year 9 Film Music Scheme of Work including 7 lesson plans with resources, film clips, worksheets and homework tasks. This scheme is designed to be used in the music classroom with basic instruments, although it can be easily adapted to use in a computer room with music software if available, which works well. Aimed at year 9 students, although this would work with other year groups if it fits into your annual planning. I have used this for many years with much success as the scheme lends itself to evidence based analysis and review from teacher and pupil including self and peer evaluation, ideal for Ofsted to see a clear progression of learning.
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Film Music GCSE Music

This resource focuses on the elements of Film Music Area of Study for the WJEC/Eduqas specification, but can also be applicable to OCR, AQA and Edexcel as part of your composition and listening studies. The booklet provides resources and self-assessed PLCs for approximately 1 term’s work, and the following is covered:- Melodic Writing Harmony - Diatonic and Dissonant. Rhythm & Metre - irregular metres in Film Music Specimen Listening Questions for the WJEC/Eduqas paper
Key Stage 3 Music - Film Music Motif Performance and Listening QuestionsQuick View

Key Stage 3 Music - Film Music Motif Performance and Listening Questions

Differentiated film music motifs for the piano both 1 and 2 hands (with and without notes). Guitar tab also provided for some. Motifs are either in the horror, fantasy or romantic genre. There is also powerpoint slides which include instructions and push your thinking ideas. Sibelius files are also provided. Differentiated listening questions are also provided in the genres listed above. Analysis of some motifs is provided with musical language to stretch the most able.
Film Music SOW & ResourcesQuick View

Film Music SOW & Resources

This is a 5 week scheme of work to teach Film Music. This includes a topic workbook, PowerPoints for all the lessons (including audio & videos), a scheme of work and a teacher assessment sheet. This scheme of work is suitable for both KS3 & KS4 students and covers a range of musical features and vocabulary. Students have the opportunity to learn about and compose a leitmotif as well as music to accompany a film clip (Fast & Furious). The scheme of work also enables students to compose using technology and includes instructions on how to import a video file into GarageBand.
Music for FilmQuick View

Music for Film

This resource is a 22 page PDF file with information about the purpose of music in films, links to videos, as well as written response activities for students ♫ Print off the students response pages individually or combine to create a student workbook. The slides included: • information, • questions requiring students’ written response, • images for student to respond to and • a film scoring project! ♫ A answer key is NOT included as the student responses will vary.
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Film Music

KS3 Scheme of Work (6-8 lessons) including 10 pages of teacher's notes and 14 pupils' worksheets Objectives • To become familiar with music for different films and to recognise film genres • To learn how some musical features can be combined to create soundtracks for different film genres • To perform a film music theme on the keyboard, and to adapt it to compose for a film clip Overview • Lesson 1: Film and Genre • Lesson 2: Musical Ideas for Film Genres • Lesson 3*: Orchestral Film Music • Lesson 4: Listening to the James Bond Theme • Lesson 5: Practising the James Bond Theme • Lesson 6: Performing the James Bond Theme • Lesson 7*: Composing film music • Lesson 8*: Final evaluation of composition • Cover lesson/homework worksheets: o Sound effects for film o Creative sound effects o A Century of Film Music (2 pages) * Lessons 3, 7 and 8 are self-contained lessons which can be omitted for a shorter scheme of work Subject-specific vocabulary • Film genres: thriller, romance, cartoon, comedy, sci-fi, western • Musical features: cluster chords, ‘oom-pah’ accompaniment, atonal, major, minor, chromatic • Timbres: synthesiser, strings, brass Assessments • Performing (keyboard) – The James Bond Theme • Listening – Film Genres, James Bond Theme with score and in context of a film • Composing – Goldfinger pre-credits sequence
Key Stage 3 Music - Film Music composition using music technologyQuick View

Key Stage 3 Music - Film Music composition using music technology

Resources to support students with a film music composition taking minimum of 5 lessons (1x motif composition, 1x intro, 1x build up, 1x climax and 1x resolution). 3 different composition briefs are provided which are split into introduction, build-up, climax and resolution so students can ensure structure to their composition. There is also an introduction to motifs (garageband lesson 1) and how to develop their use. The planning sheet provides key musical devices which should be defined on the sheet (using the planning instructions powerpoint which has musical examples and audio embedded) and describes the choice students have for each section. Differentiation is clear on the powerpoint and differentiates by the use of composition device. This has been created for KS3 but could also support GCSE students beginning to compose film ideas.
Superman Film Music Keyboard Task -  KS3  Sheet MusicQuick View

Superman Film Music Keyboard Task - KS3 Sheet Music

Keyboard task suitable for a KS3 Music classroom, or as an introduction at KS4. Note names are on the score. Worksheet is in PDF format within a .zip folder. Theme 1 and 2 with the chords above. I have used this worksheet as a variations task, introducing major and minor chords and scales - evaluating the impact this has on the listener - or the mood Superman is in!
Film Music KeywordsQuick View

Film Music Keywords

Keywords poster (A4) to display in the classroom or to include in scheme of work. Please leave a review if you like the resource. :)
Film Music Composition PlacematQuick View

Film Music Composition Placemat

Encourage students to think for themselves when developing their film compositions. The sheet asks questions throughout many element of music to get them thinking about how adding or changing ideas in their work can develop the piece. In addition, it could be used as a tool for listening tasks. The placemat is designed for KS3 but could be used with KS4
Film Music WorkbookQuick View

Film Music Workbook

Film music workbook, best suited to KS3 Music students. Workbook explores the instruments of the orchestra, Sergei Prokofiev, Leitmotif, and of course, the work of John Williams, through a number of engaging, practical activities.
The Big Quiz of the Year 2017! - End of Term Quiz - Music, News, Sport, TV, Film etc.Quick View

The Big Quiz of the Year 2017! - End of Term Quiz - Music, News, Sport, TV, Film etc.

A 72 Slide Quiz that could be used as a fun activity towards the end of term with secondary students. This powerpoint is easy to use and requires very minimal effort, just print the answer sheet for students and load on powerpoint. Quiz Rounds: Music Round - 10 music clips embedded into the powerpoint ready to play! (YouTube links provided if you are on an older version of PowerPoint) Film Round - 10 film posters that have be put through photo effect software making them difficult to recognise. News Round - 10 multiple choice questions on the news throughout 2017, featuring the new pound coin, Donald Trump and storm Doris! Picture Round - Guess the items by using the pictures to ‘say what you see’. Sport Round - 5 multiple choice questions across 5 sports. Television Round - Identify the show that the presenter or actor is famous for. The answers are revealed at the end of the powerpoint and there is a corresponding answer sheet provided for teams, although this would not be a necessity if you were short of time, scrap paper will do! This has taken over 5 hours to make, you will find nothing old here, the content has all been made from scratch so students will not have done this before. Please leave a review if this is what you were looking for!
Music - describing film music.....Quick View

Music - describing film music.....

Our topic was 'Hollywood' and after doing a lesson on identifying instrument families; I did this lesson with my P7 class. They all listened to each excerpt of music, and then answered the questions on the sheet.\n\nI purposefully picked music from different genres of film to see if they could associate the music with the film genre. \n\nHope it's useful!