Journey to Jo'burg by Beverly Naidoo Comprehension KS2Quick View

Journey to Jo'burg by Beverly Naidoo Comprehension KS2

Beverly Naidoo most famous novel and a modern-day classic and a must read for evry primary child. Set in the days of Apartheid, Naledi and her brother Tiro, are forced to travel to Jo’burg to see their Mother and help save their her very ill and dying younger sister, Dineo. The chapters touch upon some important issues: friendship, racism, inequality, loss and poverty. Ideal for an English lesson, whole class reading/guided reading, homework, tuition or intervention. The comprehension questions focus on assessment domains 2B (retrieval questions) and 2D (inferential questions). Includes flashcards of key words and phrases to help with explicit vocabulary teaching. The flashcards come with pictures drawn by a professional children’s illustrator, contextualised sentences, definitions from the Oxford dictionary, word origins, root words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, word family, phrases/idioms and word classes.
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Journey to Jo'burg

In line with the English Curriculum Year 5 Spec ‘Stories from other cultures’, my pack includes: 5 lesson plans Lesson 1: What is culture? PowerPoint and research sheet. Children required to used website specified to research stories from other cultures. Lesson 2: Predicting the story based on the front cover. PowerPoint and worksheet. Lesson 3: Based on the next chapters. 2 worksheets thinking about the characters thoughts and feelings. Lesson 4: Based on next chapter. Please download Lesson 5 resources separately. Would not let me upload. Please refer to lesson planning to see where resources are needed. This scheme of work was free but somebody downloaded it and started charging for it. +1K downloads before it was priced.
Slow Write. Setting description. Journey to Jo'BurgQuick View

Slow Write. Setting description. Journey to Jo'Burg

Used with Year 5 and 6. An example of an excellent setting description - using a detailed set of criteria. Perfect slow writing opportunity to aid with descriptive writing. Active Inspire Flipchart to accompany and support delivery. Strong link to the grammar objectives and 2014 Curriculum for writing.
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Journey To Jo'burg

Explore in more detail the history of apartheid in South Africa, with links to Mandela. Look at the signs that were displayed. Pick out examples of effects of apartheid on non-whites in Journey to Jo’burg, and act out short scenes that show these effects. Suitable for years 5 and 6.
Journey to Jo'Burg planningQuick View

Journey to Jo'Burg planning

Planned for Y5 - with differentiation for LA. The sessions are linked to the text Journey to Jo'Burg and we use it linked to our summer term topic: Africa. Resources are available on request!
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Journey to Jo'burg

Comprehension questions for chapters 1-3. Also including an activity where children are asked to plan and cost a holiday to South Africa.
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Journey to Jo'Burg

This resource pack is for SEN teachers wanting to reinforce key literacy skills with KS3 students. It is a collaboration of resources that I have made, found and developed to meet the need to teach and reinforce key skills such as vocabulary building, word classes, figurative language devices, reading between the lines.
'Journey to Jo'Burg' DisplayQuick View

'Journey to Jo'Burg' Display

A simple display I used when studying the book ‘Journey to Jo’Burg’. We used this book to create pieces of writing with issues and dilemmas. (Planning is available in my shop also). Children loved the colorful characters which confirmed their understanding of what a dilemma was, while learning about the country of South Africa at the same time. *I know the sign in my cover picture (Jo’Berg) is spelled wrong, however I have fixed it in the resource itself.
Journey to Jo'burg English/Writing UnitQuick View

Journey to Jo'burg English/Writing Unit

A 4 week unit of work based on the book Journey to Jo’burg by Beverley Naidoo for English/writing lessons. It includes lesson plans, PowerPoints and resources for each lesson. Each week covers a different grammatical focus and writing outcome. This unit corresponds with a reading unit I have created too. Hope it helps!
Journey to Jo'burg full set of comprehension questions for whole storyQuick View

Journey to Jo'burg full set of comprehension questions for whole story

Created for mixed ability Year 6 class, these questions have been written in the style of SATs questions linked to the content domains. There are retrieval questions, find and copy questions, inference questions and vocabulary questions. There are questions for the whole story and the page numbers for each question are on the top of each document.
Journey to Jo'burg whole text planning and resources for upper KS2 (6 weeks)Quick View

Journey to Jo'burg whole text planning and resources for upper KS2 (6 weeks)

I have created a 6 week plan (17 lessons) of whole class reading for year 5 on the book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo. This has taken me ages! I have included the lesson plans, Smart notebook slides and all the worksheets for starter activities and main independent activites. Each lesson focuses on a different content domain which are clearly labelled. I haven’t included a powerpoint for ‘reading football’ which is a resource from a fellow TES user, nor have I included a book review template which you can find on Twinkl. Any photos have been taken from the internet which I have used for different reading starters - I do not claim those to be my own. The resource would also be suitable for year 6. The resource is designed to be easy to use as the planning is for shared use across a cluster of schools, which is the purpose I have created it for. Do not purchase this resource if you can’t use Smart notebook as this is a huge proportion of the resource, with 141 slides. I hope someone finds it useful!


A short, one week unit of writing around a balanced argument using the book Journey To Jo'Burg as a stimulus. The planning includes: > Grammar blast introductions (connecting adverbs and subjunctive form) > Reading links (with coverage of several reading skills) > Links to wider research > Opportunities to develop speaking and listening through discussion and debate.
Journey to Jo'burg Reading Comprehension (after chapter 7 - Mma)Quick View

Journey to Jo'burg Reading Comprehension (after chapter 7 - Mma)

Comprehension questions based on this excellent story which I read to my Year 4 children. It raised a lot of questions, as a good book should. This checked their understanding of the book so far and extended the more able, asking them to think about what is happening in the story. Word format for easy editing to your school style or for copying into another format.
Journey to Jo'burg Writing Opportunities and Assessments (including a slow write)Quick View

Journey to Jo'burg Writing Opportunities and Assessments (including a slow write)

Active Inspire Flipchart and Word Documents. 3 Writing opportunities, linked to the new writing and SPaG objectives. Includes a Slow Write setting description, recount from a different perspective and biography on Nelson Mandela. Full unit of work based around the book Journey to Jo'Burg. Would work well with Year 5 and Year 6 - my students have all been absolutely hooked by this!