Geography of Crime- Somali PiratesQuick View

Geography of Crime- Somali Pirates

-Whole lesson on the phenomenon of Somali Piracy as shown in the film Captain Phillips. New and updated 2017 to show the drop off and then recent resurgence in Somali piracy. Fascinating topic that always stirs the imagination of pupils. -Suitable for KS3 Geography classes. -Includes starter, main, plenary, key questions and differentiated outcomes. -Powerpoint has instructions in notes pages to assist.
Pirates, Pirates , Pirates !Quick View

Pirates, Pirates , Pirates !

Yarr, Ahoy mateys!Join Pirate Pete as he walks the plank! Make sure you finish the task before he ends up in the sea! If you love our other timers you will certainly love this! It comes with pirate music! This is a fun countdown timer that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. You have a choice between a 2 or 5 minute OR 15, 30, 60 or 90 second timer. The timings can easily be altered in the animation pane to make the timer shorter or longer should you so wish. The slide can be copied from this presentation and pasted and inserted into your own presentation if you so wish! Feedback is most welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page:
EYFS Literacy Planning PiratesQuick View

EYFS Literacy Planning Pirates

Literacy planning lesson plans for a Pirates topic for Reception EYFS with differentiated questioning, focus activities and resources. Planning, focus activities and resources for the following books: - My Granny is a Pirate - Pirate Pete - Ten Little Pirates - The Night Pirates - Yo Ho Ho! A-Pirating We'll Go
Pirate class assembly packQuick View

Pirate class assembly pack

Everything you need to put on a fantastic Pirate class assembly, with a speaking part for up to 30 children. Included: Pirate script (with a talking part for every child) Pirate music to set the scene as your audience enters Music video 'Talk like a pirate' Lyrics for 'Talk like a Pirate' Lyrics for 'We're going on a treasure hunt'
Pirates!Quick View


A look at the facts and fictions about pirates. Move the panels on each page to discover the answer to the questions. The last page is a selection of 'Jolly Rogers' for children to copy.
PiratesQuick View


Pirate related pictures for young children to colour. Fits in with stories about Pirates or a pirate theme.
pirates KS1 literacy planningQuick View

pirates KS1 literacy planning

Literacy lesson plans for the theme of pirates based on year 2 but easily adapted for other year groups. Using the books: On a pirate ship by Sarah Courtauld, Pirates love underpants, Captain Abdul's pirate school by Colin McNaughton, The night pirates by Peter Harris Enough activitiesto be completed over half a term developing understanding of character, setting and plot working towards writing own pirate adventure story. Lessons are not necessarily one session just a 'unit' of teaching. Some of the templates and teaching materials needed are also included. Please leave a review to let me know what you think
Label a pirate ship. Quick View

Label a pirate ship.

A great fully animated PowerPoint to introduce the main parts of a pirate ship and to explain their purpose (the preview of the PowewrPoint may look muddled because the animations are layered. Watch the PowerPoint in full screen and watch the magic happen! There is a pirate ship word bank included in this pack and pictures of a pirate ship for children to stick in their books to label (or why not print them on stickers).
Pirates Hidden Treasure Game Quick View

Pirates Hidden Treasure Game

Pirates Hidden Treasure Game. PowerPoint review game can be used with any set of questions in any subject! Good vocabulary review game for Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and even Foreign Language. Your kids will love it! Travel the islands of the ocean with these pirate themed gameboards. Students pick a gameboard and then answer your questions. Each time they get an answer correct, they can pick a square. They continue to answer questions and choose until they find they treasure! (We just go around the room, but it can be done with teams as well.) Ten different gameboards to choose from, that include ten different exotic ports of call. Loads of fun for all ages in any subject area. Enjoy! -HappyEdugator
Pirate Alphabet Letter CardsQuick View

Pirate Alphabet Letter Cards

Endless uses for these colorful Pirate Theme alphabet cards! Blue bordered capital, and red bordered lowercase cards, measuring slightly under 3 x 3in. Suggested Uses Letter and sound flashcards Letter Assessments Use in a Writing Center Making Words or Word Work Name Building Activities Matching Capital and Lowercase Keep an extra set readily available for parent volunteers and tutors Pocket Chart Activities Word Walls Student birthday gifts
A New Home for a Pirate Literacy PackQuick View

A New Home for a Pirate Literacy Pack

A set of literacy work on the book by Ronda Armitage. Includes worksheets on words for said, nouns, sequencing and rhyme. Also includes a labeling worksheet, speech bubbles worksheet and picture sequencing worksheet. SmartBoard files complement the worksheets on nouns, rhyme, sequencing sentences and sequencing pictures.
PIRATES Drama Activities + Pirate Name CardsQuick View

PIRATES Drama Activities + Pirate Name Cards

Pirate Drama Cards (to create pirate names) + Drama Activities (including pirate scene scenarios, 2 short pirate scripts and pirate drama activities). Simple and fun drama learning with a pirate theme. DRAMA TRUNK DRAMA CARDS ARE A DRAMA TEACHER'S BEST FRIEND! Just print, laminate (optional) and cut out a set of versatile drama cards that you can use over and over again. I cannot count how many times and ways I have used drama cards – absolutely my most handy drama resource. NEVER BE STUCK FOR A DRAMA ACTIVITY AGAIN! Use DRAMA TRUNK drama cards for tons of creative, fun, imaginative, any day activities, including: • Drama games (including last minute activities) • Warm ups • Team building and cooperation activities • Improvisation / quick thinking • Audition / rehearsal activities • Language activities • Guided learning • Listening skills • Inspiration • Storytelling Combine the use of multiple cards for even more activities, challenges and ideas (you will have a HUGE amount of drama activities ready to go when needed). Check out DRAMA TRUNK for tons of drama cards available!